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  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    I have even heard a Fatawa from Bareilly Shareef and if I am not wrong then it is from Huzoor Taajush Shariah himsel (brothers on this site plz help testify) , that Naat Shareef alongwith Zikr, is Najaaiz .. if this Holds true, then Naat Shareef with Bollywood songs !!?? Will that be appreciable? .. i do not know!

  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    This is the Dawate Islami publication on the topic of Na'ts with Zikr

    the booklet contains priceless gems from the teachings of Ala Hazrat and Sheikh Ilyas Attar Qadri's explanations and interpretations of them in regards to avoiding fitnah and how we don't HAVE TO do every mustahab/mubah act just to score a point against people
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I too respect Mufti Akmal and his knowledge and clarity greatly.

    What he said tackles my question 5, ie, from a fiqh perspective. It should be noted that that's the perspective he was asked from (fiqhi) in a gathering and he gave an impromptu [accurate] answer.

    He did somewhat touch on my question 6, from the tasawwuf perspective, about the possibility of people's minds wandering off to the song or the possibility of some people thinking badly or doing gheebah of the na't-khwan and said that therefore it should be avoided as much as it can be.

    I think in a different setting and if given detailed questions, including those similar to no.7 regarding the possibility of driving people away from Sunni-ism due to giving leg room to the wahabis, he might have given a tougher or a more detailed answer.

    At a practical level however, I have seen many a Sunni criticize or smirk at either the na't being sung in a bollywood tune or at the na't-khwan himself.

    Allah and His Messenger know best; 'Azza wa jall wa sal Allahu 'alaihi wa 'la aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.
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    if a lesser mufti had said that, i would have questioned it; but mufti akmal - who is logical and precise - it holds some weight. hence, i take back my following comment for now because i am unsure where i stand on this right now:

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    this has a few viewpoints and i still stand by this.

    1. it can't be by chance that so many na'ats are recited with rhythms exactly the same as bollywood songs. it is deliberate. people who do this should not be invited to any na'at event. that will fix them pretty quick.

    8. it pains me everytime i hear something like: fulan qadri ki nayi album, [name of the album], and then a 15 second preview which so closely resembles a pop concert.

    9. na'ats with dhikr should not be permitted at all. the dhikr of Allah takes precedence over any other dhikr and is more important than na'at. in na'ats with dhikr, the na'at takes precedence and the dhikr of Allah is backgrounded. this is not on.

    in the UK, we have the international na'at association and i feel this group must play a major role in bringing moderation to our na'at gatherings and how na'ats are recited.
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    Is there a mufti on this site for q & a? Who is he and which madrasa is he from? It is good to let him answer the question than everyone contributing.

    My uncles murshid was ok with naat and zikr and even qawali but some muftis might take other views.
  8. AbdalQadir

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    Salam Alaikum

    Most of you, by now, would have heard a few na'ts that are sung/recited in the rhythms based on bollywood songs.

    Personally, I find it demeaning to the status of a na't and I have a few questions on it.

    1) Do we really have to bollywood-ise our Sunni-ism? Is it just a matter of chance or with a deliberate aim? If there is some deliberation behind it, please enlighten me.


    2a) If by chance, ie it just came out that way innocently by some ex-bollywood fan and it was too late by the time the rhythm got popular - do the na't-khwaan's know about their recitals being based on bollywood rhythms, or are they kept in the dark? This only applies to newly written na'ts.

    2b) What are the reasons for reciting/singing previously written na'ts (like thos of Ala Hazrat or other scholars) with a new bollywood twist to them? This question applies in case there are any such na'ts of scholars past that are being "revived" with bollywood rhythms. If they don't exist, please ignore this question.


    3) What's wrong with basing them on the rhythms of other na'ts or the conventional salam of Ala Hazrat? Ala Hazrat's salam has got to be one of the sweetest rhythms in a madih/salawat recital and surely it wouldn't hurt to base a few na'ts on it if we have really run out of our na't recital creativity.


    4) How about basing them on the rhythms of the Burdah? There's more than one absolutely adorable rhythms available for it amongst the Arabs and 'Ajaim, and once again, it wouldn't hurt to base a na't on the rhythms of the Burdah.


    5) What do the senior Sunni 'ulema of the subcontinent say about it from a fiqh perspective? Other Sunni cultures do not have a strong influence of decadent bollywood ingrained in their cultures and psyches. But what do the Turkish/Arab/other ethnic 'ulema say in regards to basing madih/salawat/nasheed etc on the rhythms of pop/rock/etc. or other kinds of decadent songs. In the case of bollywood, even if the original song itself may not be decadent on its own, the industry and the association with it IS and everyone knows it.


    6) Assuming we get a green light from a fiqh perspective, what do the 'ulema and mashayekh say about it from a tasawwuf perspective? The aims of na'ts/nasheeds/madihs/salawat is to ingrain the love of the Blessed Prophet sal Allahu 'alaihi wa 'ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, in our hearts and to uplift our nafs and spirits to higher stations. I'm not sure if being reminded of a bollywood number due to the na't achieves that aim.


    7) Assuming we get past that too, what about it from a hikmah/strategy perspective? The deobandis and wahabis already have started reprimanding us for it. It's not about looking good in front of them, but it surely doesn't draw them any closer to Sunni-ism, which is what we should be striving to do.


    8) Who here agrees that na't-khwaani has been made into an "industry" with new "albums" being released and being advertised the same way movies are and what not? We are not alone in this. In fact it has spread across ethnicities and sects (deobandi, wahabi, shia, Arab, Turk, etc.) Is it an acceptable practice, ie. churning it into an industry? If unacceptable, is it a [necessary?] lesser evil in our times considering the state of our youth (and adults too) and in any case will serve as a deterrent to them from other decadent songs, music etc.?


    9) I know na'ts with zikr are an issue of controversy with some Sunnis permitting them and others not. I personally lean towards impermissibility of it, my deficient 'ilm and logic saying zikr is not a substitute for drum beats and music, but that's based on my personal understanding! Can someone advise who are the 'ulema who permit it and their reasonings and daleels for it and the one's who don't and their 'ilmi reasons for it?

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