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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by AbdalQadir, Dec 7, 2022.

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    i don't know about the UK, but elsewhere in the west, i'm seeing campaigns come up for Muslim old people's homes, retirement homes, and things of this sort, where Muslim old folks can be taken care of by caregivers.

    people are even collecting funds (sadaqat) for it. not sure if anyone has called it zakat eligible.

    should we say a non-negotiable NO to this, as it will eventually lead to full fledged following of the western model of abandoning parents willingly?

    or is it somewhat needed for people like those who have no kids, kids may have died, masakeen etc. and they have no loved ones or resources at their disposal?

    my take - this is and will be the official justification at the starting point, and before we know it, we will graduate into following the western model all the way into the lizard hole - by our bad habit of using exceptions as rules - if recent history is any indicator - be it with western "education", women working, etc etc. - the western sufis will even bring the hadith of he who loves our young ones and respects our old ones , and other justifications too.... but i stick to non-negotiable NO

    i do not doubt there are and will be old folks in the west who neither have loved ones nor resources, or those whose kids have turned out to be bad apples, considering we have been immigrating for at least a good 60 years now; but those people can be taken care of by other programs and charity initiatives and activities by mosques, shuyukh, acquaintances etc. rather than institutionalizing the western model in our society.

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