Shaykh Asrar visits grave of Ahmad Deedat

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Unbeknown, Nov 29, 2018.

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    I did not mean for this to be a witch-hunt against a Sunnis Scholar (Shaykh Asrar).

    Ahmed Deedat has been plagued with controversy after controversy here in Durban.
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  3. FaqirHaider

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    Condemning him for his lack of awareness of that matter, due to his heavy indulgence in apologetic polemical (Islam vs Christianity) atmosphere? Quiet frankly, that is something fairly pardonable.

    Since has mere referencing (something agreeable) become endorsing?
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    I can remember Deedat also make reference to bin baz the najdi...we can condemn the fact that he supported the Arabs in the gulf.
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    Sometime prior to this period Muhammad Asad came on a 1976 tour to promote his well written The Message of the Qur'an (Gibraltar: Darul Andalus, 1980) commentary. Asad was unfortunately lambasted in a special 1978 Muslim Digest issue by the triumvirate, namely M. Makki, A. Peerbhai and I. Bawa, for some of his theological ideas; they basically accused him of leaning towards Ahmadi/Qadiani thought that are subtly contained in his comments on Jesus' crucifixion and other related Qur'anic verses. Now since Asad was the official guest of Professor Salman Nadvi, who was the Head of the Department of Islamic Studies at the then University of Durban-Westville, they - along with the ASC that was chaired by Mall and the IPC that was led by Deedat - were heavily condemned by Makki and others for advertising and promoting Asad's translation and commentary. Even though Asad was rather restricted by these Makki manipulated outbursts and unfounded accusations, the commentary was widely welcomed and circulated (Haron 2006: 42-43; Jeppie 2007: 95). Fortunately, Deedat did not respond or enter into a debate on the Qur'an translation, and he prudently steered clear of giving his detractors added ammunition against his missionary methods.

    On the IPCI website ASAD'S QURAN is still a listed product albeit at $0

    AMAZON DESCRIPTION of same product:
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    This is the article that is referenced by Muhammad Makki. Crucifixion or Crucifiction. Maybe someone more knowledgeable like aH could give us his views.

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  9. Unbeknown

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    we have discussed deedat and the issues surrounding him in this thread.

    this is news to me. Can you provide any direct evidence for these claims about asad and deedat?

    The screenshot you provided does not mention this and what it does mention is lacking any proof or even an exact quote that would implicate deedat. Maybe you can provide a scan of the next page or deedat's book itself?

    The article claims that deedat believed that Sayyiduna 'Isa ('alayhis salaam) was put to the cross but he ('alayhis salaam) survived and was eventually raised to heaven.

    It's difficult for me to accept this accusation at face value as I have heard deedat repeat countless times the verse:

    "And they did not kill him nor did they crucify him".

    A verbatim quote or reference to a book would help clear the air

    Allah knows best.
  10. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    You clearly don't understand the issue at hand, and this article is poorly misinformed, when it comes to the Crucifixion of Sayyiduna Esa (Alayhi Salam) the tafaseer and jumhur opinion (afak) are unanimous that that HE (alayhi salam) was replaced with another individual to make it seem as though, to the jews, it was the Messenger of God. There is no contradiction or issue when someone says he wasn't even crucified in the sense that the Man on the cross was not Esa (Alayhi salam) , and he was lifted to the heavens before that. Such discrepancies were highlighted in Shaykh Asrar's recent lecture "The Return of Isa."

    As for celebrating Mawlid of Esa, and Mawlid of Nabi , celebrating the Mawlid of Nabi is celebrating the birth of All Prophets ( Alayhum Asalam), and all angels, and creatures for that matter, since he is the nexus nuclear illumination from Allah by which he mirrors his light into existence. Of course it befits not to imitate the kuffar celebration (including even using the word "Christ"-mas, but this is a due to constraints of language and lexicon).

    We cannot ,nor do we in the first place, deny that the blessing descended on the birth of each and every prophet and messenger, the issue lies in the dates and time they occurred to which our sources cannot identify (minus kashf as it may as well be arbitrary and not binding.)

    The cretin in knowledge and destitute of wisdom use this opportunity to inaptly commemorate "christmas," on the days of the christian and enjoin their celebration due to there severely gullible apprehension of the matter which is motivated by the sense of apprehension [rooted in their inferiority complex] of their anglospherian neighbors. Hence, we have the imbecile among the "moslem" clergies rushing to imitate and partake in the "same" celebration, in the "same" way and style.

    Yet on the same token when taking into consideration the society and dynamics of the environment in which we live in, we remind ourselves that :

    In the Deen of Islam we have the pristine and pluralistic methodology, which highlights how we commemorate and narrate our beloved ones. Under the banner and guidelines of sharia there is an exercise of Islamic appropriation/assimilation especially when it comes to foreign lands ie: taking the minarets (of the church) and making it a hallmark of Islam, domes (christian churchs had these), architecture and style etc).

    Therefore, to hold an event to grasp the attention and reel n the Christians and/or onlookers, such an event "may be (the ulama have authority in this field) admissible. - Yet this is exception not the rule, and in my opinion unnecessary, rather the Mawlid Al Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam) is sufficient and inculcates in its patrons and audience the sunnah and manner of Islam, which is the Religion of All Prophets.

    ~ wa Allah Ta'ala Alam.
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    Ahmed Deedat promoted Asad's translation of the Quran which propogated the belief that Nabi Isa - peace be upon him - is dead.
    Ramadan Anual and Muslim Digest of Muhammad Makki is filled with references of how Ahmed Deedat and IPCI promoted QADIANI beliefs, I posted a screenshot in post number 48.
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    Why not?
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    Sh. Asrar should not have visited the grave of Ahmed Deedat and praised him in that manner.

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