Mufti e Azam under arrest!

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by MisbahusSadiq, Nov 22, 2014.

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  1. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    Yazidiyun ka Mufti Mahmood Hussain Shaiq par Muharram main Hamla.

    Abdul Qadir Shah of tenchbata ny Qibla Mufti sb ko jhuty case main arrest karwaya aur sabit kiya k Yazid abi b zinda hai.

    Alhumdulillah Mufti sb ko ba izzat riha kiya giya aur police ny ba qaida Qibla Mufti sb sy mafi mangi hai.

    Abdul Qadir ko b chaiye k mafi mang ly.
    Abdul Qadir ak jali peer hai. Ap jali peerun sy bacho.

    Do rangi chor dy ya kunni ho ja
    Sara sar shia ho ja ya sunni ho ja

    (On behalf of Mufti sahib's supporters in Pakistan)
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  2. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    Mufti sahib has written a fatwa of Kufr on Padri listing all his blasphemies, I shall try uploading a copy.
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  3. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    Alhamdulillah this is how a sunni mufti should be - speak the truth even if it means imprisonment

    What's the Shaykh's view on Padri?
  4. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    May Allah Ta'ala protect our 'Ulama. Good news that the Mufti has been released.
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  5. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    Alhamdulillah, with the Dua's and efforts of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaat, Mufti sahib has been released and the false case orchestrated by Shah has failed and been dropped. We pray that Mufti sahib remains safe and steadfast and continues in standing up for the Haq and also continue serving the Deen effortlessly.
    Unfortunately such incidents show us the harsh reality that there are many individuals who are sell-outs including certain people who categorise themselves as 'Ulema including Molvi Zubair Shah and 'Mufti' Hanif Qurayshi who in fact rang the son of Mufti sahib, Mufti Irfan Hashmi and mentioned how the case would finish is Mufti sahib apologised to Shah and retracted the Fatwa. Mufti Irfan sahib Hashmi replied that this is a matter of the Deen and of Haq and my father will not back down.

    This whole saga serves a reminder for us that even though certain individuals on falsehood may have large followings, lots of money and be experts in bullying tactics there will always remain a group who will stand up to them and risk everything, it is important for us to recognise both groups and decide which groups we will support and associate ourselves with.

    May Allah keep our senior Ulema safe and may we have the tawfeeq to benefit from them In sha Allah.

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  6. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

  7. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    A picture of Mufti sahib in the prison.

    Attached Files:

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  8. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    Mufti sahib is a senior Mureed and relative of the Grand Shaykh of Kashmir, Qibla Hazrat sahib Gulhar Sharif rahmatullah alayh. He is the senior student of Hadhrat Maulana Atta Muhammad Bandyalvi rahmatullah alayh and also studied with the senior students of Muhaddis e Azam Pakistan rahmatullah alayh such as Shaykh ul Hadith Maulana Ghulam Nabi sahib and Mufti Muhammad Ameen sahib. Mufti Mahmood Hussain Sha'iq sahib begun teaching in the various institutes of his teachers in Faisalabad before his appointment as the Mufti of Azad Kashmir. As well as writing numerous books and delivering countless lectures and speeches his main passion has been for teaching and many hundreds of students have graduated having studied Dars e Nizami. The record on the registers runs into the hundreds. Amongst Mufti sahibs students some are senior lecturers and Principals at various Dar ul Ulooms and many are carrying out various Dawah duties in the UK.

    Even now Mufti sahib was teaching Dars e Nizami to around fourty full time students including five brothers from the UK.

    We will post more information and updates but really need our Sunni brothers to unite and show solidarity towards this senior scholar so that he can continue his work for Ahlus Sunnah and not be the prisoner of Shah and his cronies.
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  9. MisbahusSadiq

    MisbahusSadiq New Member

    Last Friday [14th November], after having led Jummah salah, the Mufti of Azad Kashmir, Ustadh ul Ulema Mufti Qazi Hafiz Mahmood Hussain Sha'iq Hashmi Qurayshi, Shaykh ul Hadith and founder of Jamia Islamia Sultania Mangla, Mirpur, Azad Kahmir was suddenly stopped by police in an unmarked car on the bridge coming into Mangla and taken without any warning to the Muzzafarabad area.

    This was orchestrated by 'Pir' Abdul Qadir Shah from Walthamstow who could not write an adequate response to Mufti sahibs fatwa which was written in reply to a query about Shah's infamous book 'Zubdta tul Tahqeeq' which exposed his Shia doctrines. Shah put together false charges against Mufti sahib of sectarianism and inciting violence against the Shia in a fictional gathering in Muzzafarabad early November.

    The police did not follow procedure and hand Mufti sahib over to the local station and instead took Mufti sahib to a remote village police station where the officers in charge and the local judges are Shia. It later emerged that Shah paid large bribes to the police and also to the Judges who still have not granted bail to Mufti sahib a week later.

    It is the sad state of Sunnis that our elders are locked away for speaking the Haq and defending the doctrine of the Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamaat.

    We need all Sunni brothers to raise awareness about this incident and support Mufti sahib in these hard times against the bully and thug Qadir Shah.
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