Miracles of Moosaji: Deobandi Book in UK [ Bury]

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    The deobandis honestly seem a very confused lot. Zakariyya Kandahlawi writes somethings contrary to them and so does his student motala. Khalil writes things different to others as well.

    It all boils down to this frequent conclusion:

    They ascribe attributes to some of their own teachers or within themselves that they deny for the Habeeb salAllaho 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam. And in denying it for him, salAllaho 'alaihi wa alihi wa sallam, they show disrespect. And this is the reason why Sunnis call them "Gustakh" in India and Pakistan.
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    Recently , a brother from UK informed me about THE life & miracles OF HAZRAT SHAIKH MOOSAJI MEHTER TADKESHWARI” a book whose foreward is written by Yusuf Motala, principal of Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyyah Al-Islamiyyah, Bury, U.K.. This book is read by the Deobandis of UK to purify their internal state and join sufi chain.

    The book can be freely downloaded from many deobandi website.

    The original book was written in Urdu by Abdush Shakoor Lucknawi with the name’Karamate Musawiyah”. Though Abdus shakoor himself was associated with sufi chain , he did not make any khalifah.

    Before we discuss this book , it is important to know about the author and Yusuf Motala who wrote foreward to the English translation.

    Abdus Shakoor Lucknawi was called Imam Al Khawarij by the sunni population of India. In his debates against shia , he often showed disrespect to Ali , Hasan and Hussein [Radi Allahu tala anhum]. He had proper Deobandi aqida of denying knowledge of the unseen for the blessed prophet [ Sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]

    Let us see what Abdus shakoor has written in his books

    • 1.It is written in the books of Hanafi fiqh that to believe that any one except Allah has the knowledge of the unseen is not permissible. In fact this has been called Kufr.
    • ( balki is aqiday ko kufr qarar diya hai ) [ Tohfae lasani , page 34]
    • 2 . The person who has this belief that prophet had the knowledge of the unseen has been called KAFIR by the hanafi scholars.[ Tohfae Lasani, page 38]
    • 3 We do not affirm the characteristic of having knowledge of the unseen with prophet and we refute those who affirm this.
    [ Nusrate Aasamani, page 27]

    Readers are requested to keep all these quotes in mind while analyzing the book below.

    Yusuf Motala,[ who wrote foreward to the English translation] is a khalifa of Zakariya Kandhalvee, who was called a sinner and deviant by the deobandi muftis. His book Fadaile amaal was fabricated by deobandis.

    Zakariya Kandhalvee was a khalifa of Khalil Ambethvee.

    Khalil Ambethvee---à Zakariya Kandhalvee ---- Yusuf Motala.

    This is the same Khaleel Ambethvee who wrote:

    “The final result is: By pondering over the knowledge of the earth possessed by angel of death and satan , one should not use this analogy to prove that prophet (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) also had the similar knowledge, as there is no documentary evidence for this. Isn’t this belief ( that prophet also had the knowledge of the unseen) a CLEAR SHIRK , and if not , then which part of Iman ( belief) is it ?

    Because such extensive [knowledge] for the Angel of death and Shaytan is proved from Quran and Sunnah [nuSuS e qaTyi`ah]. Where is any such absolute evidence to prove the extensiveness of the knowledge possessed by prophet , sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam which refutes all absolute documents in order to prove one polytheistic belief?”

    And then he continues his attack on the best of the creation ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) and says

    “ Hence , mere presence of the soul ( Ruh)of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) in Illiyeen and his being higher than angel of death does not mean that the knowledge of Rasul Allah ( sal allahu alai hi wa sallam) is higher than or even equal to the knowledge of angel of death in these fields.”

    [Baraheen-e-Qati’ah, written by Rashid Gangohee and Khaleel Ambethavee]

    It is seen that Rashid Gangohee and Khaleel Ambethavee have not only deneid knowledge of the unseen for prophet , but have also shown disrespect by comparing and saying that knowledge of angel of death is more than prophet[ sal allahu alayhiwa sallam].

    As it is agreed upon by the entire ummah that any disrespect to prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] is kufr and the person becomes apostate[murtad], so thirty three scholars of Makkah and Medina along with two hundred and sixty eight scholars of Indian subcontient [ India , Pakistan and Bangladesh] declared the fatwa[verdict] of Kufr upon these two deobandi scholars.If these sunni schlors would have not issued this verdict , they would have not fullfilled the responsibility which Allah has bestowed upon all the scholars of Ahlus sunnah and whole of the ummah would have got encouragement to show disrespect to prophet[ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam].

    It should also be noted that it is a central belief of Deobandi cult, which is a sub sect of wahabism that prophet does not any knowledge of unseen. The founder of wahabism in India, Ismaeel dehalvee wrote the wahabi/ deobandi manual called “ Taqwiyatul Iman”.

    Taqwitaul Iman has the follwowing belief:

    1. If any one believes that anyone except Allah has the knowledge of the unseen , he becomes a mushrik.
    [ Rashid Gangohee wrote that any one says that prophet had the knowledge of the unseen becomes a mushrik ( Fatwa Rashidiya)]

    2. If any one has a belief that some other can know the feelings and thoughts of his heart, then that person becomes mushrik.

    3. He who tries to prove somebody to be in a position to turn events of the world as he would like them to be although he may not consider his power to be equal to Allah's nor tries to prove him to be such, at once proves himself to be a polytheist [ Mushrik]
    There are other anti Islamic statements written in Taqwiyatul Iman , which has been analyzed in detail on this website under refutation section.

    Please note that , Rashid Gangohee al Deobandi said “to keep this book( taqwiyatul iman) is the real islam’. Deobandis stick to this teaching and freely distribute this book among their cult members.

    Having read this, we will analyze miracles mentioned in this book and at the end we will be surprised that Yusuf Motala is advocating those belief which his ‘shayk’s shaykh , that is ,his grand shaykh ( Khaleel Ambethavee) calls it kufr and shirk!

    I will be quoting the original English text in blue , followed by my comments in red.

    While still suckling, Hazrat’s mother would present him in the presence of A’ala Hazrat Maulana Nizamuddin

    Comment: Deobandis use “ A’ala Hazrat” for Imdadullah Muhajir Makki and not for anyone else. [ Refer Arwahe Salasa]

    Some Fuqara (piousmendicants) gave glad tidings of Hazrat becoming a great pious saint even before his birth. For instance one Majzoob (one lost in divine meditation) by the name of Nangai Mia (who used stay naked because his clothes would burn away), used to come to Tadkeshwar from Baruch. On one occasion Hazrat’s grandmother who was inclined to this Majzoob sahib requested him that he make dua that Allah tala grant them a son.

    Comment: As per deobandi belief no one can know about the future and to believe that is kufr.
    [ Taqwiyatul Iman, Fatwa Rashidiya etc]. It is not permissible for a woman to talk to a naked man who has no connection with sharia.

    On hearing this the Majzoob sahib commented, "Who ever has stolen these things his house will be destroyed." Hence three sons of that person died.

    Comment: How can this”Majzoob SAHEB” have the power to kill anyone? Abdus shakoor and Yusuf Motala have commited shirk as per Ismail Dehalvee who wrote that “if anyone thinks that someone other than Allah can kill any one , then he commits shirk”.

    His kindness towards the creations of Allah was such that the needy were always queuing at his doorstep. They would request for a Taweez (amulet), or would ask him to blow upon them, whilst others would come to request his duas for their cases, and even for their lost cows and buffaloes.

    Comment: To ask help from other than Allah is shirk ( Taqwiyatul Iman) , one whose name is Mohammed or Ali has no authority over anything ( Taqwiyatul Iman). But strangely people were not asking Allah for help, rather they were queuing at his door step!

    When these same people would become indulged in any hardships and would come to Hazrat regarding their needs, he would fulfill their desires without showing any discontent.

    Comment: To ask one else except Allah for help is shirk as per Imam al wahabiyah/ deobandiya Ismaeel dehalvee .( Taqwiyatul Iman)

    Once a person, who had come for spiritual rectification and was staying in the Masjid, looked at a girl who had come to the Masjid to fill water. The person tried to distract his glance from looking at the girl but unfortunately he was unable to do so, and the thought sank into his heart. The particular day was a Friday and it was the custom of the people that they would shake hands with Hazrat after the Friday Salaat. This person out of shame did not have the courage to shake hands. Immediately, Hazrat looked at the person with anger, the person lowered his face and realised that his condition had been exposed to Hazrat.

    Comment: Taqwiyatul Iman says: If anyone has this belief that so and so can come to know the thoughts and feelings of my heart , then he has commited shirk ! Abdus shoakoor and Yusuf Motala are promoting shirk as per Deobandi belief!

    He also informed the people of a rule to find out the exact night of Qadar. Unfortunately, the people present did not listen with concentration. When they asked again on another occasion, he did not reply.

    Comment: How can Musaji know a rule to find the EXACT night of Qadar? After reading the above statement , readers are requested to read this hadith

    Narrated 'Ubada bin As-Samit:

    The Prophet came out to inform us about the Night of Qadr but two Muslims were quarreling with each other. So, the Prophet said, "I came out to inform you about the Night of Qadr but such-and-such persons were quarreling, so the news about it had been taken away; yet that might be for your own good, so search for it on the 29th, 27th and 25th (night of Ramadan).

    [Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 32 :: Hadith 240, e edition]

    Can we see how Abdus shakoor is trying to relate that incidence mentioned in hadith ( people quralleing ) with Musaji’s case ( people not paying attention)! This is the true face of deobandis!

    He also had a talent of predicting the times of Salaat, he would immediately find out the beginning time of each Salaat. Once the people asked him, "Do you have a watch?" He replied, "I have such a watch that never makes mistakes."
    Comment: Subhan Allah! What a special power this Musaji had !There was no need for him to find the position of sun to calculate salah timing!

    Hazrat was bestowed with the gift of performing Haj and Ziyaarat once. He fulfilled this obligation with much virtue and quality. During this visit his mother was also accompanying him, Mullah Shoaib sahib asked, "Hazrat, your mother is weak, where are you taking her?" He replied, "We will leave her there." Thus, it so happened that she passed away in Madina Munawwarah.

    Comment: So this Musaji knew before hand that when will his mother die!! Rashid Gangohee al deobandi, writes that “ anyone who has this belief that prophet had the knowledge of the unseen, commits clear shirk [ Fatwa Rashidiya]. So as per Gangohee , Abdus shakoor has commited shirk and that will mean Yusuf Motala is propoagting a book written by a mushrik?

    During his stay in Madina Munawwarah he would spend the whole night in Masjid-e-Nabwi. As it is the common practice of the Servants of Haram that they would send all the people out of the Masjid after the Eesha Salaat, but nobody would confront Hazrat. Only Allah knows if he would vanish from their sights or what else would happened. A person once asked him in this regard, he replied, "I requested by clinging to the fences of the sacred shrine that I be granted this. It was accepted."

    Comment: The English translation of this part is not accurate. There are other mistakes and omission from urdu translation in other part of this book as well.

    And what is this belief which Abdus shakoor is propogating??? To cling to the fences of the sacred shrine?? But why? Don’t we know that as per deobandi belief prophet was a normal human being like us ( taqwiyatul iman) [ Astagfirullah] and that he should be respected like an elder brother or a land lord( taqwiyatul iman) and that his blessed body has mixed with soil ( taqwiyatul iman) . All this is written in taqwiyatul iman , the book about which Rashid gangohee said” to keep this book and read is ayn (core) islam.

    The condition of delivering this would be carried out both physically and spiritually. An example of the former method is that he would give out a Taweez,Faleeta (charms to burn, method used against evil spirits etc.)

    Comment: Readers are requested to take a note of this. Insha Allah, in future a detail analysis of something related with this topic will be posted this website.

    When his letter arrived, Ahmed Diwan sahib was again present by Hazrat who said after reading the letter. "He is well again, or else he would become mad and the boys would tease him." Ahmed Diwan sahib says that when I inquired regarding his condition I found out that his condition had changed at that precise time and the state he was in had been extinguished.

    Comment: This is a story about a man who was given special blessing by this Musaji. This man was unable to bear this special power, so he wrote a letter asking Musaji to take back the special gift . This Musaji , sitting miles away from that man , told that the condition of this man has become normal! (Please note: at that precise time).

    So this Musaji could see what is happening in other city. But our prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam] did not have the knowledge of the unseen!

    Once Ahmed Diwan sahib asked Hazrat in what time could you make someone complete. He replied, "In a breath, but he would not be able to tolerate it, such a person would pass away......................... On the request of some seekers he also said, "There is no rarity in the treasures its just a matter of Be it!"

    Comment: The duration of one breath was too long time for the status of Musaji to transform some ones;s internal state. So Abdus shakoor goes a step further and talks about of power of “ be” and “ it happens”.

    But Ashraf ali thanvee writes in his ugly anti islmic book, Hifzul Iman
    (Page 7) “Prophet used to concentrate and become worried in many cases , he would still not come to know many things as in the story of Ifk”

    Miracles: The miracles of Hazrat were countless. If only the reliable ones were written down these would have to be divided in chapters. Herewith we relate only a few as examples:

    Comment: The section of miracles constitute the core of this book in which Abdus shakoor has written about 25 miracles performed by Musaji. I do not intend to analyze those miracles one by one, but what is to be noted that , through these miracles one can see that Musaji had the power to talk to ‘wind”, he could show miracles when ever and where ever he pleased. He could know about things of the unseen and much more. I will mention a couple of statements from miracle section.
    Those interested can read them by downloading this book, available on many deobandi websites.

    Miracle 1: Musaji could be present at many places at the same time!

    Miracle 2: Musaji could know who is awake or who is sleeping! He would send his hand to sprinkle water on those who were sleeping! (Remote operation)

    Now read this.

    Miracle 5 : After, sometime Hazrat bestowed him back to his original status and said "This is our master in whose dignity this verse was revealed, "Verily, there has come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves…." Furthermore, he commented, "You could not reach the Holy Prophet Salallahu alayhi wasallam with your own power, when you reach my status you will be able to reach him."

    Comment: Musaji said “when you reach my status you will be able to reach him.
    Can any muslim reach the state of any of the companions of the prophet? Does any muslim even try to compare himself with any of the prophets or the comapanion of the prophet? The answer is: NO.

    But deobandis have a different aqida (belief).
    Qasim Nanotvee wrote : “"Prophets are higher and better than their followers( Ummati) only in knowledge. When it comes to good deeds, the ummati( followers) attain the equal status of prophets and some times they go above them "

    So Abdus shakoor was propogating this belief !

    Miracle 9. Once Hazrat commented regarding a Salik (a traveler on the path of Sulook), "We requested for Sainthood, it was said it is not written for him (in Taqdeer-fate), we replied remove your Taqdeer." He instructed the blessed hand of Allah to erase and write down Sainthood for the person.

    Comment: La hawl wala quwat illa billah. This musaji could instruct the blessed hand of Allah !

    Miracle 10: Musaji comes to know about the death of a woman, though no one informed him.

    Miracle 11.. No sooner had the Maulana arrived that Hazrat found out this secret of his heart and through his influence made the hearts of the people such that they at once immediately left one after the other.

    Comment: Abdus shakoor says that Musaji came to know about the secret of heart. This has been called as shirk by Imam Al Wahabuyah, Ismaeel dehalvi.

    Miracle 13: Abdus shakoor deobandi writes that Musaji knew that a woman will have three children, so he told three names!

    Miracle 25 : The Taweez from the Gujrati letters were given for Faleeta.

    Musaji used to give amulets containing Gujrati letters!!

    The book also has miracles performed by Nizamuddin who has been claimed to be the shaykh of Musaji, though no where has this been mentioned. Also many people have cast doubt whether about this ‘Nizamuddin” and whether Musaji gave bayyah to him.

    Musaji himself told

    "In the path of Sulook, Bay’at is not necessary, as long as there is love everything can take place." (Miracle 6.)

    To end this analysis I would like to quote two miracles performed by Nizamuddin.

    Miracle 1: He gives order to wind to change its location.
    Miracle 2: He comes to know that there is no food in the house and through his power brings food in the basket.

    It can be seen that these deobandis have shamelessly attributed the power of knowing unseen to some musaji, which they deny for our prophet [ sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]

    Yusuf Motala should have thought over this issue before going against his grand shaykh Khaleel Ambethvee!

    Source: http://www.islamieducation.com/en/refutation/deobandi-book-in-uk.html

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