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    AbdalQadir you need to integrate and enrol yourself at CMC. There is more to the world than curry
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    to all those who can read AND comprehend the written word using a functional human brain - AND are honest to their own souls:


    i was just running through that deobandi blog i bumped into the other day, and i noticed something funny:

    reference 1 - have a look at this

    emphasis mine -

    to make sure this deobandi blog owner doesn't do a back flip, i have taken screen shots, see below


    reference 2 - see the above quote in dark red in reference 1, which is purportedly quoted by a deobandi on his own blog and claimed to be a translation of thanvi's explanation, then stroll down memory lane and see what keller said in this audio:


    reference 3 - this is what nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' keller says in his infamous IKT -

    again, emphasis mine -

    i) compare and contrast keller's quote in navy blue here in reference 3, with the navy blue part of thanvi's purported reply shown in reference 1 above.

    ii) compare and contrast kellers quote in dark red here in reference 3, with the dark red part of thanvi's purported explanation in regards to his school's and cohorts supposedly real position.


    so now, it would in no way be too rich of me, if i said:

    Unfortunately for Deobandi sanity in India, Gangohi’s concept of the jawaz ‘aqli or “hypothetical possibility” of God’s created speech being a lie was mistakenly represented in English by Nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' Keller as imkan al-kadhib towards what the Deobandis called "kalam-nafsi", which in English means “self-speech” according to Deobandi elders (IKT: link)—a position that allegedly neither Rashid Ahmad Gangohi nor Thanvi hold.

    Whether this misrepresentation was due to Nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' Keller's honest misapprehension of Gangohi’s and other Deobandis' position, or directly carrying into English a similar Urdu/Arabic phrase without understanding the resultant nuance in Urdu/Arabic, or some other reason, is not clear. But it is plain that to Nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' Keller, it seemed to amount to the Deobandis stating that it is not intrinsically impossible (ie, intrinsically possible) for kalam-nafsi to be a lie, but rather only contingently impossible, something Deobandis supposedly deny, as explained by Thanvi, if one but reflects for a moment upon what the above distinction entails.


    anyone who can read AND comprehend using a functional brain will know that nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' keller has officially become 'popat' in his bid to play viceroy of the subcontinental muslims (real or perceived), thanks to standard deobandi formlessness and deceit that's larger than his own!

    this is what happens when these cunning orientalists think that they are smarter than the rest of the world, be it in good or bad

    i'm not ranting against the deobandis right now, but against the orientalist and supremacist temperment keller. for what it's worth, desis have just shown him that we have gooder good guys than him and bigger evil geniuses than him, and he's a dumb 'popat' stranded in between the two! LOL


    since nuh 'intrinsically possible to lie' keller DOES understand urdu and the nuances of the subcontinental language full well as shown in his IKT

    i'd just like to take this opportunity to say to him -

    aay popaaat! :p

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