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  1. sunni_porter

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    Any takers on this request specifically?

    From an old thread:
    Any updates on this? Any way that I can assist (see my first post below)?
  2. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    You need to have a PDF reader installed on your the App store and install one, the documents should be fine then
  3. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Hmm that's strange. It opens fine using a laptop or Blackberry. Anyone else have similar issues?
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    I get a blank page when I click each of the links provided below (iPhone/Safari)...
  5. sunni_porter

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    sab se aw-lā o ā-lā ha-mā-rā na-bī

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  6. sunni_porter

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    First naat completed: vo su-‘e lā-lah zār phir-te heN

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    I've been typing up naats of Ala Hazrats in MS Word / PDF format (still a work in process). It has the verses in Urdu, English transliteration and (if brothers can assist) the English translation. It's geared towards Western born Pakistanis whose Urdu is not the best but still enjoy and want to better understand these kalaam (e.g. like myself). The intent is that the files can be used on smartphones and tablets so that brothers/sisters attending mawlids would be able to pull it up and recite along. It can also be printed for personal use at home (e.g. teaching kids) or as naat booklets in masaajid. The MS Word version can also be used by Ridawi Press or others for their own publishing purposes (kindly let me know and I'll send the files).

    I need assistance in the following areas however in order to complete the works:
    1. Proofreading the Urdu
    2. Proofreading the English transliteration
    3. Providing an English translation
    I will post the files in separate posts on this thread once they are ready for review. I would be grateful if knowledgeable brothers could kindly take a look at the files and provide the assistance mentioned above (in particular abu Hasan or Aqib Qadri).

    Kindly let me know if anyone's interested. I can send the original files over or alternatively users can post their suggestions/recommendations in this thread (and I'll incorporate it into the original files).

    Any other comments on the English translation or anything else would be greatly appreciated.

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