Qaid e Inqilab arrives in Pakstaan

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Wadood, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Additionally, because he wanted Canadian citizenship as he is worried about his own family's future (economic reasons). Canada has changed its immigration laws (made them much stricter) since 2008. Canada is an extremely rich country, with among the highest standards of living. The UK, norway, france, any european country cannot compete with it in Dr Tahir's mind.
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    call me mad, if you want to but i wish that tahir wins the election and becomes the PM - meri to (bad)du'a hai ke denmark ya USA ka koyi baRa uHda use miljaye. duniyawi nuqSan ho ya na ho, magar ek baRi muSibat deen par se Tal jayegi.

    once a PM, tahir will lose all his credibility - and his natural lying/two-face talents will come to the fore. very soon talk shows will be spitting on his face and common folk will have seen the aSli chehra of the politician.

    all the goodwill of sheeple he has earned will bite the dust.

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    [QUOTE or perhaps it was also trivial to him because he is a yahoodi khinzir, he can be a model to follow for faqir khan. May Allah destroy fitnah of this dajjal[/QUOTE]

    Murtad par namaaz farz nahin.
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    did any body notice that when he started his speech azan for asar was being called? he claimed that he has prayed already because time had entered and it is allowed to talk during azan so he continued on talking, but i am surprised that at what time did he pray asar because his speech was started around half an hour after he had settled in his bullet proof box, he didn't pray for sure at hanafi time or perhaps even not shafii, but it is trivial compared to the sin of holding hundreds of thousands of people from their asar prayer, he continued his speech until maghrib, and didn't ask them a single time to first pray their salaat al-sar, so majority didn't pray asar.

    or perhaps it was also trivial to him because he is a yahoodi khinzir, he can be a model to follow for zindeeqs like faqir khan.

    May Allah destroy fitnah of this dajjal
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  8. Aqib alQadri

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    Dear Sunni brothers on this forum: throw this back at stupid minhajis: the recent "gathering" is already being heavily crticized and TuQ is being called an IDIOT, even by major newspapers:-

    A debate has opened in Pakistan following the remarks by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, chief of Minhaj-ul-Qura’an, at a mammoth public meeting in the shadow of ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ that he wants to ‘save Pakistan’, asking the rulers to ‘introduce electoral reforms in three weeks or face a march on Islamabad of four million people on January 14’. (BECAUSE HE KEEPS DREAMING)

    Independent political analysts and senior journalists were almost unanimous to criticize Qadri’s speech and questioned his notion of reforms only in weeks, which could not be corrected in years. (BECAUSE HIS STUPID)

    Qadri sahib, known for his fiery speeches, peacefully spent five years of his life in Canada, when the people of Pakistan faced hundreds of terror attacks and thousands of casualties. Why had he preferred to stay outside Pakistan when political leaders were supposed to remain among the countrymen at the critical juncture, who are unaware when they will be target of suicide bombers? (BECAUSE HE IS AN AGENT OF THE WESTERN GOVERNMENTS).

    It is very easy to attract big crowds after spending millions of rupees on media campaign in Pakistan where most of the mainstream TV channels unfortunately have lust for financial benefits. Pakistanis were surprised at the about two-hour live coverage to a leader who had left the people in lurch at difficult hour. (BECAUSE HIS "MASTERS" SPENT MONEY FOR THE EVENT. ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY (HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN) YOU CAN INVITE SO MANY PEOPLE TO GIVE THEM FREE FOOD)

    Such artificial gatherings do not long last now in Pakistan. Many were surprised at the quite and pre-dawn arrival of Qadri’s return to Pakistan last week. (BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS SO SCARED). If he claims to lead four million people to Islamabad then why he kept his return to Lahore secret. (DEVILS ARRIVE IN THE DARKNESS OF NIGHT). Political leaders must be like slain Benazir Bhutto, who braved suicide bombings on her arrival in Karachi in 2007.

    Now when the country is heading to parliamentary elections in few months demands like Qadri will add to the already confused political environment in Pakistan. Sensible people in Pakistan are asking Qadri sahib to desist from dancing at the tune of others. It is high time for him to revive his party and resume his political activities which he had quit years ago.
    Pakistan cannot afford new experiences and every political and religious leader are responsible to steer the country out of the varieties of crisis.

    Welcoming Qadri’s assertions, Imran Khan will not earn a good name as he is being considered by the young generation as the best option for Pakistan. PTI’s Khan must try to dispel a particular impression about him rather than throwing support behind Dr Qadri. He should also think why very famous names, who had joined him for the slogan change, are now parting ways with him. Several have gone and some may follow.

    The MQM’s participation in Qadri’s rally and Altaf Hussain’s telephonic calls to Qadri has also raised questions. (TAHIR CAN LICK ANYONE'S FEET JUST TO GAIN POPULARITY. THIS ALSO EXPLAINS THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT CAME - THEY CAME ONLY BECAUSE ALTAAF BHAI TOLD THEM.)

    The MQM will have to tell Pakistani nation whether they will just remain with any government or will back people with dubious agenda? (POOR MQM!)
  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    don't call me your brother faqeerkhan. you are not my brother. you are an evil and twisted liar.

    if you really are as honest and intelligent as you say, then why don't you answer the simple question:

    why bring numbers in here? does majority dictate being right or wrong? will you consider christianity as the right path just because the christmas mass has more people than the padri's gathering (of course, padri and his followers will only increase those numbers of the people attending mass, but leave those numbers for the purpose of this question)?

    i'd hazard a guess that it is because you spew rubbish that you can't substantiate and you are dishonest to the core. you make these ignorant assertions, but your only daleel is the stomping of your feet, which is supposed to make what you say valid!

    go on, if you are so honest, bring your proofs from islamic texts and refute us and prove us wrong.


    as usual, i only expect hot air and accusations from you and no decency or integrity or shame!
  10. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    how can you post despite being banned?

    what have you to say about more people than that who attend christmas mass? will you say christianity is the right path? i have asked you this question before too, but i know zindiqs like you have no shame or decency and just enjoy causing a stir and running away from any decent confrontation. may Allah destroy you!
  11. The Emir

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    And we have a 10 Jan deadline before he marches to Islamabad...........and does what, revolution??? Thats very democratic isn't it against an elected govt!!!
  12. Aqib alQadri

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    The dumb TuQ made a mockery of himself again:

    1. Sits behind a bullet proof glass: this devil-cohort is so scared of dying

    2. Says he is not financed / supported by any foreign government: chor ki daadhi me tinka.

    3. Wants to protect imam-bargahs; birds (murtads) of a feather, flock together.

    4. Wants to bring "change", but follow the constitution which is anti-Islamic! That's what you are - you vile, anti-Islamic, "murtad-e-rawan sadi"

    5. The deadline for change is 10 January: wow - great expectations from a country that has not been able to improve in decades!

    6. Threatens to hold rally of 4 million in Islamabad: ahem- the population of Islamabad is about 2 million; from where will the others come is anyone's guess.

    this madman will never come out of his "dream" world.
  13. Farooq

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    Looks like a cheap infomercial

    Is Dr. Tark ul-Islam going to sing xmas carols and call it Meelad?
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  15. abu Hasan

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    not long ago he had "kicked away" politics.
  16. Aqib alQadri

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    This fool wants to team up with the MQM. One is accused of mass murder of muslims whilst tahir himself is the mass murderer of their imaan. And when did jamhooriyat (democracy) become part of Islam?
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    I quote from the link number 7:

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