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  1. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    No brother, Insha Allah , i will not get upset. This is a discussion on political and social matter. We can have difference of opinion.Insha Allah I will try to learn and accept your valid arguments. But my points can not be ignored. I don't think we can justify those 2156 unmarked graves.
  2. abu Hasan

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    you will get upset if i keep telling you look within rather than externalize the problem.
  3. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Alarming News

    About 45 days back, two thousand one hundred and fifty Six ( 2156) unmarked graves were found in Jammu and Kashmir. This news which should have been the headlines in Media, (Amnesty International also asked Govt of India to take actions), but sadly it was not covered in any NEWS CHANNEL and printing media made only a small news in a corner of the page.

    Most Indian Muslims are unaware of this.
  4. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Indian Muslims are politically very weak. They do not have a leader who talks about Muslims, their condition, their Upliftment. There is no 'public leader' for the Muslims. What the different political parties do is that they "select" a Muslims from their party and pose him as a leader of the Muslims.This man does not care about the conditions of Muslims , rather, he talks about the political party which made him the leader! He doesn't take the issues of Muslim masses to the government, rather, he wants Muslims to learn and accept the political goals of that party! Muslims don't have a single political leader on the national level. I think the first step is to provide education to the Muslims ( Muslims of India are the most backward community in India). Muslims must come together on one platform for political purpose. Since 85% of the Indian Muslims are from ahlus sunnah wal jamah , the role of ahlus sunnah is the most important. If people expect their leaders to be like Sayyedina Abu bakr siddiq Rd, then people should recall that Abu bakr siddiq rd was a khalifa of muslims consisting of people like Umar rd, Uthman rd and Ali rd. So Muslims should increase their level of righteousness and taqwa, if they want leaders like Abu Bakr sddiq rd! Also, they should stop looking for a leader who is as pious as the khulafa rashideen, and that does not mean we have leaders like Yazid.

    Many political parties with Muslims as head have come up recently in North India. Muslims from kerala are most smart in this. All the Muslims from Kerala support one party in any election. The Muslims themselves do not join politics, but they become the king maker. If all the Muslims agree to support a party, that party has very bright chances of winning elections.

    Muslim MP's are ashamed to talk of Islam! They do not want to be called a leader of Muslims. They want to be " secular" . Where as Hindu MP;s openly talk of reviving Hindutva! What these Muslim MP's forget that India has a large population of Muslims and unless these Muslims get education and progress, India can not progress. But the design of RSS , is to either make Muslims quit India, or make them murtad (aspostate) by convincing them to accept Hindusim , or at least , make the Muslims to poor and politically backwards that they do not have any importance in India. Muslim politicians are the most to blame. They shy in saying 'salam" , they shy in meeting Muslim masses , they shy in talking about Muslim matters. I do not want to talk about their personal lives.

    In spite of all these, Alhamdulillah,Muslims are working, Muslims have started realizing that today if we don't work, our next generation will never forgive us and we will be questioned on the day of Judgment.

    Wahabbis and shia are a big problem, because they always oppose mass muslims of ahlus sunnah .That is why Muslims of ahlus sunnah have to work on all level, religious , social , political , economical.

    And religious leaders of ahlus sunnah are not very active in many issues. For example, one hundred and two innocent Muslims were killed by Police just 5 days back, but we don't see religious leaders criticizing this action. As the level of education will increase, Muslims will expect these religious leaders to have more active role in all issues related with Muslims. After all , in Islam, politics is not seperate from religion. Unless we have our political rule, how can we implement sharia.

    Also some scholars want to be labelled as " sufis" and don't want to say anything against the government! And we know they have no knowledge of 'sufism" because the first teaching is : La Maqsud Illlaah !

  5. ahlus-sunnah

    ahlus-sunnah Veteran

    Good Question
  6. Is there any hope for the Muslims, in terms of government? Which parties are most sympathetic to Islam? What do the Muslim MPs do? Are they just symbolic? May Allah have mercy on our brothers.
  7. ahlus-sunnah

    ahlus-sunnah Veteran

    About The Muslim community in India :

    The Muslim community in India is passing through great churning and transition. Their profile, specially in the areas of their security and their status in sectors of economy and education is low. They constitute 12% of the total Indian population. Their demographic spread covers almost every state and union territory. In certain areas they constitute majority like in Lancadive Minicoy (94.31%), in Jammu & Kashmir (67.13%). Three states in North India viz. Uttar Pradesh (23.73%), West Bangal (15.21%) and Bihar (12.58%) accommodate 52.13% of the Muslim population. Four southern states Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu account for 19.6% of the total Muslim population. However, their share in spheres of economy and education is far below than normal. There is dearth of official data, but in the light of some surveys and commission reports, it is established that Muslims are one of the most backward and marginalised communities of India as they do not figure more than 3-4 percent in any of the economic sectors. According to Gopal Singh Commission report of 1980 the Muslim representation is far below than the required like 3.27% in IAS, 2.7% in IPS, 3.37% in IFS, 1.56% in Central subordinate services. There are many other surveys, which reflect the same proportions.
  8. ahlus-sunnah

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    Assalamualaykum I totally agree with Sidi sunnistudent and Sidi Suleiman
  9. No, many became Muslim due to the beloved Arab saadah and traders, many of whom were dark-skinned, from Yemen. Not everything good was from the north. As brother sunnistudent has already stated, the Anti-Islam sentiment was brought from the north to the south.
  10. i fully agree with brother sunnistudent [hafizahu Llah], and i think there is a lot to learn from his insights. . .

    brother nj, please, this is an Islamic forum, open to all. please, just snap out of it.
  11. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Just so we get this physical characteristics thing out of the way.

    Sayyidina Bilal was black and referred to as "Sayyidina" by the greatest companion, the fair skinned Abu Bakr Siddiq, radi Allahu 3anhumaa.

    Sayyidina Umar, radi Allahu 3anhu, was very tall. Imam Ali was quite short to medium height.

    Read up on the sahabi Julaybib, NJ. He was very short and unattractive, and if that wasn't enough. his lineage wasn't known either; and how the most eligible young dame from the Ansar willingly married him at the Prophet's command. Read how much the Prophet was fond of him, and how the Prophet, 3alaihis salam, prayed for him and his wife.

    I wonder if today's girls would gladly look past excessive height, or lack of good height, or Julaybib's traits and just marry men like that just for their deen! Ridwan Allahi 3alaihim ajma3een. Our deen defines us and grants us honor or disgrace. There's no two ways about it.

    Leave physical traits out of this discussion. (I admit, if I see someone insult Islam or Muslims in real life, I'll hammer him with anything I've got against him, since at that time it would be directed at a specific person, but on forums like this, it doesn't look nice to state such nonsense in a general sense, despite your ghayrah for Muslims.)
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  12. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    15 Sep, Rajasthan, India


    Latest report

    Approximately 700 rounds were fired by the Police. One hundred two (102) muslims were killed by Police. No hindu was injured in Police firing. Today the Muslims of the region ( Meo Muslims) conducted a 'maha panchayat'( grand gathering) and asked the government to declare these Muslims as 'shaeed'(martyrs) along with other demand.

    India;s Human rights record is very bad and this will add up to that record.
  13. bro when ranjit singh ruled the punjab he used badshahi mosque as stables for his horses and he took many of the most beautiful upper class punjabi muslim women and made them . in fact hira mandi was begun at that time...
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  14. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    I agree with you.Sikhs and Hindus killed many Muslims during partition.After the Indian Hindu Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by a Sikh in 1984 ,the Hindus played with the blood of Sikhs. Sikhs were killed, raped, shops looted and the Indian Capital New Delhi was made free from Sikhs. After that Sikhs also went against Hindus. The Judicial Court in India has found many Hindu politicians of leading masses to kill Sikhs, but these politicians are roaming free!

    Because a Sikh killed a Hindu Prime Minister , the Hindus punished the Sikhs by not recruiting Sikhs in top Government Job. All recruitment in top secret post was given only to Brahmin Hindus. Only when a Sikh was made prime Minister , this step was stopped and now again Sikhs are being recruited for the top job.

    If we read History, we will find that when Indian Muslims were fighting the colonial British power for independence, the Sikhs did not want India to be liberated ! The Sikhs gave their support to British colonial power and that is why even after India got its independence, the Sikhs were given reservation in British forces ( Police etc) in UK!

    The traitors were rewarded by the colonial powers!

    Recently Brahmin Hindus have started a forum on the name of Sikhs! The Brahmins are portraying that now even Sikhs are with them in fighting against Islam! But the fact is that this forum is started by Hindus!
  15. apparently the following conversation took place between qaid e azam and a journalist.

    mr jinnah why do you want to separate from the hindoos?
    QA: because they worship the cow and we eat it!

  16. AQ, it wasn't idiotic. non PC doesnt equal idiotic.

    but i am sorry if you felt that way since you are my muslim brother from the wrong side of the border after all. so even if you are an indian i still love you as a sunni brother. :)
  17. and i know i probably come across as very immature right now but i'm sorry i'm a panjabi and when i get vexed i dont bother hiding it.

    give me a glass of thandi lassi. and don't put any bloody heeng in it! :D
  18. BECAUSE we are culturally so similar we know each other inside out and it ain't pretty.
  19. about the muslims of the punjab. well it is a fact even admitted by many sikhs that before partition the culture of punjab was predominantly muslim. partition was largely just the partition of punjab and the sikhs and hindu punjabis committed the most atrocities against their muslim neighbours. everyone knows about trains from india to pakistan being boarded in those days and all the men women and children on board being butchered by the mostly sikhs but also hindus. thats not all though. my grandfather was an eye witness to these things and he told me that many times sikhs especially would gang rape muslim women and then cut their breasts off afterwards. of course muslims defended themselves as best they could. that is why we pakistani muslims from the punjab especially hate the sikhs --and the feeling is miutual. the hindus are too cowardly to even bother about but sikhs were considered the brave lot and even though culturally indian and pakistani punjab is very close the hatred is intense. if that is racist so be it.
    on a personal level i have no problems with them but i would not trust one as far as i could throw one. and if you think they love us or muslims you should just visit some sikh or hindu forums. that is why "oh yaar ve aar aall vun peepal, ve aar biradars but-but-ding-ding-ticket please" type people annoy me because you can try to appease them all you want but they hate you for your imaan.
    i know its hard to hear the truth but there you go.
  20. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    I visit Saharanpur frequently . It was the center of wood carving Industry ,a skilled job in which Muslims were experts. This business was totally in the hands of Muslim. Soon Muslims started using wood carving lathe machine and their business grew. They started exporting wooden crafts. That was past. The average condition of Electric power supply in India is pathetic.[ Remember, India is not just Mumbai, Delhi , Bangalore and Chennai] With these power cuts , the business ( electric lathe) started declining. Take a visit to muslim dominated districts and see the power cut. Then compare it with those districts where Muslims are not in majority. [ Extreme Hindus say that since Muslims don't pay electric bill, so in their district power should be interrupted. A baseless lie.] In Saharapnpur Muslims constitute 40-45% of the total population ( as per voter list). In might be more than 50% as well. So this is one of those few districts in India ( outside Jammu and Kashmir)where Muslims are in good percentage. It is a town where Muslims have their own source of livelihood. If we want to see the role of government then see, the condition of road, government hospitals, drinking water facility etc and you will come to know how government is being partial ! The Muslims of Saharanpur might be better than the Muslims of the neighboring district, but certainly not any way near the Hindus in other districts.

    In Ambala ( a city in Haryana) Muslims are in bad condition. Historically, when Muslims migrated in 1947, the major chunk of Muslims migrated from Punjab and Haryana, leaving behind havelis and masajid which the Hindus have occupied. Haryana is dominated by Jat Hindus who are mostly vegetarian and consider Muslims as their real enemies ( because Muslims eat beef). In whole , Muslims are in very bad condition in Punjab and Haryana .[ These two states have the lowest Muslim population in India, after a few states in North east]

    Garhwal (in Uttarakhand) has negligible Muslim population.

    See how government of India is spreading hatred against Muslims. Just One example.
    Official website of Govt of India says

    Any one who has studied Hinduism knows that when a woman becomes widow she has to sacrifice herself in fire. This is from the hindu scriptures and not something done just because of 'Muslim invaders".

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