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    [Q-ID0785] Is it permissible to play the Qur'an for my children in the background whilst they are sleeping? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9990

    [Q-ID0786] What practical steps should us parents take in bringing up our children so they they grow up to be righteous? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9999

    [Q-ID0787] Do I have to keep the Fast in Ramadan if I believe I may catch Coronavirus [COVID-19]? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10008

    [Q-ID0789] Does vomiting break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10009

    [Q-ID0790] Will my Fast break if I swallow my own saliva? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10015

    [Q-ID0791] I recited the dua to close my Fast, but there is some time left till Fajr starts, can I still eat and drink? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10013

    [Q-ID0792] What were the foods and drinks that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) enjoyed eating and drinking? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10011

    [Q-ID0793] How should the Tarawih and Eid prayers be prayed if we are still in lockdown due to COVID19? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10048

    [Q-ID0794] Can I take pills to delay my menstruation cycle so that I can observe all the Fasts during Ramadan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10049

    [Q-ID0795] Can women use the entire house during Itikaaf? Can they talk to others? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10063

    [Q-ID0796] What should women on their menstruation cycle recite during Ramadan to attain reward? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10068

    [Q-ID0797] During Ramadan women spend more time in the kitchen cooking for their families, are they rewarded for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10074

    [Q-ID0798] Do I pay fidyah for the Fasts I missed this year due to menstruation or child birth? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=10079
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    [Q-ID0777] Do I have more right over my Husband as his Wife or does his Mother? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9858

    [Q-ID0778] Should my Husband be helping with the housework and bringing up the kids? He is always at work. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9859

    [Q-ID0779] A Husband and Wife have been living separately for 2 years, has this caused them to be classed as divorced? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9861

    [Q-ID0780] Should the Mosques be closed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus [COVID-19]? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9883

    [Q-ID0781] Is it possible that I can catch the Coronavirus [COVID-19] by having close contact with an inflicted person? Can we avoid shaking peoples hands? What does Islam say about contagion? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9884

    [Q-ID0782] Can we use hand sanitisers that contain alcohol to protect us against Coronavirus [COVID-19]? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9885

    [Q-ID0783] Do those who die due to a disease like Coronavirus [COVID-19] die as martyrs? If so, do we shroud & perform ghusl on them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9959

    [Q-ID0784] Should the Ghusl & Shrouding be suspended for those who died due to Coronavirus? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9968
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    [Q-ID0759] Can a woman lead other women in prayer? If so, where would she stand? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9723

    [Q-ID0760] There are many unclean people who use the swimming pools in the UK, can we swim in such pools? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9727

    [Q-ID0761] Is there an easier method of performing the Khatam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9733

    [Q-ID0762] I have seen lots of people performing Nafl actions but missing out the Fard, is such worship accepted? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9760

    [Q-ID0763] How should we dispose of our nails and hair clippings? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9764

    [Q-ID0764] Is it allowed to play card games if no gambling is involved? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9770

    [Q-ID0765] What is the share of a widow from her husband’s inheritance after his death? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9777

    [Q-ID0766] Someone buried a Taweez (amulet) on my property, what can I do to protect myself? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9784

    [Q-ID0767] Is it permissible for females to ride bicycles in Islam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9788

    [Q-ID0768] I am constantly in a state of travel, do I have to pray my Sunnah prayers? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9792

    [Q-ID0769] I don't have time to pray Zuhr, Asr & Maghrib at work, is it okay if I pray them when I get home? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9802

    [Q-ID0770] What is the ruling on women praying Salah in see-through scarves? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9810

    [Q-ID0771] Can a husband and wife have sexual relations during the month of Muharram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9820

    [Q-ID0772] Does the evil eye exist, what are its signs and how do I remove its affect on me? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9824

    [Q-ID0773] Do I have to recite the Adhaan and Iqamah if I am praying at home alone? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9835

    [Q-ID0774] I currently live at my in-laws house, can I request a separate home from my Husband? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9841

    [Q-ID0775] Can a Husband move into his Wife's home after marriage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9842

    [Q-ID0776] Can I have sexual relations with my wife before she has officially moved in with me / 'rukhsati'? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9843
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    Is this fatwa correct? When you kill someone, the chain of asbab is usually:
    A. Your act ⇨ B. some massive trauma (blood loss, organ damage) ⇨ C. organ shutdown ⇨ D. Death

    However when you withdraw say a respirator, its likely the person's already suffered steps B and possibly C. Your act did not result in the condition afflicting them, and withdrawing the life support equipment leads to the condition manifesting further.

    Sometimes curative measures halted as the medical teams see that the patient is not being cured. Would this constitute hopelessness as the fatwa mentions? A patient themselves might want to stop trying chemotherapy or may want to switch off medical devices and perhaps sign a "do not resuscitate" (DNR) order. The patient is shifted into pallitative care where the aim is not to cure the person, but reduce their pain and make their last days comfortable.

    In this scenario, the length of time of the disease leading to death may be longer than in the case of someone who's critical, but in essence, both scenarios involve withdrawing a curative measure and letting the disease take its effect.

    The question I'd ask is what is the means of death here - the act of withdrawing life support or the trauma suffered before administering life support?

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    [Q-ID0745] Is it necessary to follow one of the 4 Madhab's? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9630

    [Q-ID0746] Someone owes me money but wants to pay me back from money he won from gambling - is this permissible? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9635

    [Q-ID0747] Is there any reward in just looking at the Qur'an? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9641

    [Q-ID0748] Which colours can men dye their head and beard hairs to? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9649

    [Q-ID0749] Can I pray Zuhr at its end time and then Asr straight after as soon as it enters? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9656

    [Q-ID0750] What steps should we take when seeing someone die in front of us? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9665

    [Q-ID0751] Is it permissible to turn off the life support machine for someone critically ill? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9672

    [Q-ID0752] What is the ruling on having tattoos? Do we have to remove them? What about Converts who had them before becoming Muslim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9682

    [Q-ID0753] Is it permissible to write صلى الله عليه وسلم or SAW after the name of the Noble Prophet *(durood)* ? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9688

    [Q-ID0754] What is Qalbi Dhikr and is it permissible? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9696

    [Q-ID0755] Is it permissible for a Muslim to make a personal injury claim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9700

    [Q-ID0756] My menstruation cycle finished earlier than usual, can I perform Ghusl and pray? What about having sexual relations? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9708

    [Q-ID0757] My menstrual cycle finished before 10 days, do I have to do Ghusl before having sexual relations? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9711

    [Q-ID0758] My menstrual cycle lasted 10 days, do I have to do Ghusl before having sexual relations? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9715
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    [Q-ID0729] Can we eat at restaurants that serve alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9149

    [Q-ID0730] What is the time period of Iddah for the widow and what are the restrictions? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9153

    [Q-ID0731] Is it possible for a Prophet to sin? What is the Sunni belief regarding this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9160

    [Q-ID0732] Is it bad luck to clean the house during the night? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9405

    [Q-ID0733] My Wudu keeps breaking due to an illness, in this situation what do I do? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9410

    [Q-ID0734] Is it okay for me to delay Hajj so I can first rectify myself and become a better Muslim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9510

    [Q-ID0735] Is it permissible to give Zakah to a non-Muslim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9537

    [Q-ID0736] When do we cut the hair of a newborn child and do we give its weights value in gold or silver to the poor? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9543

    [Q-ID0737] Can I refuse my parents if they are forcing me to marry someone against my wishes? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9549

    [Q-ID0738] Is it allowed to take selfies with our back towards the blessed Kabah and resting place of our Prophet ?? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9557

    [Q-ID0739] Can I have the Qur'an recitation playing whilst I am studying or doing some other task? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9581

    [Q-ID0740] After my menses are complete, must I recite anything specific to become pure again? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9590

    [Q-ID0741] Is it permissible for a taxi-driver to fix a price with a passenger and not use his meter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9597

    [Q-ID0742] Is it permissible to have a 'Khatam' for a deceased person, do they receive the reward? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9604

    [Q-ID0743] Does meat become Haram to consume if it does not remain in the sight of a Muslim during the delivery process? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9612

    [Q-ID0744] Can a male doctor check the private parts of a female to cure an illness? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9624
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    [Q-ID0704] Does having Dialysis break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8960

    [Q-ID0705] I have missed Fasts from last year due to Periods, do I make them up or pay fidyah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8965

    [Q-ID0706] My gums are continuously bleeding, will my Fast be valid or do I pay fidyah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8969

    [Q-ID0707] I fell asleep after Isha, can I pray Tahajjud after Tarawih prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8981

    [Q-ID0708] Is buying a gift for someone classed as Sadaqah? Can we give nafl Sadaqah to people who are not poor? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8992

    [Q-ID0709] How can I find out if a person is eligible to receive Zakah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8997

    [Q-ID0710] Can a Muslim man or woman groom their hair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9021

    [Q-ID0711] Is it permissible for women to attend a females only swimming session? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9027

    [Q-ID0712] Can I give my Zakah to any orphan or widow? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9035

    [Q-ID0713] How is to take the body of a deceased to Pakistan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9042

    [Q-ID0714] If my menstrual period starts shortly before the time of Iftaar, will the Fast be valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9049

    [Q-ID0715] Does biting the nails break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9052

    [Q-ID0716] Will the Fast break by applying lipstick? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9057

    [Q-ID0717] Can we pray the Tarawih prayer sitting down on a chair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9068

    [Q-ID0718] If someone swallowed their own saliva or phlegm, will the Fast break? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9074

    [Q-ID0719] My menstrual cycle finished during the day in Ramadan, must I now Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9080

    [Q-ID0720] If I swallow rainwater will my Fast become nullified? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9083

    [Q-ID0721] Can we follow observatory reports or use calculations instead of physically sighting the Moon for Eid & Ramadan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9088

    [Q-ID0722] I intentionally broke many Fasts during Ramadan, do I have to keep 60 consecutive Fasts for each one I broke as kaffarah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9093

    [Q-ID0723] What is the Islamic ruling on men wearing metal watches? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9100

    [Q-ID0724] What is the Islamic ruling on playing Snooker? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9105

    [Q-ID0725] Is it permissible to eat oyster sauce? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9113

    [Q-ID0726] Why do many Muslim countries have a moon and star on their national flags? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9124

    [Q-ID0727] Is it okay for me to give money to homeless people? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9131

    [Q-ID0728] Can I repeat the same Surah during my prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=9139
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    [Q-ID0671] My ex-wife is requesting more mahr (dowry) than agreed - what is the ruling? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8676

    [Q-ID0672] In which month must Zakah be given? Is it in Ramadan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8682

    [Q-ID0673] What is the ruling on buying a property from someone who originally bought it with Haram money (such as a drug-dealer)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8690

    [Q-ID0674] When carrying the deceased to the graveyard, in which direction must the head be? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8697

    [Q-ID0675] Does missing the prayer make you a munafiq (hypocrite)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8704

    [Q-ID0676] Is it permissible to charge a fee to arrange marriages between people? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8712

    [Q-ID0677] Due to health reasons I cannot keep the long fasts in Summer, can I make them up in Winter instead? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8717

    [Q-ID0678] I joined the Imam in prayer whilst he was reciting Tashahud, must I recite it all too before standing up? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8727

    [Q-ID0679] After finishing leading the prayer, in which direction should the Imam face towards - right or left? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8730

    [Q-ID0680] Is there any Wazifa (Litany) can I recite so that Allah bestows a child to me? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8735

    [Q-ID0681] Can I give Zakah to my brothers and sisters? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8749

    [Q-ID0682] Is it permissible to create a YouTube channel to upload videos? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8772

    [Q-ID0683] Do I have to give Zakah if I have a mortgage debt? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8778

    [Q-ID0684] How should the mouth and nose be washed for Wudu/Ghusl whilst Fasting? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8785

    [Q-ID0685] When calculating Zakah on cash and stock merchandise, should the Nisab of Silver or Gold be taken into account? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8793

    [Q-ID0686] My Zakah date is coming, do I deduct my gas & electric bill before calculating what I need to give? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8803

    [Q-ID0687] If my wealth increases or decreases a few days before my Zakah date, on which amount do I calculate the Zakah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8808

    [Q-ID0688] I received some Gold for my wedding as a gift a few months ago, will I have to pay Zakah on it? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8798

    [Q-ID0689] I have some Fasts outstanding from Ramadan last year, will my Fasting this year be valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8825

    [Q-ID0690] If I am menstruating, pregnant etc - what can I recite during those days to make the most of my time? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8828

    [Q-ID0691] Does not praying the Tarawih prayer make you sinful? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8832

    [Q-ID0692] I have not yet done Ghusl before the Fast started, will my Fast be valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8865

    [Q-ID0693] My deceased brother left behind a Wife and children - am I entitled to anything from the inheritance being his sister? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8875

    [Q-ID0694] Does swimming nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8892

    [Q-ID0695] Will the Muslim who passes away during the month of Ramadan enter Jannah (Paradise)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8897

    [Q-ID0696] Does using a nebuliser cause the Fast to become invalid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8908

    [Q-ID0697] Does applying medicine or a medicinal bandage on a wound nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8912

    [Q-ID0698] How is it to have a scan/test via X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, ECG, etc while Fasting? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8917

    [Q-ID0699] Does having an Endoscopy (inserting camera into body) break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8920

    [Q-ID0700] Does Periodontal (gum) surgery or having a tooth removed break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8926

    [Q-ID0701] Can I purposely become a Traveller to avoid Fasting during Ramadan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8945

    [Q-ID0702] Does placing a tablet under the tongue break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8950

    [Q-ID0703] If during Prayer I forget which Rak'ah I am in, what do I do? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8955
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    [Q-ID0655] Must I ask my employer whether the wage he pays me is from Halal or Haram money? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8542

    [Q-ID0656] What kind of jobs are permissible to work here in the UK? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8547

    [Q-ID0657] If I give my wife divorce who should get custody of my 3 year old daughter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8553

    [Q-ID0658] Me and my wife have divorced, who should have custody of our 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8558

    [Q-ID0659] Can I pray Salah on a prayer mat which has the name of Allah on it? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8563

    [Q-ID0660] Traveller scenario [3]: I am travelling to Pakistan, do I shorten my prayers? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8572

    [Q-ID0661] What intention should the Imam have at the time of performing the congregational prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8582

    [Q-ID0662] What is the ruling of praying Salah with the sleeves folded? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8588

    [Q-ID0663] Does repeating an ayah during Salah nullify the prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8593

    [Q-ID0664] What is the ruling on having trousers kept below the ankles during Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8598

    [Q-ID0665] Can we show our hand to an astrologer to try and find out about the future? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8606

    [Q-ID0666] Is it permissible to wear eyelash extensions? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8613

    [Q-ID0667] Can a Pharmacist administer injections to females that are non-Mahram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8618

    [Q-ID0668] Is it permissible to take out a student loan in the UK? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8642

    [Q-ID0669] Do I have to pay Zakah if I have a £30,000 Student Loan debt? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8655

    [Q-ID0670] Who is classed as a Hashimi or Sayyid and can we give Zakah to them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8669
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    [Q-ID0636] When finishing the Janazah prayer should both hands be dropped to the side together? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8414

    [Q-ID0637] What should be recited after the congregation prayer - dhikr, durood sharif or remain silent? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8419

    [Q-ID0638] What is the Islamic perspective on bullying? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8425

    [Q-ID0639] Is the gelatine from all animals haram to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8445

    [Q-ID0640] My left eye flickers, is this a bad sign? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8452

    [Q-ID0641] Is it permissible to sleep or sit with our feet stretched towards the Qiblah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8456

    [Q-ID0642] Does moving the hands repeatedly during Salah nullify the prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8463

    [Q-ID0643] How is it to call someone 'Be-Imaan' (faithless) as is commonly said by some Asians? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8469

    [Q-ID0644] The Qur'an is placed above the Brides head when she leaves home after the marriage - is this allowed? -http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8473

    [Q-ID0645] Is there any wazifah or ta'weez to protect my unborn child? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8479

    [Q-ID0646] Should we give money to those who beg for money? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8490

    [Q-ID0647] Is it permissible to place artificial flowers on a grave? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8495

    [Q-ID0648] Is it permissible to recite a Naat in the tune of a Bollywood song? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8506

    [Q-ID0649] Is the meat of rabbits and peacocks permissible to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8510

    [Q-ID0650] Can the pious people of Allah perform Karamat (Marvels)? What is the correct belief regarding this according to Sunni Islam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8519

    [Q-ID0651] Is it appropriate to use the term 'Hazir aw Nazir' for Allah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8525

    [Q-ID0652] How is it to address Allah by the name 'Ram' [term used by Hindus]? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8528

    [Q-ID0653] What are some of the minor and major signs for the coming of the Day of Judgement? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8532

    [Q-ID0654] Can I rent my building to someone will use it as a shop to sell Alcohol or Pork? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8537
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    [Q-ID0599] Is it permissible to touch the Qur'an on a screen without Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8164

    [Q-ID0600] What is the ruling on wearing a Ta'weez into a bathroom? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8169

    [Q-ID0601] Can we use tissue paper to clean ourselves after going to the bathroom? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8174

    [Q-ID0602] Can we give formula milk to a child instead of breastfeeding? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8179

    [Q-ID0603] Can haram wealth be used on noble causes like building a Mosque or digging a well? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8185

    [Q-ID0604] Do we have to floss out food stuck between our teeth before doing Ghusl? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8193

    [Q-ID0605] Is it allowed to pray or do sajdah after Fajr time has ended? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8197

    [Q-ID0606] What is the wisdom behind washing our face, arms, feet etc for Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8202

    [Q-ID0607] There are no Wudu Facilities in College, can I perform Tayammum? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8207

    [Q-ID0608] Is it permissible for a Charity to collect money for a Masjid but instead build a Multi-Faith Centre? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8216

    [Q-ID0609] What is the method of Wudu? What are the Fard and Sunnah Acts? What breaks Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8221

    [Q-ID0610] Can we burn or recycle Islamic books & literature? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8228

    [Q-ID0611] Is it permissible for women to grow long nails? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8234

    [Q-ID0612] What is the benefit in reciting Ayah al-Kursi? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8242

    [Q-ID0613] Is the urine of a newborn child impure? Does it break Wudu or must we change our clothes? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8249

    [Q-ID0614] Can I use mouthwash that contains Alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8254

    [Q-ID0615] I went to sleep in a state menstruation but woke up with no menstruation - which prayers must I make up? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8268

    [Q-ID0616] After sexual intercourse I performed ghusl but there was semen discharge after - must I do ghusl again? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8274

    [Q-ID0617] Can Muslims go to the Pub if they don't drink any Alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8281

    [Q-ID0618] Is it obligatory to listen to recorded audio of the Qur'an or Adhaan? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8287

    [Q-ID0619] Can we give Aqiqah meat to non-Muslims? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8291

    [Q-ID0620] Is it permissible to go into a business partnership with a non-Muslim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8297

    [Q-ID0621] Is there any dua I can recite to get a new job or promotion? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8305

    [Q-ID0622] Can men wear 9 carat gold? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8310

    [Q-ID0623] Are Muslims allowed to perform Yoga as a form of exercise? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8315

    [Q-ID0624] Are the earnings from selling cigarettes Halal or Haram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8320

    [Q-ID0625] Must a divorcee woman wait for her children to grow up before remarrying? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8325

    [Q-ID0626] Is it shirk to say 'Mawla Ali'? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8333

    [Q-ID0627] Can I pray Qada Salah instead of Sunnah and Nafl prayers? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8341

    [Q-ID0628] Is it permissible to kill insects in Islam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8348

    [Q-ID0629] Women pray in the same room behind men in my University - is their prayer valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8350

    [Q-ID0630] Can fully veiled women participate in Dhikr gatherings where men are present? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8358

    [Q-ID0631] Does a woman who is bleeding due to a miscarriage pray her Salah or not? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8371

    [Q-ID0632] What is the method of performing Nikah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8379

    [Q-ID0633] What is the proof for placing hands below the navel during Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8384

    [Q-ID0634] What is the ruling on dog fighting and rooster fighting according to the Shari'ah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8391

    [Q-ID0635] Is watching cartoons Halal or Haram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8409
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    [Q-ID0578] I have £800 but don't work - do I have to give Zakah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8015

    [Q-ID0579] What are the ways in which we can commemorate Mawlid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8037

    [Q-ID0580] Can money donated to a Charity be spent on any noble cause or only on what was intended? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8033

    [Q-ID0581] Is it permissible to recite Azan in the four corners of the home to protect it from evil? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8048

    [Q-ID0582] Why were women forbidden from praying in the Masjid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8068

    [Q-ID0583] In the state of Ihram I killed a cockroach - do I have to give a kaffarah (penalty) for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8072

    [Q-ID0584] What is the ruling on having a hair transplant? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8075

    [Q-ID0585] Can men have their teeth made of silver or gold due to medical reasons? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8079

    [Q-ID0586] How many types of Oath's are there and in which is there kaffarah [expiation]? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8084

    [Q-ID0587] What is the ruling on having multiple congregations for Jummah prayer in one Masjid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8088

    [Q-ID0588] During al-’Isra’ wal-Mi‘raj was Prophet Musa praying his grave physically or spiritually? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8093

    [Q-ID0589] What is the ruling on wearing animal leather products such as bags, coats and watches etc? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8099

    [Q-ID0590] What is the ruling on making cakes for Milad in the shape of Masjid Nabawi or the Blessed Ka’bah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8105

    [Q-ID0591] I don't have a long break at work, can I just pray the Fard and leave the Sunnah/Nafl prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8111

    [Q-ID0592] Can we eat foods that contain only a small amount of Alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8116

    [Q-ID0593] Do I have to give sadaqah if I miss the Jummah prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8123

    [Q-ID0594] Can I lie to get benefits in the UK? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8127

    [Q-ID0595] Should we cut the nails and remove the pubic hairs of a deceased person? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8138

    [Q-ID0596] What is the ruling on taking a picture/video of a deceased person? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8141

    [Q-ID0597] Can I work in a Bank department which does not deal with interest? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8147

    [Q-ID0598] Can women visit graveyards or shrines of the pious with male mahrams? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8156
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    [Q-ID0563] What should the positioning of the feet and toes be whilst sitting in Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7884

    [Q-ID0564] Why do Muslims use their right hand when eating and left to wash themselves when in the lavatory? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7887

    [Q-ID0565] Is it permissible to listen to Shi'ah scholars and their stories on Karbala? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7894

    [Q-ID0566] Is it permissible for a Widow to leave the house or speak to people during her iddah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7898

    [Q-ID0567] What is the correct belief regarding the Finality of Prophethood and why is it that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani and his followers are disbelievers? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7924

    [Q-ID0568] Allah created everything so can we say that Allah made our houses, clothes, shoes, etc? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7968

    [Q-ID0569] Why does the Imam recite quietly in Zuhr & Asr but audibly for the other prayers? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7974

    [Q-ID0570] What is the ruling on a woman marrying a non-Muslim man? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7981

    [Q-ID0571] I went to sleep in a state of menstruation but woke up pure - do I need to make up the Fajr prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7989

    [Q-ID0572] Do I have to shave or trim my hair after each time I perform Umrah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7992

    [Q-ID0573] Can I give a translation of the Qur'an to a non-Muslim? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7996

    [Q-ID0574] Does sticky fluids exiting from the pores of my skin nullify wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7999

    [Q-ID0575] Can the ritual of Sa'i be performed without Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8004

    [Q-ID0576] Is performing ghusl sunnah or wajib for ihram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8007

    [Q-ID0577] I want to make an animal sacrifice for an oath that was fulfilled - who can eat the meat from this sacrifice? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=8010
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    [Q-ID0547] Do I pay Zakah on money I put aside for my Hajj expenses? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7699

    [Q-ID0548] Is it permissible to have a games room in the Masjid to play snooker, football etc? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7705

    [Q-ID0549] I did not recite the talbiyah when tying Ihram, what is the penalty for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7710

    [Q-ID0550] Can Parents spend on themselves the money gifted to their children on Eid or from their savings? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7717

    [Q-ID0551] What should I do if my menstruation cycle starts during the days of Hajj? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7722

    [Q-ID0552] Are Mushrooms Halal to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7726

    [Q-ID0553] Is there any proof for Istikharah and Salah al-Hajat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7734

    [Q-ID0554] What is the ruling on praying Salah on a chair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7741

    [Q-ID0555] Inheritance How will my late Father's wealth be distributed between his Wife, 4 Sons and 1 Daughter? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7801

    [Q-ID0556] Where is reciting Durud Sharif (Salawat) before and after the Adhan proven from? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7807

    [Q-ID0557] The Qur'an says 'pious men are for pious women' - so why were the wives of some Prophets not pious? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7814

    [Q-ID0558] Can we recite du’as whilst performing Wudu’ in the bathroom? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7819

    [Q-ID0559] What is the ruling on using/eating items/foods that contain human hair? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7824

    [Q-ID0560] In Tashahud I recited 'ash-hadu an-laa ilaaha' instead of 'ash-hadu al-laa ilaaha' - is my prayer valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7827

    [Q-ID0561] How should we distribute my deceased Father's wealth between 3 Sons, 2 Daughters and our Mother? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7832

    [Q-ID0562] Can we keep a long beard, does a beard start below the chin or lip and can we tidy up our beard? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7876
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    [Q-ID0535] Is it permissible to remove the hair growing between our eyebrows (monobrow)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7543

    [Q-ID0536] Is it permissible to use cannabis oil to help with hair loss and to loose weight? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7549

    [Q-ID0537] Can I read a medical text book inside the Masjid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7557

    [Q-ID0538] One of my roles as a gynaecologist involves performing abortions, will I be sinful for this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7560

    [Q-ID0539] Coke, Lucozade, Rubicon Mango all contain small traces of Alcohol, can we still drink them? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7569

    [Q-ID0540] Can we do dhikr to welcome a Scholar or Pir? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7580

    [Q-ID0541] What are the types of Hajj? Please explain the easy methods of performing them. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7610

    [Q-ID0542] Is it permissible to buy items during the Christmas sales? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7654

    [Q-ID0543] What is the ruling on wishing 'Merry Christmas', exchanging gifts and having parties during Christmas? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7660

    [Q-ID0544] Can a woman wear leather socks during Ihram? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7671

    [Q-ID0545] Is it permissible to make a Charity or another individual perform Qurbani on your behalf? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7684

    [Q-ID0546] If someone did not give Qurbani in the past when it was due upon him, what should he do now? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7693
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    [Q-ID0521] Why are Muslims forbidden to eat pork in Islam? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7422

    [Q-ID0522] Is it permissible to have a credit card? Can I use one to pay for my Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7429

    [Q-ID0523] What is the Islamic ruling on using contraception? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7434

    [Q-ID0524] I did ghusl and prayed after my menses bleeding stopped, it has now started again. Do I still pray? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7457

    [Q-ID0525] Which litanies can we recite to protect our homes from devils, jinn and other calamities? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7462

    [Q-ID0526] Is it permissible to pray Salah in a shower room? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7471

    [Q-ID0527] What is the Islamic ruling on eating Porcupine? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7477

    [Q-ID0528] Can I claim disability allowance for my child who has ADHD? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7496

    [Q-ID0529] How is to take my newlywed Wife for Umrah, and engaging in sexual relations in Makkah and Madinah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7509

    [Q-ID0530] What is the ruling on using cannabis oil to cure cancer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7515

    [Q-ID0531] What is the method of visiting a shrine of a pious saint and a graveyard? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7519

    [Q-ID0532] What should be done with the interest given to me by the Bank? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7524

    [Q-ID0533] What is the ruling on using mouthwash that contains alcohol? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7529

    [Q-ID0534] Is it permissible for women to have their belly button pierced? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7540
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    [Q-ID0497] Does placing a thermometer in the mouth to check temperature nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7115

    [Q-ID0498] Are the marriages and divorces that have taken place in the UK Courts Islamically valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7121

    [Q-ID0499] What are the conditions if one wishes to marry a 2nd Wife? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7128

    [Q-ID0500] My non-Muslim Doctor tells me I should not Fast, can I act upon his advice? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7136

    [Q-ID0501] Does the non-Fasting person have to pray the Tarawih prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7144

    [Q-ID0502] If I have a blood test/cupping, will it nullify my Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7163

    [Q-ID0503] If I break a Fast that I was making up for Ramadan, is kaffarah due upon me? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7169

    [Q-ID0504] What is the Islamic ruling on smoking Shisha? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7173

    [Q-ID0505] What is the Islamic ruling on playing card games? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7181

    [Q-ID0506] What should be done with fruit that has the name of Allah on it? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7198

    [Q-ID0507] Does using cotton buds to clean the ears nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7188

    [Q-ID0508] What is the Islamic ruling on performing CPR to save a non-Mahram's life? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7205

    [Q-ID0509] Can I ask for my height to be increased? Is there such a dua I can recite? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7218

    [Q-ID0510] Does entering medicine or oil into the ears nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7228

    [Q-ID0511] A Sunni Scholar has said that a Charity is deceptive, should it now be boycotted? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7235

    [Q-ID0512] What is the ruling on praying Qada' prayers (those prayers I have missed during my lifetime)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7277

    [Q-ID0513] Are Octopus, Cuttlefish, Tattler and Shrimp halal to eat? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7286

    [Q-ID0514] Can I pray out aloud in the Witr Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7291

    [Q-ID0515] Does the release seminal discharge whilst watching indecent videos nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7367

    [Q-ID0516] Who has to pay Zakah? Is it payable only on that wealth we have held for year? Please explain. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7371

    [Q-ID0517] Can someone else pay for the expenditure of my Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7382

    [Q-ID0518] What is the logic behind doing wudu (ablution) before praying Salah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7387

    [Q-ID0519] What is the Islamic ruling on wearing a tie? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7410

    [Q-ID0520] Is it permissible to visit Madinah Munawwarah before performing the Hajj pilgrimage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7415
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    [Q-ID0474] Is the Asian wedding custom of applying Haldi (Tumeric) on the Groom permissible? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6845

    [Q-ID0475] Does a Husband have the right to stop his Wife's family from indulging in sin? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6850

    [Q-ID0476] What are the proofs for 20 rakaat Tarawih prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6855

    [Q-ID0477] I can't Fast due to Diabetes, do I give fidyah? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6867

    [Q-ID0478] Does inhaling steam when having a shower break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6874

    [Q-ID0479] I can't Fast due to arthritis, what should I do? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6882

    [Q-ID0480] I have eczema on my arm, can I wipe instead of wash when doing Wudu? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6894

    [Q-ID0481] Can we pray 2 rak'at nafl before the 3 Fard of Maghrib prayer? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6902

    [Q-ID0482] Do I get reward for using a toothbrush instead of a miswak? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6906

    [Q-ID0483] Can we pray Tarawih prayer in rak'ats of 4 instead of 2? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6919

    [Q-ID0484] Do I have to save Date seeds or can I throw them away? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6926

    [Q-ID0485] The Imam for Tarawih prayer has a short beard, can I pray behind him? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6929

    [Q-ID0486] What does Islam say about women who have had a miscarriage? Do they really bring bad-luck? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6937

    [Q-ID0487] Does a nosebleed nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6940

    [Q-ID0488] Do nicotine patches nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6944

    [Q-ID0489] Does having an internal ultrasound by a gynaecologist nullify the fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6949

    [Q-ID0490] Can I donate blood whilst fasting? Will it nullify my Fast or not? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6974

    [Q-ID0491] Will inhaling the smoke from a welding machine nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6982

    [Q-ID0492] Does bleeding excessively from the private parts nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7073

    [Q-ID0493] Does using mouthwash nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7077

    [Q-ID0494] How long should one delay the Maghrib prayer after eating Iftar? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7081

    [Q-ID0495] Do eye drops invalidate the Fast? I read that they don't. Please clarify your position. - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7090

    [Q-ID0496] Do injections and IV drips nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=7105
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    [Q-ID0460] My non-Muslim neighbour gave me food to open my fast, can I eat this? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6740

    [Q-ID0461] Do bleeding gums invalidate the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6745

    [Q-ID0462] When on a plane journey, when should we open our Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6752

    [Q-ID0463] According to which formula should 'Isha be prayed during the summer nights of England? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6763

    Book: Maqaam e Habib (Urdu) - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6712

    Book: Fatawa Europe Wa Britaaniyyah (Urdu) - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6778

    [Q-ID0464] I can taste blood down my throat, is my Fast valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6788

    [Q-ID0465] Is there any harm in giving Salam to the one who is eating? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6793

    [Q-ID0466] Does putting the shimla of my imamah in my mouth break the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6799

    [Q-ID0467] Does wearing contact lenses soaked in solution nullify the Fast? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6806

    [Q-ID0468] Are there any deeds that are compulsory on the first night of marriage? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6811

    [Q-ID0469] Can I miss my Fasts if I have exams? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6814

    [Q-ID0470] What is the ruling on using eye drops, ear drops and nose drops when Fasting? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6823

    [Q-ID0471] What is the actual meaning of Sawm (Fasting)? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6828

    [Q-ID0472] Some food/drink came up my throat which I swallowed, is my Fast still valid? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6833

    [Q-ID0473] Can I pray Witr behind the Imam if I didn't pray Isha behind him? - http://www.seekerspath.co.uk/?p=6839
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