Pakistan a consumer & not a producer of Islam - Abdal Hakim Murad

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  1. Noori

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    There is a long list of books by subcon ulama that are taught in subcon madaris, or used as main references and are well know and widely used in the islamic world too.

    the following are only the old and classic works taught as an academic syllabus. i did not list any of the works from the previous or this century otherwise ashiyat al lam'aat of shaykh abdul haq alaihi rahmah, and fatawa razawiyyah and bahaar e shariat should be at the top of the list, and there are so many fatawa, hadith, tafsir, usul, and shuruhat works which are enough to fill many shelves of libraries.

    i do not think that abdul hakim and his likes would be able to fill even a single section of a shelf.

    a few examples of classical works are;

    Fatawa al Hindiyyab (alamgiri), one of the major resources of hanafi fatawa
    Tafsir Ahamadi by Mullah Ahmed Jivan on the verses of ahkaam
    Noor al Anwar sharh Matn al Manaar by Mullah Ahmed Jivan alaihi rahmah, an excellent sharh on usul al fiqh
    Sullam al Uloom on mantiq by Muhibullah Bihari
    Fawateh ar Rahmut sharh Musallam as Subut on usul al fiqh by Abdul Ali Bahr al Uloom Farangi Mahalli
    Sharh Sullam al Uloom on mantiq by Abdul Ali Bahr al Uloom Farangi Mahalli
    Hashiyah ala Mir Zahid ala risalah qutbiyyab on mantiq by Abdul Ali Bahr al Uloom Farangi Mahalli
    Hashiyah ala Sadra on falsafah by Abdul Ali Bahr al Uloom Farangi Mahalli
    Hashiyah Sharh al Mawaqif on kalam by Mir Muhammad Zahid Harvi
    Hashiyah ala Mir Zahid ala Sharh al Mawaqif on kalam by Abdul Ali Bahr al Uloom Farangi Mahalli
    Sharh Sullam al Uloom on mantiq by Qazi Muhammad Mubarak
    Hashiyah ala Sharh al Aqaid Jalali on kalam by Abdul Hakim Siyalkoti
    Hashiyah ala Sharh al Mawaqif on kalam by Abdul Hakim Siyalkoti
    Hashiyah ala Abdul Ghafur ala Sharh Jami on nahw by Abdul Hakim Siyalkoti
    Hashiyah ala Hashiyah Khayali on kalam by Abdul Hakim Siyalkoti
    Sharh Sullam al Uloom on mantiq by Hamd Allah Sandelvi
    Al mirqaat fil Mantiq by Fazl Imam Khayr Abaadi
    Hadiyah as Saeediyah on mantiq by Fazl Haq Khayr Abaadi
    Munazrah Rashidiyah on usul of debate by Abdul Rashid Divan
    Sharh Hidatyatul Hikmah on falsafah by Abdul Rashid Divan
    Fusul e Akbari on sarf by Ali Akbar Ilah Abaadi
    Al Fauz al Kabir fi Usul at Tafsir by Shah WaliAllah Dehlavi
    Ilm as Sighah on sarf by Inayat Ahmed Kakorvi
    Hidayah an Nahw on nahw by Sirajuddin Usmani
    Mizan as Sarf on sarf by Sirajuddin Usmani
    Ghayah at Tahqiq Sharh Kafiyah on nahw by Safiuddin Radolwi
    Kashaf Istilahat al Funun wal Uloom, a dictionary on terminology by Muhammad Ali Thanvi
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    A relevant post i came across on facebook:

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  3. AbdalQadir

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    pretty rich coming from a white englishman, a convert who has turned all his pre-Islamic jahiliyya ethos and paradigms on their head in order to align with Islam post conversion, emulating the sahaba.

    wait, what? he didn't, rather he's trying to squeeze Islam to fit into his western value system?!

    then he's neither an original Hanafi, nor a consumer, but a cunning usurper of subcontinental Hanafiyat, just like his english forefathers were with material wealth of the subcontinent!

    not arguing or contesting, but i've often thought if Osmanli Turkish survived, we probably would be having access to an extensive treasure of religious literature. the shaytan ataturk changed the script for this very reason, he wanted the people to be instantly divorced from their Islamic heritage!
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  5. abu Hasan

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    when everything is seen in commercial terms. winters will probably seek royalty for fatawa from ulama in central asia. all hanafis should pay a yearly tribute of x amount to the coffers of central asian republics - turkmenistan perhaps? - if they use any fatwa of imam qadi khan.

    this is a stupid comment - only to belittle pakistan. has no substance and only the cambridge trinitarian knows the secrets of this nugget of wisdom.

    after arabic, there is no other language in the world which has as much islamic literature as urdu. i don't think even turkish has.

    poor parochial tim. as the great pakistani poet dr. iqbal would have said:

    chin o arab hamara, wast-asia hamara
    south-asia mein lekin, hai aashiyan hamara
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    Twitter [X] thread on Pakistan as a consumer rather than producer of Islam

    Professor Abdal Hakim Murad notes “The spiritual heart and scholarly origin of (elite Hanafi) Indian Islam is not in the Subcontinent, but in Central Asia… it was not endogenously evolved, but brought in from Central Asia”


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