Mufti Monawwar with Shaykh Swadago

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Umar99, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. Exposition

    Exposition Active Member

    The sh asrar dialogue with shaykh yaqoubi is well know, its mass transmitted now lol
  2. themuj4h1d

    themuj4h1d New Member

    Until I see it or hear it, I won't believe it. Taking your word for it isn't proof. I could say "Sh Yaqoubi has refuted Sh Asrar and everyone on here - so what if it's not on youtube?"
  3. abu Usman

    abu Usman New Member

    Shaykh Asrar has publicly spoken about shaykh Yaqubi. Shaykh Asrar emailed shaykh Yaqubi and after not receiving a satisfactory reply on the Hamza yusuf and dante issue, shaykh Asrar has refuted shaykh Yaqubi in public talks in Birmingham. So what if they're not on YouTube?

    Shaykh Yaseen even knows about these emails and wasn't happy about it.
    Shaykh Asrar has distanced himself from the whole shaykh Yaqubi following.
  4. themuj4h1d

    themuj4h1d New Member

    Why have Sh Asrar and Mufti Monawwar not openly spoken about the issues raised here against Sh Yaqoubi? Both were his former students. Why are they being silent on these issues? Particularly Sh Asrar, who has previously spoken up publicly against Hamza Yusuf and Nuh Keller.

    The audio of Sh Yaqoubi on shia is from the USA - years ago, and has been available for many years on the Khulafa Rashidun CD set. Why is it surfacing now? Why didn't anyone, particularly the above, make an issue about it previously?
  5. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Agent X please answer me first


    1) Why is it that things which are blantatly clear to the awwam could be missed by scholars? (So it is clear by videos that shaykh abdou sits with such people so how do scholars miss it?)

    2) Agent X what is your opinion of Shaykh Yaqoubi not retracting the ijazah from Hamza Yusuf? Do you agree or disagree? do you think it is major or minor?

    b) what is your opinion of keeping aqidah in classrooms?

    3) Dont you think when scholars share events they should research into the company of people through youtube or ask someone? or are they to busy?

    4) why dont you ask Abu Hasan why he said Mufti Saab's stance should be clear?

    Please answer fully
  6. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    LoL you are free to think whatever you like pal but I have nothing personal against them, just fed up with what I've seen in the past, the inviting deviants & blenders like Ninowy & Khalid I totally condemn & I don't agree with events with no segregation between men & women, these are after all islamic events lets not bring free mixing into them.

    I say if they have truly stopped inviting the likes of Ninowy etc and instead started to look to the likes of Mufti Zahid, Shaykh Asrar, Shaykh Naveed Ahrafi, Shaykh Naveed Sailvi and many orther great sunni ulama.. then kudos & shabaash to them for changing.

    I agree that our sunni Ulama especially English speaking ones need more interaction with the youth at universities, but the majority of times that interaction only takes place for a few hours via events run by the societies... Problems only arise if you get members of societies inviting deviants & sullah kullis... If the societies just stick to sunni ulama then the isocs wouldn't be a issue because people would learn enough to be able to distinguish between falsehood & truth when the isoc come knocking.

    Getting English speaking sunni scholars to come into the universities to run things like fiqh & Aqeeda classes is a good idea, I believe some sunni societies do currently do it by either having scholars or students of those scholars come in and run the lessons.
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  7. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    Lots of posts unfortunately ive not had time to read them all

    Can I get an answer

    Has anyone made Shaykh Monawwar aware? If you have so much of a concern why did you not go see them on Sunday?
  8. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Can I get an answer
    Is it Ok to share events with scholars who sit with the likes of AHM and Ninnowy?
  9. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    I think you may have personal issues against the I.T.S lot - because last thing i checked when i spoke to one of them about Tim J Winters he said he wasn't planning to invite him back since after discovering the videos of him kissing Thanvi's backside verbally .....

    Sunni scholars should take lead and control of these societies in there respectful areas these university students sacred knowledge is always limited it is the job of the scholars to steer them in the correct way they can be moulded to become 'proper' sunnis.

    Allah knows best...
  10. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I.T.S is not the way forward for uni students I believe
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  11. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    The truth is the truth I.T.S have always been sullah kulli, they invite anyone including reputable ulama such as Mufti Zahid & Shaykh Asrar to attract people who wouldn't normally attend I.T.S events due to dodgy speakers. ... I believe they invite these people to get as many people on board then after a bit the hold another event that has the likes of Ninowy, Murad etc etc... people assume I.T.S to be ok if they hear shaykh asrars name then they may attend future events when his not there but the deviants are and then the sullah kulli magic web is spun...

    I am not attacking uni societies... infact in the past I have been involved in organising events for Madani society of Bradford uni.. they are a proper sunni society no sullah kulli stuff.. I remember they organised the first ever Mowlid gathering in Bradford university, it was done on 2 separate dates one for brothers & one for sisters, speakers for the brothers side included Alama Naveed Sailvi, Alama Rashid Madni of DI and Hafiz Tahir Qadri for Naat recitation.

    The event was segregated properly unlike the I.T.S events. .. I.T.S obviously didn't like the fact a new proper sunni society was becoming successful so they decided to hold a event about the Dajjal on the same day at more or less the same time at the uni to sabotage the Mowlid event...

    Afterwards they tried to infiltrate the sisters side of Madni society of Bradford by asking them to merge with I.T.S... these were all sly games by the then leader of I.T.S hafiz usmaan...

    It's not difficult to counter isoc... you just need proper sunni societies in uni & not sullah kulli ones like I.T.S who are apparently sunni at one or 2 events then go back onto sullah kulli mode.

    Anyone can hold a Ala Hazrat conference but not actually speak out against the deviants that Ala Hazrat warned against... they use the Name of the great imam to suck people in thats all.

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  12. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    brother, the answers to many of these questions can be found in things which have already been said on this forum before. Of course, we don't know for sure what were al-Yaquobi's motivations but his actions since the start of the uprising (or even before, as he claims to be the first person to give the call to take up arms against the regime) invite suspicion, to say the least.

    As for Sh. Buti it need not be either. Being a mufti it must not have been too difficult for him to do qiyas on what happened in to so many people who were 'helped' by the west. He himself said in one video clip: "you ulema of syria are very naive, you do not know what trickery these people are capable of".

    I do not know what you mean by 'cheap-shots' but if you read that thread by M. Sakti you will see that everyone continued to respect al-Yaquobi even after doubting the effectiveness of his political maneuvers until his RUSI and other speeches brought in aqida issues which is when people started questioning his stances.

  13. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    I'm sure he held a Ala Hazrat Conferance and Mufti Zahid Hussain attended - also they have monthly classes with Shaykh Asrar planned so surely the society isn't sulh Khuli or you gonna put Mullah and Mufti Zahid in the same basket as the others ? They ain't gonna be any scholars left.

    I don't think you should go around attacking university societies - we lost a whole generation of sunni youth to ISocs in Unis our proper Sunni Scholars are to lazy to make effort with these uni societies leading to the commitees having to resort to second best individuals like Khalid who never says no
  14. Exposition

    Exposition Active Member

  15. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    However problematic Shaykh Yaqoubi's recent position has been on aqidah, sullah kullism , shias etc., I find it wrong that he should be picked for his stance on Syrian struggle for overthrowing Assad. Cheapshots on him for that are not right. He took a well-intentioned, principled political stand; it's not his fault that Syrian Free Army got nowhere to achieving its objective.

    West failed Syrian people deliberately (the other day someone posted the Stratfor article which clearly pointed out that inaction was not out of indecisiveness, but had a purpose). FSA was never a match for Assad's army without an external support. Russia intervened, UK dithered and America prevaricated, while Israel rubbed its hand in glee as both sides of Syria went about destroying each other (to an extent that Syria can't be thorn in its side for next 50 years). There was a method to Western inaction in Syria (which had otherwise without rhyme nd reason attacked Libya to get rid of Gaddafi). Arab nations were very busy arming al-Nusra etc., and once the spectacle of al-Qaida was projected, Western support for FSA waned. Syrian struggle for freedom fizzled, people got gassed (yet no action) and the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades came to play (which barely registers in Western media). ISIS was born and lo and behold Western powers have their striking force ready.

    What has this got to do with Sh Yaqoubi, who couldn't have foretold the events? If he advocated Western intervention, it was only out of the realisation that Assad couldn't be overthrown by disparate, inadequately equipped armies. Perhaps it was just a case of "enemy's enemy being ones' friend". Being a Syrian, Sh Yaqoubi had to take a stance one way or the other. At least he stood up, instead of looking the other way. Why should that be a blot for him? Why should we take potshots at him for his political stand?

    In the hindsight, Shaykh Bouti was right. But was it his firasah/inspired foresight or just a happenchance, we'll never know.
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  16. Exposition

    Exposition Active Member

    Indeed, and I find it funny how I've seen no contention to his comments, then again i find sub continent ulema far removed from politics, not even sure how aware they are of nuances
  17. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Think america have finally listened to Hazrat Yaqoubi Sahib
  18. Exposition

    Exposition Active Member

    Last I heard I.T.S had some new committee members that are a bit more sound minded, but none the less still invite 'dodgy' characters.

    Believe it or not my first contentions with shaykh yaqoubi were not even to do with aqeedah but politics, When he called for American led intervention in syria a few years back it raised concerns from me and then following that the gross mis-information in regards to shaykh ramadan al bouti, then slowly over-time the apparent became clear

    I was about to give bayah to him around that time, but alhamdullilah these doubts arose in time
  19. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

  20. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I.T.S in Bradford uni has always been sullah kulli, its run by some noshai guy from Bradford called junaid, I think he is a hafiz... His always been the one to invite ninowy, khalid, Murad, Asim & co... it's like a annual get together of all the dodgy deo lovers.

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