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    I have tried my best to put the books into relevant topic folders for ease of use.If you spot anything that is in the wrong folder then do let me know...

    Any links to other books that the library may be missing would be appreciated as will suggestions towards improvements of any sort.

    The reason why I put this library together was to make life a little simpler for people to find proper sunni English literature in one place.

    To often I came across people quoting & copy pasting things pertaining to the religion from non sunni sources without knowing. People tend to go straight to sheik Google for islamic info and then unknowingly become immersed in literature of Shia, Salafi, Deo & Minhaji sources, not to mention the non muslim sites that pretend to be muslim and give out misinformation...

    Obviously this is all a recipe for disaster & deviation leading to Kufr in some cases. To try to tackle this increasing problem the idea of the library was born & implemented with the intention that all reward for spreading this islamic information would be given as esaal e sawaab to every creation that has died & will die with imaan from Nabi Adam (Alay hisalaam) up until the end of creation.

    To try spread it to as wide audience as possible it has been shared through our Facebook page & basically become a part of it, we post the link regularly as possible so new members become aware of it and use it In-shaa-Allah.

    The Voice Of Truth PDF Library

    Books By:
    Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Gilani,
    Imam al Ghazali,
    Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri,
    Imam Ahmad Ridha Khan,
    Maulana Muammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri.
    And many others (may Allah bless them all)

    Download All Ahle Sunnat books for FREE by clicking the link below;

    Topics of books covering:
    Holy Quran Kanzul Imaan English Translation.
    Salah (Prayer)
    Wudu (Ablution)
    Ghusl (Ritual Bathing)
    Tasawwuf (Spiritual Development)
    Aqeeda (Beliefs)
    Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
    Shariah (Code of Conduct)
    Fatwa (Religious Verdicts)
    Plus various refutations of the Deviant Groups, Deviant Scholars and Deviant Beliefs...

    Share this on and keep checking back as more books will keep getting added ان شاءالله عزوجل

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