Nimatein banT-ta jis simt--Translation of Ala Hazrat's naat

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    fair play.
  2. I used 'went' to try and replicate the radeef. I may try it again without this. I used maybe because I thought to write 'you don't receive my master's bounty'
    is disrespectful [in english since english doesn't possess the subtlety of ala hazrat's urdu]: the reason being that all of creation receives everything they receive because of the prophet--and the second line sort of reflects that: the wahabis receive the kalimah from the prophet--which IS the biggest inaayat [imaan]--but don't appreciate it...
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    sidi asif, why did you insist on using went at the end of each couplet? i know the couplets end with gaya but it seems odd and also incorrect. am i right?


    jis simt - i think it should be samt.


    Aur tum par mere aaqa kii 'inaayat na sahii
    And maybe you don't fully receive My Master's bounty

    i don't think this is a maybe. i think the couplet says it's a definite. please correct if you think i'm wrong.
  4. :s1:
    This is one of my favourite Ala Hazrat naats. Enjoy the translation insha Allah!

    Nimatein baanT-ta jis simt voh zeeshaan gya
    Saath hii munshi-e-Rahmat ka qalamdaan gya
    Whereever that Glorious One spreading blessings went
    The pen of Mercy's scribe with him also went

    Dil hai voh dil jo teri yaad se mamoor raha
    Sar hai voh sar jo tere qadmon pe qurbaan gya
    Only a heart filled with thoughts of you is a heart!
    A head is only one that to die for your feet went!

    Lay khabr jald kay ghairon kii taraf dhayaan gya
    Mere Mawla, mere aaqa, tere qurbaan gya
    Take note of me quickly for my attention is wandering towards others
    My Master! My lord! To be sacrificed for you I went!

    Aaj lay unki panaah, aaj madad maang unsay
    phir na maaneingay, qayamat mein agar maan gya!
    Seek his protection today, today ask help from him!
    He woudn't agree, if on Judgement Day to ask you then went!

    Aur tum par mere aaqa kii 'inaayat na sahii
    Munkiro kalimah paRhaanay ka bhii ihsaan gya!
    And maybe you don't fully receive My Master's bounty
    But O' Deniers, his favour of teaching you the kalimah forgotten went?

    Jaan o dil hosh o khird sab tau Madinay paunchay
    Tum nahin chaltay Raza saara tau saamaan gya!
    Heart and soul, mind and intellect --all have reached Madina!
    Why do you not go Raza? Your faculties long since went!
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