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    1. Ringing ulama out the blue is not ideal anyway. It is better to message them and seek permission to call.

    2. In the message, the caller should tell them their name and location.

    3. Ulama should assume the call is being recorded and will be made public because we now have so many idiots amongst us.

    4. The caller shouldn't try to push the alim towards a certain response.

    5. It is haram for the caller to make the call public without permission. The hadith says, a conversation is private.

    6. Ulama's time is precious. Laymen shouldn't waste their time by making stupid phone calls.

    7. If the caller is recording, he has to get the alim's permission right from the outset.

    8. It isn't allowed to share an alim's number without permission. We shouldn't even share non-alim's numbers willy nilly with all and sundry.

    9. It is wrong to spam an alim with messages or have them on a common broadcast list.

    10. Sunnis should have some shame and common sense!
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