Ruling on women cutting hair?

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  1. Right, I get it. But, again is that forbidding (if that is indeed the correct translation from Arabic that is, which someone should check also) outright forbidding, recommendation against doing it or how is that understood. Again, what is the grading of the Narration and is the translation accurate?
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    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    I can't remember if it was Maliki or shafi'i , I'll have to find out again. Therefore, for now I retract what I said.
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    Are you sure about that?
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    When it says hot food, I'm pretty sure it doesn't refer to the actual temperature of the food, since further on in the book it is mentioned regrading Hot foods and Cold foods, if you are from the Subcontinent you may have heard of the elders saying certain food or fruit being Garam (Hot) or Tanda (Cold)
  5. I know this is a different topic but Shaykh Abu Hasan brought it up so what is the conclusion on the cited Hadith in the other thread attributed to Imam Suyuti RehmatUllah Alai? As we all know, pretty much everyone eats different hot dishes in one meal nowadays so this is important.
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    fine. it would be helpful if you somehow indicated that it was your own opinion. but remember to mention sources when you cite them.

    theek hai. but please don't throw in opinions on hearsay and unqualified sources and cause confusion.
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    I did not run away, rather I am not able to identify which book it is, I was not aware there was more than one book attributed to Imam Suyuti prior to posting.

    As for this, then I have put this together myself based on what I know on the topic and the fact that Huzur TaajushShariah Hafizahullah
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    any reason why?

    unless she is performing multiple Umrahs at short intervals, thereby shortening her hair every time..........
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    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    I believe in the Maliki school women are allowed to cut till below the earlobe.
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    brother @Umar99 are you quoting someone, web page, book, fatwa, transcribing a speech - or is it your own judgement?

    please cite you sources - don't run away like the fish and milk issue, where you posted a clip, and then with some drilling down transpired that you were quoting some translation of some book that is not clearly attributed to suyuti. you have still not answered my question there.

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    It is not permissible for a man to keep his hair longer than their shoulders as only women grow their hair longer than their shoulders, this however does not prove that women are permitted to cut anywhere beyond the shoulders, this is strictly about men not keeping extremely long hair as such a thing is of a feminine nature, and thus not permissible for men.

    As for women not being permitted to cut their hair due to it being imitation of men proves that cutting the hair is a male act, one that is not permissible for women to do, there is nothing to say a woman is allowed to cut as long as the hair is beyond the shoulders as cutting of the hair is always a male act which a woman is forbidden from doing except at the time of releasing for Ihram, and even that is a very minute amount, as opposed to men who have the option to shave or cut their hair, however this option is not given to women, neither to shave their hair nor to cut their hair, they are limited to cutting the specified amount.

    The reason for this is that shaving and cutting the hair of a woman is an act of disfigurement. The hair is the natural beauty of the woman and thus mutilating this beauty is not permissible, this is evident from the Tasbeeh of the Malaikah:

    سبحان من زيّن الرجال باللحى و زيّن النساء بالّذوائب

    "Pure is Allah who has beautified men with beards and women with tresses"

    Thus, just as a man cannot mutilate and disfigure his natural beauty bestowed by Allah by shaving or trimming his beard under a fistful, then similarly a woman cannot mutilate and disfigure her natural beauty bestowed by Allah by shaving or cutting her hair.

    This Hadith makes evident the fact that Allah has beautified women with long tresses of hair which they must keep long and retain as this is a blessing from Him, for a blessing of Allah to be rejected and disposed of is ungratefulness, thus women must not mutilate their long tresses of hair that Allah has blessed them with as is the manner of Kafir women and immoral women.

    This group of Malaikah are continuously reciting this Tasbeeh, therefore women are to always retain their long tresses of hair which the Malaikah use as a means of glorifying Allah.

    The aforementioned Hadith is sufficient evidence for the prohibition of women cutting their hair, without having to look at the Hadiths regarding imitation, this Hadith has also been used by Fuqaha to prove that it is impermissible for men to shave and trim their beards under a fistful as it also provides a reason for the prohibition.

    Mullah Ali Qaari RadiAllahu Anhu, states in his Mirqaat:

    “Indeed, tresses for women are like beards for men in terms of appearance and beauty.”

    Mutilation of the beard by shaving or cutting less than the length that is permitted is disfiguring his natural appearance and beauty, which is forbidden. Just like this, it is forbidden for a woman to shave or cut her tresses since it is regarded by Shariah as disfigurement of her natural appearance and beauty.

    Although Imam Mawardi RadiAllahu Anhu was a Shafi scholar, we can see the attitude and understanding of the Ulama in relation to the hair of women in his statement:

    “She should not cut (the permitted amount for release from Ihram) from her tresses, because such cutting makes her ugly. Rather she should lift her tresses and cut from the hair under her tresses.”

    So if this was their thoughts regarding a tiny amount of cutting, then what would be their thoughts on great lengths of hair being cut? How ugly and disfiguring would they consider that?


    Cutting hair for women is an act of disfigurement and mutilation of their natural beauty bestowed upon them by Allah and thus is forbidden. Also cutting hair is a male act and thus if a woman does this act she will be guilty of imitating men, there is nowhere to say it is permissible after a certain length, this is mentioned for the beard however it is not mentioned regarding the hair of women and so it is incorrect to say a woman is permitted to cut her hair when there is no proof for this at all.
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    Oh okay.
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    You heard wrong.
    The noble sheikh hafizaullahu said 'Nahi, iski ijazat nahi hain'
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  16. ridawi

    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

    The Prohibition of cutting, shortening or trimming the hair for women is due to tashabbuh [imitation] of men. As stated in the hadith, It is not permitted for females to imitate the appearance of males [al-bukhari 4/73].

    it is clear that the length of a male's hair can only be up until the shoulders. keeping hair beyond the shoulders is haram. again, the reason for the prohibition here is also due to the imitation of females [fatawa ridawiyyah 22/605].

    tashabbuh being the reason for the prohibition is outlined in the following books:
    bahar e shari'ah, vol 16 mentions: for females to cut their hair, just as christian women of this time have begun to do, is impermissible and a sin; curse upon such women has been transmitted [...] I have heard that this evil of cutting women's hair has begun in the homes of muslims - women with such haircuts tend to look like a male.

    fatawa ridawiyyah: it is haram for a female to cut her hair because it is imitating men [...] the reason is mushabaha [22/688].

    al-durr al-mukhtar: If a woman cuts the hair on her head, she is sinful and Allah's curse is upon her [...] And the effective meaning (ie reason) is [due to] the imitation of men [2/250]

    radd al-muhtar elaborates further: the effective reason [al-illah al-mu'atthirah] for her being sinful is the imitation of men, because it is not permissible [5/261].


    bahar, cited above, mentions that women who cut their hair tend to look like males and fatawa ridawiyyah and radd al-muhtar state that the reason for the prohibition is due to the imitation of men. fatawa ridawiyyah, also cited above, states that men are only permitted to keep the hair up until the shoulders and not beyond. thus, it is clear that women will only be imitating men if they cut the hair to such an extent that it just about reaches the shoulders or is even shorter than that. women can trim their hair but have to take care to keep it beyond the shoulders otherwise it will be imitating men and haram.

    if the hair of a woman is beyond her shoulders and she trims it a little so that it still remains beyond the shoulders, then because it is not tashabbuh, it is permissible, as the reason [illah] for prohibition is the imitation of men. if it is beyond the shoulders and it is cut, how can it be imitation of men when men cannot keep hair beyond the shoulders? imitation is only in the case where it is cut so that it now just touches the shoulders or is even shorter than that.

    this is what i have understood from the texts wa'Allahu ta'ala a'lam.
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    Where is the mention of it being allowed if hair is beyond shoulders?
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    إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
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    Yes, Correct

    yes, Correct
    She can trim it but it must remain beyond the shoulders; one EXTRA reason for her not to shorten it further is that it would resemble men's hair. It does not mean that she can keep her hair short if it does not "resemble" men's hair style.

    unfortunately, we have some male peers who follow the above rules for women.
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    that is what mufti akmal are saying. correct.

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