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    As Salamu Alaykum Wa RahmatulLāh,

    If we understand the meaning of Futuwwah to include "being a good man" (by adopting chivalrous traits), then what do we say is the essence of rujūlah? How do you become good at being a man?
    1. What are the essential properties of the categories of man and woman in relation to sex (relating to the biological aspects), gender (relating to the behavioural and experiential aspects of a person), and the rūh (relating to the spiritual states and aspects of a person)?
    2. Is there a basis to separate sex and gender as categories?
    3. Is manhood an attribute of the rūh itself or is it something that is solely biological with some social components?
    4. Why are these categories (man and woman) a basis for categorizing people?
    5. Is it possible for someone who is biologically male to become a female through artificial modification? What if biotechnology proceeds to the point where organs like uteruses can be grown and transplanted into someone born as a male?
    6. What is the definition of rujūlah in the sense that applies to men in general?
    7. What are the core set of competencies that signal development as a man?

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