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    weren't - but good suggestion, thanks.
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    stop him before they give him hemp...

    reading plato lately?
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    And the only religion whose system and rationales for justice are above reproach and which appeals truly and completely to human reason, without reducing his humanity to utilitarian motifs, is Islam.

    And if this religion would not be then all truths are equally up for grabs - for the irrationality and lack of consistency in all the other so-called 'religions' make them hardly a better alternative to atheism. They lack the vitality and the moral force which would make them appealing to a rational mind which likes to take the things to their logical conclusions - for every single one of them demand giant leaps of faith and often complete suspension of inquiry and objectivity in order to make their tenets agreeable and palatable.

    In Islam, Life has a meaning, beyond it's earthly manifestations and utilitarian theories - and justice and complete justice is promised:






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    Here's another recent and chilling reminder that justice in this world is an exception rather than a rule.

    Compared to the mountains of injustice that have taken place in the world since times immemorial and are going on even as we read about them - this one would appear as a mere blip in an ocean.

    And yet, when we read about them, me are moved very deeply. We wish we could do something ourselves, or that there could be a recourse to some powerful and just court where truth and justice would prevail - no matter what. Do we not?

    But then we are faced with the question - what is justice? Why should there be justice?

    If, as the atheist philosophers would have us believe, we are merely chemical scum, if life is merely an illusion and death an immense meaningless void - what meaning do notions of justice and injustice hold? None.

    If death is merely a passage into nothingness - then there are no crimes and no criminals - 'justice' and 'courts' a mere waste of time - which could otherwise be more profitably spent pursuing all the pleasures we can - and to kill and maim and hurt vast multitudes for our personal gains and pleasure must be no different to plucking a flower to decorate a child's hair with. Whoever thinks that to be an injustice to the flower or to the plant?

    So the deity of "modern science" is simply providing the rich and powerful and merciless 'scums' of humanity, the rational, philosophical and moral justification to pursue their quests for unbridled power and wealth at the expense of other lesser 'scum' - if such a distinction makes any sense. Backed by such opiates as 'science' and 'personal freedom' and 'relative truths' - a post-justice world is increasingly becoming a reality without an alternative.

    As much as the Atheist may assert that his world view has space for such things as morality and justice - the incontrovertible fact remains that his morality is no more than a jumble of effective and ineffective utilitarian 'principles' which will have to be 'thrust' upon the masses by the self-same institutions from whose excesses and the whims of whose masters the masses find themselves exploited and prevailed upon. There is no basic, universal and unchanging principle or even an imperative which would 'justify' even basic 'justice' for the Atheist.

    And so religion remains the only and truly powerful justification - for laws that cannot be overreached and accountability to which cannot be escaped - even after death.

    Otherwise life has no meaning and good and bad are equally meaningless.
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