"Muslims in Today's World" - Lecture by Shaykh Pirzada

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  1. A brilliant speech--it should be on the front page!

    Synopsis: Muslims are so wretched nowadays because we lag behind the West in Science and Technology. We must produce Muslim scientists. We must produce English-speaking ulama; our children can no longer understand Urdu or other such languages. Muslims must use wisdom and take their circumstances into account. We can learn a lot from the history of the Jews and how they have become so successful in the West despite being subjected to the Holocaust only 60 years ago. In the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم we have a perfect example.

    my personal comments: I agree with everything the Shaykh says. But the Jews, no doubt being successful, have completely assimilated into, for example, British society and are indistinguishable from the mainstream society . I think this will also happen with Muslims. So the Jews' success is not just to do with them being great at educating themselves to the top of society. I don't think a lot of Muslims will like this but the reality is that if we want to emulate the Jews we will also have to foregoe our separate identity--in the long run.
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    New Audio: "Muslims in Today's World" - Lecture by Shaykh M I H Pirzada

    In this lecture, delivered at Masjid-e-Noor, Preston (UK) on 27 August 2005, Shaykh Pirzada discusses the pressing issues and difficulties facing the Muslims today. He particularly focuses on Muslims living in the West and, in doing so, offers practical solutions to many of the problems faced by Muslims.

    A must-listen for all Muslims living in the West!

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