On Being a Student of Knowledge and a Scholar

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    As Salamu Alaykum,

    What are the different sub-disciplines of adāb one needs to be equipped with when intending to be a student of knowledge or scholar?

    I have come across some, but the events of this week made me realize there are a great deal of areas I was unaware of particularly as it relates to the interpersonal dynamics of dealing with people it would be beneficial to know about them.

    My list so far is as follows as it concerns particulars:
    • How to ask a question.
    • How to give an answer.
    • How to teach.
    • How to listen.
    • How to learn.
    • How to give feedback.
    • How to correct someone.
    Mawlana Abu Hasan mentioned the adab of enjoining good and forbidding evil as well.

    Is there a broader map of different ādāb from which we can begin a study of how to be a better student?

    Jazak Allah Khayr

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