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    On the same basis, he devised a scheme for the re-conversion of other Muslims. He unveils his plan in the following words:

    Whenever the death penalty for apostasy is enforced in a new Islamic state, then Muslims are kept within Islam’s fold. But there is a danger that a large number of hypocrites will live alongside them. They will always pose a danger of treason.

    My solution to the problem is this. That whenever an Islamic revolution takes place, all non-practicing Muslims should, within one year, declare their turning away from Islam and get out of Muslim society. After one year all born Muslims will be considered Muslim. All Islamic laws will be enforced upon them. They will be forced to practice all the fara id and wajibat of their religion and, if anyone then wishes to leave Islam, he will be executed. Every effort will be made to save as many people as possible from falling into the lap of kufr. But those who cannot be saved will be reluctantly separated from society forever [executed]. After this purification Islamic society will start afresh with Muslims who have decided voluntarily to remain Muslims.21

    did maududi actually say this?

    otherwise, the chapter is quite comical.
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    since when was it the indian government's business to tell us who we can and can't call Muslim, and to teach us our beliefs and what they entail?
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    which clearly indicates that not everyone from that particular group is kafir.

    not very long time ago i was with a very prominent ridawi sunni shcolar, and during the discussion he said, "ala hazrat nay to saray shiy'ah ko bhi kafir nahi kaha hay", and also said, "takfir to infaradi muamlah hay", while i knew that somewhere i had read ala-hazrat's fatwa that 'is dawr main shiáh ka har baligh bachcha kafir hay', i did not argue with him because it was obvious that when ala-hazrat says shiáh, deobandi, wahabi, he refers to a group of those people who hold certain beliefs that are clear kufriyaat'. on the other, hand if you have seen shawaahid al-haq by imam yousuf nabhaani rahimahullah, he said 'ham to shiá ko bhi kaafir nahi kehtay' (i read urdu translation), now how we would reconcile between these two statements? it was a complex issue for me to comprehend sometime ago, but not any more. there are two ways to do takfir

    - issue takfir fatwa on an individual when iltizam e kufr has been proved
    - give a name to certain kufriyah aqaid and say that this group is kafir, anybody who knows those aqaid and agrees with them will be considered among that group otherwise he is not.

    as far as what i know from the very same scholar i mentioned above, Abdul Rahman Malik is not a qadyani but a sunni, yes, not a practicing sunni muslim.
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  4. AbdalQadir

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    i just picked this up fom someone's facebook page (see below). don't know if it's true or just tinfoil hat stuff

    it seems in regards to that stuff about mushy's wife, even wiki calls her a qadiani

    and i had some brothers tell me mushy's a Sunni and holds Milad gatherings at his home!

    deobandi forum too has some stuff on this topic of closet qadianis and their agents:

    don't know the accuracy of this:

    but one thing's for sure, they are some fine pieces of work, those qadianis and they most certainly are in bed with their other kafir kinsmen, notwithstanding their close affinities to ismailis, bohris and 12'er shias too, and are working hard to hurt Islam while Muslim sheeple (of any color) sleep.

    kalam-wise we restrain from blanket-declaring all 12'er rafidis as kafirs, but going by their associations with all the (further) wrong people, one can't help but be awestruck by Ala Hazrat's acumen when he says in his fatawa that "most" of the rafidis of our time are murtads


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