on uttering kalimat al-kufr, words that amount to disbelief

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    In Sharĥ al-Áqāyid, Imām Taftāzānī says:

    Whosoever described Allāh táālā in words that are not befitting his Majesty, or mocked at any of His Hallowed Names or His commands to enjoin or abstain, or denied His divine promise of reward or torment – such a person shall be ruled kafir.

    further down he says

    Similarly, anyone utters a word [or statement] which is classified as disbelief [kufr] even if he does not believe in it, but still utters it considering it light and unimportant [istikhfāfan] is also an apostate.
    [FONT=&quot]ومن وصف الله بما لا يليق أو سخر باسم من أسمائه أو بأمر من أوامره أو أنكر وعده ووعيده يكفر.[/FONT]​


    [FONT=&quot] وكذا لو أطلق كلمة الكفر استخفافاً لا اعتقاداً إلى غير ذلك من الفروع.[/FONT]​

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