Shan e Amir e Muawiyyah Seminar Lahore 'Allamah Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali

Discussion in 'Events' started by Nawazuddin, Jan 6, 2013.

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    oh no. not again!
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    Imam Nasai was martyred in syria when he read out the khasais of Ali and the people asked what about muawiya? he replied there is nothing authentic about him except that the Prophet (saw) said that may Allah never fill his belly. and imam nasai also said that Muawiya will be lucky if he is forgiven on the day of judgement.

    also our prominent hanafi books and relied upon texts declare that hazrat muawiya(r) was a tyrant and oppressor. Please dont shoot the messenger! there is a chapter that is it allowed for one to be a judge for an oppressor and the hanafi jurists said yes because many sahaba were judges under muawiya. in fathulqadeer it is said after this sentence that this is an explicit declaration of the tyranny of muawiya.

    what i am saying brother aqdas that are these people such as imam nasai and imam humam, were they 'dogs of hell'?

    please do not shoot me for quoting. they were sunnis, right?
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    are you saying that imam ibn Hajar and imam nasayi reviled sayyiduna mu'awiya? what did they say?
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    According to that fatwa, I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the person on an infamous forum who is a moderator and who wrote the following in a thread:

    "Infact the more I learn about him the more I have hate for him, he is to be cursed and all those Banu Ummayah symapthisers should look into the root of this animosity with the family of the Prophet

    .....You are absolutely right about one thing my hatred for Muawiyah is there. "

    Just in case you need the reference, here it is:
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    Interesting video! So is the younger Shah Sahib now ex-communicated from the E17 group for having such hatred of a blessed Sahabi?

    Also interesting to see the budally brothers and the minhaji there too and Shah Sahib saying 'You're doing a good job man' to one of the budallys! So is this why they were recently bigging up one of the budally brothers on their site, they have nice chummy links to him???
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    Hope both ibn Hujjat ul Islam and abu Hujjat ul Islam are listening to what Tarjuman E17 says near the end in regards to Sayyidina Muawiyyah (RadiAllahu anhu)

    Tarjuman, Mufakkir and both Hujjats need to be honest and stop fooling people
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    @Ghulam, this is what your Shah Sahib has unsurprisingly written the way, if hz muawiya ibn abi sufyan was the khal al-muminin then yazid ibn muawiya is the masayr of muminin? That katib e wahi is classic as well.

    in the mean time, here is what a ahl al-hadith scholar explains the shaan of hazrat muawiya ibn abi sufyan in the light of imams of ahl al-sunnah."

    Maybe we should fund a ticket for Shah Sahib to attend this program in Pakistan and listen to what Sunnis have to say instead of relying on Ahle Hadith munafiqs?? Otherwise he will just end up self combusting with hatred at the thought of this program going ahead
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    Thank You for the link Ghulaam. Brother aqdas, what i make of it is that asqalani, imam nasai and many others said those things. are you saying that they are dogs from the dogs of hell because it is very worrying what you said.? please explain. thank you.
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    zahid shah is apparently the only true rizwi in the UK so let's see what alahazrat says which is what zahid shah also believes because afterall, he is the only true rizwi in our lands:

    whoever reviles mu'awiya
    he is a dog from the dogs of hell
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  14. Shan e Amir e Muawiyyah Seminar Lahore Mufakkir al Islam 'Allamah Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali

    Kaatib al Wahy Khaal al Mumineen Sayyiduna Amir Muawiyyah radi Allahu Ta'ala 'anhu

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  15. Shan e Amir e Muawiyyah Seminar Lahore 'Allamah Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali

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