palestine infographics, maps (educate self and others)

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by abu Hasan, May 15, 2021.

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    It isn't allowed even for mawlid julus, how can it be allowed for this? In fact there are young men and women trying to find partners at these protests as has been observed.
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    Attendance at protests for Palestine is not exclusive to Muslims.
    I just saw some pics of these protests. I wouldn’t let women in my family go to such places even if it is for Palestine. Anyone with some Ghayrah would tell you it’s not befitting.
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    don't know about protests, but there certainly are rulings all over Ahlus Sunnah for tawaf and kissing the black stone. don't approach the black stone pressing onto people! I'm sure you can figure it out for protests.
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    slightly off topic but is there a ruling on the protests for Palestine where particularly in the West, there is no separation and there is just free and open mixing between men and women?
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    I personally doubt the stats on Israeli casualties. They look too high to be true (and jews have a history of inflating figures and cashing on victimhood, remember 6 million holocaust deaths!). Israel is deliberately inflating casualties to normalise its blood thirst.

    Among the 8 Israelis that have died in the latest "conflict" is an old jewish lady who stumbled (and consequently died of injuries) on her way to rush to the bomb shelter. I am not making this up. That probably gives you an idea on how zionists count!
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