Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiyah رضي الله ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽٰ عنه

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  1. Harris786

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    Earlier I visited Khalifah of Haroon Rashid from Mohra sharif, Muhammad Farid and asked him politely what his view of Sayidunna Ameer Muawiyah is

    He stated:

    1. There's a difference of opinion about mu'awiyah

    2. Some are hard liners against him( teacher of imam bukhari imam abdul razaq, sayidunna hasan al basri) some are lenient

    3. But ALL agree that he took khilafah from hazrat ali by force

    4. He says RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam said, "after khilafah rashidah, it will be Kingdom where kings will cause havoc."
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    خير الأمور أوسطها
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    Actually, i never believed that ahmed kubaisi was even a scholar. So, i would caution brothers here, who do not know about him, to not think that. Many of the so called Sunni scholars from 'iraq were on the payroll of Saddam the tyrant and were not really traditionally trained. A decade ago he was known as Dr. Ahmed Kubaisi. i believe since growing older and appearing more frequently on the stage post invasion of 'Iraq, also with other shady figures like Harith Dhari, his status was raised to that of a "shaykh", which could probably just stand for tribal elder, you know. And now he is "grand sunni shaykh", which makes no sense.

    However, this thread is very distressing to me. See, today, that is post-satellite twelver shiite channel proliferation period, a lot of the folks in the Khaleej are glued to their tv channels, religious ones especially, for debates and answers. What confusion spreading people like Habib Ali and Dr Kubaisi [ both of whom are signatories to the Common Word ] are doing is immense damage to the Sunni Da'wah generally. i really believe they are trying to damage the work that Shaykh 'Alawi al Maliki raHimahuAllah ta'ala achieved in Arabia.

    Instead of the correct Sunni da'wa to the Khaleeji 'awaam, who are leaving the wahabis behind in droves, what is being preached to them is confusion by the likes of Habib Ali, Ali Gomaa, and a few others.

    Dr Kubaisi is known by the same list of univesities that Hoosein Nasr is part of. His short biography is full of exaggerations. How can he be one of the most prominent ??? It really seems to have been blown out of proportions deliberately.
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  4. "Allah has chosen me, and He has chosen my Companions for me. He has made some of them my deputies, my sons-in-law, and my fathers-in-law. Anyone who curses them has the curse of Allah on him, and of the angels, and of all people. Allah will not accept any exchange nor compensation from him" (As Shifa)

    Anyone who dares even think let alone speak ill (Maz Allah) of any Companion may Allah be pleased with Them ALL should understand that it was Allah's choice for who accompanied and accepted Islam at the blessed Hands of our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon Him). Those who speak ill, do you want to criticize Allah's choice (Maaz Allah)? Why don't they check their hatred against the words of the Almighty when He says "and whoever respects the signs of Allah, this surely is (the outcome) of the piety of hearts." (22:32)

    Their choosing by Allah necessarily signifies them (Every single Companion) being one of the "Signs of Allah" since one definition of the "Signs of Allah" is that they cannot be replicated except by Allah Himself and that They (the Signs) point to His Oneness and his Greatness and remind us of Allah when we see or remember Them.

    Can Those who revile any of the Companions bring another like Muawiya (May Allah be Pleased with Him)!
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  5. AbdalQadir

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    never mind the fact that one day is from the lunar calendar (and our wahabi cousins reiterate that 12th Rabiul Awwal is not the actual birth date of the Prophet 3alaihis salam and that historians have differed); and the other day is from the solar calendar (25th december, and please do ignore the fact that the words of latter day christians are simply not hujjah for us)

    but jifry has reiterated earlier that regardless of the authencity of date (25th december), it's the celebration in Sayyidina 3Eisa 3alaihis salam's honor that matters.
  6. AbdalQadir

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    he is just like them, only more eloquent. notice how he says "fadeelat ash-shaykh" for kubaisi and doesn't say radi Allahu 3anhu for Ameer Mu3awiya radi Allahu 3anhu

    this is the same so-called Sayyid who can't for the life of him address the pope or his christian brothers without eloquently adding the "qadasatil baba" or "his holiness". he will gladly retweet shameless idiots' tweets on christmas eve, and how this year the celebrations of birth of two prophets coincided on the same holiday (as i had mentioned in a previous post); and gladly congratulate his christian brethren on christmas. don't look funny at me when i say 'his christian brethren'. ali jifry himself can never mention christians without using the word 'brothers'

    jifry's an enemy of Allah, and although the wahabis have been making allegations of him being a closet rafidi for ages, i've always felt he's perennialist and duniya seeker rather than a closet rafidi, but this talk does make me wanna think once more. perhaps he's all three. being a perennialist or perennialist supporter by definition means you're anything to anyone, be it hindu or rafidi or wahabi or 3ibadi or isma3ili or of course christian

    but of course, blind fanboys of jifry will pull out the "the flesh of scholars is poisoned. the flesh of Sayyid scholars is 10 times more poisoned. beware and safeguard your own iman" line the very second you say something to jifry, as if to imply he is ma3soom.

    like abu Hasan said, so do these so-called scholars and so-called Sayyids know better than the absolutely known by tawatur Sayyids and scholars like Imam Hasan or Imam Husayn or Ja3far As-Sadiq radi Allahu 3anhum. you might as well doubt some Sayyid-claimant of today's shajra-e-nasab (like paqs for example) - even though there's no need to get into that; and even though iranian rafidis declare any rotten fool as a Sayyid at whim and many times carefully inject him into Sunni circles - but no one on the planet can simply doubt the Sayyidness of Imam Hasan or Imam Husayn or other celebrated Sayyid Imams radi Allahu 3anhum
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  7. abu Hasan

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    ironic. hypocrisy. double-standards. sham-adab. confused priorities.

    so jifry will respect kubaisi because he is a 'scholar' and 'he is who he is' [meaning, he is well-known]. and he doesn't tolerate 'italat al-lisan' lengthening of tongues against kubaisi.

    BUT, kubaisi can drag his tongue against the companion of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    but this kubaisi has strange ideas. according to him sahabi has two meanings:

    like many disrespectful people, this man has also gone senile; and whatever he says is rejected and thrown back on his pretty face.
    i won't mind calling one million kubaisis as senile men who have lost their minds.

    do you think one million kubaisis can equal ONE blessed shoe of shaykh abd al-Qadir al-jilani, al-ghawth al-a'azam? and what did ghaws e aazam say? you can put one thousand jifrys and two thousand kubaisis in a blender, but all their tahqiq and learning, is nowhere near shifaa, IMHO (you can disagree). and by Allah, after all these people are dead and forgotten - 'he is who is' - kitab al-shifa and qadi iyad will still be remembered in sha'Allah.

    Allah Allah fi aS'Habi: Fear Allah concerning my companions. RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam said this INCLUDING his SaHabah.

    what the senile man didn't get - and if he had adab, he would have realised is that EVEN companions were told to refrain from speaking ill of other SaHabah. then, where do you think people who came 1400 years later stand? if Khalid ibn Walid raDiyallahu anhu is reproached, then who is kubaisi? and what do you know what khalid is! raDiyallahu anhu. He is sayfullah - the Sword of Allah. and he is the victor and vanquisher of many enemies of islam - mujahid, ghazi saHabi - who is kubaisi? what is kubaisi.

    what is kubaisi? and what is his understanding or learning of hadith?

    i don't think kubaisi - even if he lives for another 100 years - can reach the level of imam nawawi in taqwa and learning; what did imam nawawi say about those hadith?

    leave everyone - what about imam Hasan raDiyallahu anhu? apparently kubaisi knows better than imam Hasan and numerous other SaHabah who accepted khilafah of amir mu'awiyah raDiyallahu anhu wa anhum.

    anyone who speaks ill of the saHabah should be forsaken and thrown away like dirty rag. it is the sign of true love of RasulAllah sallALlahu alayhi wa sallam. my ears are deaf to any defence of those who curse/criticise the SaHabah of MY master SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    and oh, yes. they can keep their erudition in their pockets. anyway, it is only a matter of time before they are humiliated in this world - and

    نسأل الله العافية

    kubaisi almost doing takfir of sayyiduna mu'awiyah

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    Shaykh Ahmad al Kubaisi, is an Iraqi, who has been living in the UAE for quite a while since fleeing Iraq.

    Kabisa and Kubaisi is an influential Sunni family from Iraq.

    Some of the Iraqi Sunni scholars are Shiite influenced [ out of deliberation in appealing to the twelvers in Iraq ] one some points, and commit this crime of reviling a Sahabi of RasoolAllah salAllahi alaihi wa alihi wa sallam.

    i am not surprised with Habib Ali's opinion either. He sometimes acts like Dr Tahir or Hamza Yusuf.
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