Mufakkir al-Islām on his speech

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by abu nibras, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    as salam`alaikum,

    if anyone who reads this happens to meet the respectable Shaykh, please convey our salam and make it clear that nobody on this website accused him of shirk or kufr or gave any fatwa as he was wrongly informed. ( he says this in the speech )

    tell him that someone listed to his speech and asked a question if what he heard was what the shaykh had said ?

    and then made the conditional statement that if the shaykh said what was heard, then its a kalimah of kufr, and the poster added that one has to enquire about what was said and even if it has been said only a mufti can issue a fatwa.

    he explicitly quoted alahazrat saying that uttering a kalimah of kufr is something else; doing takfir is something else.

    it was bad adab and the whole inquiry/comment should not have been made in public and it would have been much better if it was done in private but essentailly the aim was not to disrespect the sHaykh.

    alHamdulillah the clarification came and an unreserved apology was sought, even before this talk was released.

    such incidents though difficult for those involved resulted in two good things

    1) Taught us to be more careful when dealing with scholars of ahlus sunnah
    and to learn to ask questions with the proper adab if one has to
    2) Showed one and all that we do ask questions, even if it is to our scholars whom we respect and honour, especially when it comes to honour of the deen, unlike some whose historical aim is to honour and find excuses for their scholars and let them dishonour the deen.

    was salam
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    masha Allah shah sahib cleared it up but i think he wasn't told that people mis-heard. it seems shah sahib thinks people fully understood the couplet and still accused it of being kufr.

    this is not the case - once the couplet was understood, no-one said the couplet is kufr. it was kufr if it was actually said the way we understood it. when shah sahib explained, then the couplet has nothing wrong with it.
  3. khalid Hussain

    khalid Hussain New Member

    well, can't play a thing on that website. just asks you to download plugins even after download and re-boot !
  4. Muhammadi

    Muhammadi Well-Known Member

    Mufakkir al-Islām explains his speech

    Recently, a few raised objections upon some elements of a famous discourse of Mufakkir al-Islām pertaining to the disbelief [kufr] of Yazīd (may he be deprived of Allāh's mercy).

    The discourse can be viewed online here whilst other concerns can be viewed here, here, and here. There was another thread titled "other issues with pir jilani's talk on yazid" that critically examined the factual stature of the discourse.

    Mufakkir al-Islām has been informed of the whole scenario; for now, the following is his initial response and we anticipate more responses Inshā Allāh Ta'ālā in the recent future.

    Mufakkir al-Islām's Response: click here to view.

    Mowlānā Ahmad Nisār Baig al-Hanafī al-Qādirī has provided brief commentary of the situation. Click here for Mowlānā Ahmad Nisār's response.
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