Na'ts with rhythms from bollywood

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  1. Alhamdulillah rab al-`alamin wa salatu wa salam `ala Sayyidul Mursalieen

    Ama ba`adh

    Au`dhbillah min al-shaytan al-rajim. Bismillah hir Rahman al-Rahim

    As-Salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh wa maghifaratahu my dear Madani brother/sister

    Please note that Shaykh Munawwar `Ateeq is a Sunni and that he recieved `ijaza from Hadrat Mawlana Abdul Hakim Sharaf Muhaddith Qadri alayhi rahmatur rahman.

    Jazakamullahu khayran. Ameen

    Wassalamu `alaykum
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    So in conclusion, there is still nothing from Quran and Sunnah to say that naat with dhikr in the background is haraam.

    It is nice listening to dhikr of Mustafa (صلى الله عليه وسلم) with dhikr of Allah.

    If a few people object to it much more scholars don't.

    Not everyone says that it is haraam for a male to hear a naat sung by a female. The QTV muftis are more knowledgable than this British based sunniforum (Deobandi) Internet mufti.
  3. No problem huzoor. agar kuch aur chahiye to mehrbani karke puchiye.


    abu abbas al-ridawi al-hanafi
    ghulam`e maslak-e-ala hazrat
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    JazakAllah khayr Abuabbasmaliki1
  5. I pray that the above answer satisfies Hazrat Sidi AbdalQadir, inshAllah `Azzawajal

    Wasalamu `alaykum

    About Shaykh Munawwar `Atiq Ridwi:

    Graduate of Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham. I completed the Traditional Islamic Sciences under my Shaykh `Allamah Rasul Bakhsh Sa`eedi, founder of Madrasa Faizan-e-Rasul, Birmingham. I received Ijazah's from the late Muhaddith of Makka Muhammad bin `Alawi Maliki in Makka, Dr Ahmad bin Abdillah Siraj al-Din in Halab, the Khalifa of Shaykh Dhia al-Din Madani and Mujaaz of Mufti-e-A`zam Hind Mustafa Ridha Khan`Allamah Manzur Ahmad Faizi in Madina, May Allah increase its nobility, Shaykhi wa Sayyidi Muhammad Abu al-Huda al-Ya`qubi, `Allama `Abdul Hakim Sharaf,my Noble Father Shaykhi Muhammad Abdullah Ateeq and many more.
  7. An answer of Shaykh Munawwar `Atiq Ridwi

    The following is an answer to a question I was asked on Sunnipath ( regarding women’s voice.

    Wa alaiykum assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa maghfiratuh

    Your question is related to whether the voice of a female is part of her Awra.

    Here is a brief insight to what the schools have to say:

    The correct opinion of the Hanafi madhab is that a woman’s voice is not part of her Awrah. That is, if her voice is not in a musical tone, soft and of incitement during speech.

    The great later Hanafi jurist, Ibn al-Humam (May Allah have mercy on him) says in his 'Fath al-Qadir', quoting from 'al-Nawazil':

    ‘The melodious voice of a female and her singing is considered as Awra. This is the reason why it is better for her to learn the Qur'an from a female teacher rather than from a male who is blind, as her recitation in tune is Awra’. (Fat'h al-Qadir,1:260).

    Allamah Ibn Abidin (May Allah have mercy on him), after quoting the same from ‘al-Nawazil’ comments in his 'Hashiya':

    ‘It is permissible for women to converse with non-Mahram men at the time of need (and visa versa). However, what is not permissible is that they stretch, soften and raise their voice in a melodious way’. (Radd al-Muhtar, Ibn Abidin)

    Dr. Wahba al-Zuhayli, a contemporary faqih from Damascus, writes in his renowned 'al-Fiqh al-Islami wa Adillatuhu’:

    ‘It is unlawful (Haram) to listen to the voice of a female, which is in a melodious and musical tone, even if she is reciting Qur'an’(al-Fiqh al-Islami, 1:755)

    As for the Shafi’i School, I have read that Imam Ghazali’s opinion in his Ihya is that listening to a woman’s melodious voice has the same ruling as looking at a young man’s face. If it leads to sexual appetite, it is prohibited, otherwise, permitted. On the contrary, complete segregation ‘khlawah’ with a woman, and looking at her figure is prohibited, whether that arouses one or not. (Ihya Ulum al-din 2:399)

    Imam Qurtubi (May Allah have mercy on him) reports from Abu Tayyib al-Tabari, in his Tafseer, who said: ‘to listen to a singing woman is not permissible ‘la yajuwz’ in the Shafi’i Madhab’. (Tafseer Qurtabi 14:56)

    Moreover, Allamah Ramli based this impermissibility on the effective cause ‘illah’ of fitna, but clearly remarked that it is Disliked (‘yukrah’ which partakes the Prohibitive type of dislikedness ‘makruh tahreeman’) even if the fear of fitna is absent. (Nihayat al-Muhtaj 8:280,281, al-Sama wa al-Ghina, Mulla Ali Qari, p50,51)

    Allama Murtadha al-Zabeedi, a great Hanafi scholar, states in his commentary on the 'Ihya’:
    ‘Qadi Abu Tayyib al-Tabari said: If the singer is a non-Mahram female, then it will be unlawful for men to listen to her. This ruling will apply, regardless of whether the woman is with or without Hijab.’ (Ithaf al-Sadat al-Muttaqin,6:501).

    In conclusion, a male should avoid listening to the melodious voice whether it is a Nasheed or Qira’ah of a non-Mahram female. Similarly, it is necessary that the females do not sing in front of non-Mahram men, whether in their presence or by recording their voice or picture i.e. radio, cassette (albums) and TV.

    Munawwar Ateeq Rizvi
  8. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Shukriya Aqdas And Usmaan Hanafi Bhaijaan ..

    To Bhaijaan 'Abd al-Wadood

    Bhaijaan Zikr ios a very Good thing but It is Best as I have heard to Seek Permission of One's Murshid-e-Kaamil , before performing it .. Because a Zikr Carries with It some Taaseeraat and is also not recommended for everyone ..

    For example Sultaan-ul-Azkaar is a Zikr (as the Name Suggests) , it is performed by Awliya-e-Karaam Hazraat 'Alayhe Rahmaah ..
    When Huzoor Mufti-e-Aazam Hind Raziallahu Ta'alah 'Anhu performed it his bodyparts used to Seaparate !! when one of his Mureed accidentally saw Him in this Manner He screamed and fainted ..! When revived he was told of it By Huzoor ..!

    That is why Zikr should be done with permission or 'Ijazaah ...

    Durood Shareef ofcource can be Recited anywhere and can be done by everyone of us as it Contains the Ta'areef of Sarkaar-e-Madeenah Sallallahu 'Alayhe Wasallam and it Accompanies with it the "Thandak" (Coolness) of the SAME...!

    What have you to say Bhaijaan .. plz correct me if I am wrong ..

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    reciting the name 'Allah' is not recommended for beginning saliks, as it is very strong for them to bear (you would not want them to go cuckoo)

    so, it is best for beginners and intermediates to recite la ila ha iLAllah in place, as that is not heavy on the heart or they recite durood al-shareef

    this is the advice my teacher in Turkey gave me

    -take care
  10. abu Hasan

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  11. ottomanhanafi

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    Brother i agree with u 100%.
  12. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Naat with Zikr is not allowed ... Said by Efficient and Genuine Sunni Razavi Source ... There must be some point .. Home brother Zulfiqaar Assists me in this ..

    To Brother ottomanhanafi

    Plz be clear brother .. abt . my text which you quoted .. i do not get whether you support or oppose me ..

  13. chisti-raza

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    So, if naat with Zikr is not allowed, what is the reason for its prohibition?
  14. zulfikar

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    Brother Mohammad Hassan Raza, i back u on that.i clearly remember hadrat saheb saying that it is not allowed in one of his sunday sessions
  15. ottomanhanafi

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    This is another fitna prevalent amongst sunnis. Women reciting na'at improperly dresses. Then we wonder why sunnis get so much bad press. What annoys me is the ppl that allow such are branded "shaykh-e-alam" and what have you. Parda is a big issue that sunnis need to sort out as they totally misunderstood this concept.
  16. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Agreed Brother 'Abd al-Wadood .. I give my full confidence and Support as the Reasoning is Very Correct ..

    That is why it is adviced for women not to Wear Anklets because when the anklets ring while walking as donning it may produce sounds that is heard by Ghayr Mahram, which is Naajaayiz ..

  17. Assalaamu 'Alaykum ..

    shukriya bhaijaan .. But plz do not mind .. as i am still in a Doubt as I Think that i have heard the News from a Genuine Source .. It will be Great of You to Plz provide some Source or Link on this Matter ..

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    What are the rulings of 'ulema on listening to na'ts recited by women:

    1) Live, if she is present in front of you in proper Islamic attire

    Ans: illegal

    2) Live, but she is in a different room or behind a curtain

    Ans: illegal

    3) On TV/radio/internet etc.

    Ans: illegal


    a woman's voice in recitation is illegal to hear by non-mahram men
  19. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    What are the rulings of 'ulema on listening to na'ts recited by women:

    1) Live, if she is present in front of you in proper Islamic attire

    2) Live, but she is in a different room or behind a curtain

    3) On TV/radio/internet etc.
  20. chisti-raza

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    Brother, Naat Sharif recited with the Zikr is permissible.

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