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    A friend informed me that in recent times deobandis have started boasting about Faisla Kun Munāzra, (The Decisive Debate/ The Final Debate) a book written by Manzūr Nomāni al -Deobandi (1323A.H/1905C.E-1417A.H/1997C.E). Some one who goes just by the name of the book might think that this book is about some debate. But the author clarifies right at the beginning( after defending and praising Ismail Dehlavi!) that this book is a ‘reply’ which he had prepared for a debate which was to take place at Lahore in the year 1933.The debate didn’t take place due to police intervention. The author then decided to publish this ‘reply’ in refutation to the book Husam al Harmain (The Sword of two sanctuaries) written by the great sunni scholar Imām Ahmad Razā Khān al-Qādri Rh (1272/1856-1340/1921) against Mirza Ghulām Ahmad Qādyāni and the Four Deobandi herectis. The so called ‘reply’ of Manzūr Nomāni is nothing but a futile attempt to interpret the statements of disbelief written by the four deobandi elders.

    Mufti Ajmal Sambhali Rh (1318/1900- 1383/1963) not only refuted Husain Tandvi al Deobandi (1297/1879-1377/1957) in his masterpiece work Rad Shahāb e Sāqib bar Wahābi Khāib, which was written in the year 1274/1954 but also interpretations of Manzūr Nomāni has been answered .Almost all the possible tricks employed by these Deobandi authors has been answered and refuted in detail in Rad Shahāb e Sāqib bar Wahābi Khāib.

    Later, in the year 1409/1988, Mufti Sharif al Haq Amjadi Rh (1339/1921-1421/2000) wrote Sunni Deobandi Ikhtilāf Ka Munsifāna Jaiza (A fair analysis of the Sunni-Deobandi Dispute). This book was written to highlight the lies and mischief of Manzūr Nomāni present in his book Faisla Kun Munāzra. Mufti Sharif al Haq refuted each and every lie of Manzūr Nomāni point by point. This book is in 151 pages and has been translated into English. Insha Allah, soon it will be published.

    Here's the link to the article and its scans:

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