Revelation in Ghar-Hira

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by Tariq Owaisi, May 19, 2020.

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  1. Tariq Owaisi

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    That would be problematic as it suggests an element of refusal, contention. Same with the embrace, it was done by Gibrael Alaihis Salam by the command of Allaah hence the Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam did not resist. It was not a fight.

    In my opinion both Aminul Qadri and Khalid Williams made errors. Perhaps the combination of facts from the book with the adab of the speech are the best overall explanation. The word in the book had negative cannotations and Aminul Qadri was bordering on conspiracy theory that the hadith is about physical power.
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  2. YaMustafa

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  3. abu Hasan

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    appendix in the light of sight. p80

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  4. Abdullah Ahmed

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    Another thing:

    With regards to the statement Syed Aminul Qadri mentions: "I will not read"
    vs "I am unable to read" as mentioned by Khalid Williams.
    Is it possible that the Arabic for his as well can be interpreted as "I will not read"?
  5. Abdullah Ahmed

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    Yeah, I was thinking the same pretty much. That the story about the embrace seemed different than what I had heard. But I also thought it does sound like a plausible explanation.

    And also, in the Arabic (I forgot to post the relevant part in the last message, will do so now) as well, although it seems that the embrace was something that caused the Prophet (Salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) to exert his effort; but Im not sure if that means he (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) "became tired" because of it. Is it possible, he (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) just exerted his effort to the extent that was just enough to match Hazrat Jibreel's causing Hazrat Jibreel to step back and try again?

    Because the Arabic wording says: "Balagha Minni Al-Juhd" which as far as I understand, and Im far from being knowledgeable in Arabic, that this means "My effort reached a threshold." If I translated correctly, could this "threshold" be with regards to Hazrat Jibreel's strength, and the Prophet (Salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) only exerted as much as the threshold which matched Hazrat Jibreel's strength? Or am getting carried away?

    With regards to the use of the word "illiterate," I agree with the contention that this is improper, which is one of the reasons I began to question this translation, because I dont really know who Khalid Williams is.

  6. Juwayni

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    I take issue with using that word as well. Wanted to know what Shaykh @abu Hasan has to say about it.
  7. Tariq Owaisi

    Tariq Owaisi Well-Known Member

    You might have to write down the differences you see in the two commentaries.

    I noticed Aminul Qadri refused to believe that it was Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam that was tired at the end of each embrace. He suggested an alternative that it was Gibrael Alaihis Salam that tired after each embrace. His version is not the normal understanding. The normal understanding is that this revelation including the embrace as well as other revelation were hard upon the Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam at the time of each revelation. This first one especially so. The alternative he gave was backed up by a scholar but its weak (imo)

    Also he touched on "I cannot read" but I am not too sure if he suggested alternative. It looked like he was going to.

    In the book it states our Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam did not read at first due to feeling unable but learnt in the name of Allaah. The word used was illiterate and this too is worthy of contention as we do not use this word towards the Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam in our times but as for the time of first revelation is open to comment from more learned brothers. The book says the blessed Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam learnt at that time
  8. Abdullah Ahmed

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  9. Abdullah Ahmed

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    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    I was hoping someone can please reconcile the narration/interpretations of narration regarding the first revelation in the Cave of Hira.

    I just listened to this Bayan some time back and it mentions a different version of the narration than what I have heard in the past.

    From 15:30, he mentions this narration.

    However, as I was reading Khalid William's translation of Shaykh Abdullah Sirajeldin's "Our Master Muhammad (Salla Allahy alayhi wa sallam) The Messenger of Allah" (Published by Sunni Publications), I saw that the version of the story is quite different here.

    I then went back to the original Arabic version of the book (with my limited knowledge of Arabic) to try to see if the wording of the narration can have multiple interpretations and if this specific translation was biased towards one perspective.

    If someone can please take a look at the narration in the video, and then compare it with the Arabic written by Shaykh Abdullah Sirajeldin and see if the English transation of this narration matches and/or is one-sided, it would very much appreciated.

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