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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Nissaar, Feb 6, 2022.

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  1. Nissaar

    Nissaar New Member

    Yes, this was the most worrying part when I saw this website. I have not yet checked if Prophets (Alaihis Salaam) or Sahaabas (RA) have been depicted as cartoons.

    I fully agree to this point specially when it comes to subliminal messages and mind control.

    Jazaak Allah for your reply brother.
  2. Nissaar

    Nissaar New Member

    Jazaak Allah brother
    I did not know about this

    I have checked and found there channel Alhamdulillah
  3. Shadman

    Shadman Active Member

    I've watched a series called Omar by MBC. It goes into episodic accounts of Sayyiduna Umar Radia Allah anu. Honestly, the overall series was actually informative, and personally found it as a great way to learn Islamic history for the youths. However, I'm not sure what our respected scholars think of it legally. You are right about the questionable actors and television in general. The habit of reading should be made a priority for kids.
  4. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    I haven't seen these cartoons but depicting a Prophet is kufr and even depicting Sahaba will be disrespectful. I've heard there are some arab shows about the Sahaba etc- this just seems disgraceful to me, having faasiq people act as Sayyidina Umar, etc.

    I've noticed a trend for so-called 'Islamic' youtube channels where the thumbnails for their videos are unacceptable (and indeed kufr in many instances). People need to learn basics of the religion before trying to open a dawah channel, fools.

    As for Muslim children needing cartoons- I would advise that your household is TV free. Even the kuffar recognise the harms of television. Read books like:

    Four arguments for the elimination of television
    Amusing ourselves to death
    Plug in Drug
    The Shallows
    Is Google making us stupid?
    Media Control
    Endangered Minds

    Note: I obviously don't agree with every single argument made in those books but you have to read with a critical eye. Some of the books are old and may contain outdated science, for example (I would suggest even pseudo science tbf on occasion). In general, I suggest watching TV is bad for children even when you look at how it could affect their attention spans etc and not just the fact that they will be susceptible to imitate the faasiqeen they see on screen etc.
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  5. Ali Has

    Ali Has New Member

    If there was an issue re: permissibility of cartoons I do not think Dawat-e-Islami would be producing the cartoons it has. Neither have I come across anyone raising DI's production of cartoons as being impermissible.
  6. Nissaar

    Nissaar New Member

    I will later in sha allah.
    I need to check with Aalims first to see the permidsibility.

    I also wanted to know the different POVs on this subject
  7. Ali Has

    Ali Has New Member

    Wa alaykum salam

    Why don't you sign up to the free trial and assess the website and its content?
  8. Nissaar

    Nissaar New Member

    As salaam alaikum

    I have recently come across a website:

    It seems the website is about prophetic stories, deen cartoons, games etc...

    I know that from hadith and fatawa radawiyya that paintings of living things is not permitted.

    Also to depict prophet using cartoons is a big issue where one can assume it is a form of disrespect and also claim the inaccuracy.

    From my personal opinion, I think in today's world where cartoons and technology is filled with immoral and haraam things these types of muslim cartoons should be promoted within our community.
    The children will be watching deen contents and learning altogether instead of watching fictions.

    Also if this website is from the deviants and the laymen are using them for their kids, this will definitely cause an issue for us the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat.

    What are your opinions on this matter?

    And if possible can someone check with an Alim/mufti/Maulana on the permissibility of using these tools and also if we can use them to teach our kids these things?

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