Sharh al-Hikam al-`Ata'iyya - translated

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    subHanAllah, Allah ta'ala blessTariqah Shadhiliyyah and Syedina Imam Abu Hasan ash-Shadhili :ra:

    I have a Palestinian friend living in the city of Bayt al-Maqdas who was salafi leaning before, but now has strengthened his Iman in the true Sunni faith, thus holding on to the truth of the majority. One of the reasons for the new soundness and strength in his Iman which has led him towards Tasawwuf is the Hikam al-'Ata'iyyah which he found in Arabic in Masjid Aqsa al-Mubarika in Jerusalem.

    Allah bless him and keep him and his family and all the rest of the 200,000 Palestinians safe in Bayt al-Maqdas.
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