nando's alleged halal chicken?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by rasheedahmed, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. rasheedahmed

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    Assalam O Alaikum

    How could we trust a non Muslim about our religiously slaughter chickens. It looks like the same situation as at "Al-Safa" in Canada. The Millers, a Jewish family used to own the Al-Safa but I heard it is owned by a Canadian Muslim. Is there any Mufti saheb explain why we have to trust a non Muslim owner for our Zabiha chicken. Nobody there to watch what the owner of Nandos chicken is doing, is any body check whether chickens are alive after electric stunning. Is there any Moulana there to watch the slaughtering so that it confirm to Islamic Sharia. In Chicago we have a Muslim owned Crescent Foods who supplies the hand slaughtered chicken to Chicago Muslims.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
  2. A Daleel

    A Daleel Guest

    dear brothers and sister one of mevlana Sheikh nazim adil shah el taqi an neqshabndi's repersentatives in the UK sent me this email below which i want to share with all you brothers and sisters:


    Councillor Salim Mulla
    Chair Regeneration
    Town Hall
    BB1 7DY

    01254 585321 01254 260208 Email:

    Asalaamu'alaikum Brother and Sisters,

    After a recent meeting with HMC (Halal monitoring committee) I
    can confirm that the chicken served by "Halal" Nandos outlets still
    is NOT HALAL. HMC personally inspected the slaughterhouse of
    Freemans and came up with this conclusion.
    My point of contact is Haroon Rashid.

    Their chickens are all electrocuted, the power is that much that
    some of the brains explode and so do nerve endings. They don't
    do ziba as the chickens flap around too much and it leads to their
    wings getting damaged.

    This is definitely not Halal and not the way that Allah says
    to treat these animals. An extract taken from the Guardian
    (astaghfirullah) website on the issue of fast-food taking the case
    of Freeman's who is the supplier of Nandos. "Newent sits in folds
    of lush countryside at the far western reach of the Cotswolds...
    hidden from view, is Freemans of Newent.

    Clifford Freeman and his cousin own this poultry abattoir. It
    is the largest Halal plant in Britain , employing more than 250
    people, slaughtering 300,000 chickens a week, and after considerable
    persuasion and hesitation Freeman has agreed to show me how
    it is done. The birds are collected from farms at night, transported
    to the site in the early hours of the morning, and kept in darkness
    until they are ready to be killed. Workers hang them upside down
    by their feet in shackles, suspended from a conveyor belt, or
    'line', which then dangles

    them through an electrified bath. Their heads are submerged,
    and a high-frequency current in the water stuns them. The line keeps
    moving, taking the birds on to the slaughter area, where three men are
    standing ready to cut their throats".

    for the full article:,1442,1041065,00.html

    The operators and other sources stating it is Halal are all
    lies. Also ask yourself, how can it be that Nandos claims that some of its
    branches are Halal whilst others aren't? And with the same supplier?
    Subhan Allah!

    Again, FREEMAN's supplies NANDOs and is NOT Halal. This is
    definitely not Halal and not the way that Allah says to treat these animals.

    So, rest is now down to you! BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY IN THE END!!
    Please forward to as many Muslim brothers and sisters and Insha’Allah the matter will be resolved.

    Mr. Mulla

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