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    hindu isey zaleel kar rahe hain.

    1468819681263898625 is not a valid tweet id
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    surah kahf, 18:29


    And tell them: "Whosoever wishes to believe, then let them and whosoever wishes to disbelieve, then let them (disbelieve)".

    Indeed, we have prepared for the transgressors a fire, whose walls will envelop them. And they will plead for drink and they will be given water like molten metal* which will scald their faces.

    What a horrid drink and what a dreadful place to inhabit.

    ibn abbas raDiyAllahu anhu said: it is thick and viscous water similar to oil sludge. (durdiyy al-zayt)

    mujahid has said: it is like blood and vomit (in its stench)

    ikrimah has said: it is a liquid which is extremely hot

    ibn kathir says: these opinions do not contradict each other. muhl is something which is a dark liquid, very foul smelling, thick and viscous and extremely hot.

    durdiyy or akar (دردي , عكر ) means dregs, sediment collected at the bottom of the liquid; imam maturidi asks: since dregs and sediments are solids collected at the bottom, why is it mentioned to describe a liquid? he says: perhaps it is because the dregs of oil are a mix of various colours - reddish, yellowish, black and the like and it is thus used in the description of the sky on judgement day: (see surah al-ma'arij v8) "on that day when the sky is like molten metal (like al-muhl)"
  4. AbdalQadir

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    we damn care about this ex-rafidi now open idol worshiper

    however, we need to consider some questions in the larger "national" context

    what if it was a major hindu leader who became Muslim, let's say in a lecture of zakir naik?

    is this a subtle message to Muslims 'you can't proselytize, we can, everyone better sign up to receive ramdev's patanjali products' or 'bjp can buy out your faith with the handouts our nouveau riche gujju billionaires provide us'?

    a message to other hindus maybe, 'don't convert to Deene Fitrat, we'll get you'?

    does something sneaky seem to be at play here?

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