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    I guess it's not western - per say - but rather an atheistic/secular/pagan/dajjalic concept.

    Among other things that the minions of the awaited false messiah are doing in preparation for his arrival - is the complete dehumanizing of mankind - and an indispensable factor in that is perverting the fitrah and hence the bank-rolling of and popular, political and institutional support to pornography and a swathe of other inhuman sexual behaviors.

    Once a man is reduced to lesser than an animal - his conversion to a breed of dissipated satanic creatures is inevitable. He will respond to the call of evil without ado.

    And hence the final battle between truth and falsehood will also be a battle between pure fitrah and a transmogrified, sybaritic, faustian abomination which will drive the forces of taghut.

    Given what the ahadith mention about satan partaking in the conception of a child whose parents do not recite the ta'awwudh, it won't be an exaggeration to call them the spawns of the devil himself!

    A conflict between pure light and utter darkness.

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