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Discussion in 'Bibliography' started by Aqdas, Apr 29, 2007.

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    i'm going to hold my hands up and admit that i have only very recently started to read the books of alaHazrat [i read a handful a few years ago but didn't understand much as my urdu was even weaker]. the scholars say that one who knows the prophet sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam will automatically love him. i am beginning to find that this is also the case for alaHazrat. i used to admire him before i started to read his books because i heard much about him from the scholars of ahlu's sunnah but now i feel i am actually getting to know him. i love his style and even the way he addresses the dear prophet sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam; so much respect and so much love.

    one reason why abu'l hasan 'ali nadwi admired az-zubtadu'z zakiyah was because alaHazrat quotes so much from the masters of yore. this is the case for all his books and fatawa.

    i browsed through maqal al-'urafa a few days ago and the issue of shari'ah and tariqah has never been as clear to me as it is now.

    i thank Allah that i know enough urdu to understand alaHazrat; and when you read him with an open heart; you will love him. i thank for giving me the opportunity to read any one of his 191 treatises along with 26 volumes of his fatawa.

    i now really believe that people should only talk about alaHazrat after they have read him. before then, i strongly believe one will not do this man justice at all.

    radiyAllahu ta'ala anhu wa ardah anna.

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