Shaykh Faisal on the first revelation

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  1. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Faisal announces Ramadan days before hilal sighting is possible. Also you won't believe what he's said now!!!

    Of course Shaykh Faisal or his team had to remove their linked video in post #32 below. Here is the link of what
    he's trying to hide. Also in the same video you will see what he now wants Muslims to do. It's extremely disturbing
    and shocking.!/v/magnify02/QmNn2JCRFSpsSkkChQBSZUFXsUYYvonK6fLfqeAXgBGLe7

    Brother AbdalQadir you hit the nail on the head when you called this man a Neo-Mirza.
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  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I don't know who this guy is, but if all that is said is true, then he's just a neo-mirza who only doesn't claim wahi like him but makes a mockery of deen and calls people to apostasy, and there's a ton of such neo-mirzas in these times!
  3. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Fake Sufi Shaykh Faisal Exposed by his own mouth again...

    As I have pointed out in post #28, Faisal claims to follow global moon sighting. Yesterday April Friday, 09th 2021 the Fake Sufi Shaykh has declared Monday night to be the first Tarawih for Ramadan making Tuesday 13th the first day of fasting. Ramadan might start on the Tuesday, but how did Faisal sight the moon 3-4 days before the hilal is visible???

    See: @ 1:35:52 as he declares Monday night as the first Tarawih.
    (and Faisal or his admin don't hide the video it will only be re-posted)

    Could it be that he lied about his position on following global moon sighting and actually follows calculations. Like I pointed out in post #19 he follows calculations as per the fatwa of his real Master Tahir ul Qadri.

    Faisal lies about following moon sighting global or local. You can see how he criticizes the Sunnah of local moon sighting in this video:!/v/magnify02/QmSGwzXnyEE95tWup6mXYAb1ejH6bTfhDai6Ba9BGkVVco

    Only a kafir, apostate, or idiot, will criticize the Sunnah of our Nabi (SAW). Faisal which one are you?

    Let's see so far...
    1. Faisal has claimed our Nabi (SAW) doubted the first Wahi (this is kufr). A real Sufi or Mawlana would never say this. He has not retracted or apologized for his statements yet (he probably believes what he has said).

    2. He has given anyone in the world permission to follow him virtually in Salah. He has tried to overrule Allah's (SWT) command in the
    Quran by allowing this.
    Surah Nisa:Verse 103
    And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times.

    Doesn't a person become a Kafir by trying to overrule a command of Allah? Shaykh Faisal will you try to erase this verse from the Quran?
    Your words and action show that you don't believe in this verse. By telling Muslims from around the world that they can pray with you means you think Allah (SWT) is wrong in the above mentioned verse.

    3. He has overruled his Murshid Shaykh Yaqoubi by allowing Virtual Jamaat. Instead he preferred the fatwa of the deviant Javed Ghamidi in this matter. To overrule Shaykh Yaqoubi means Faisal thinks he is smarter and superior to his own Murshid.

    4. He has criticized the Sunnah of moon sighting (this is kufr).

    5. Faisal is mixing Christian Holidays with Islam.

    6. Just like the Rafidhis/Shias he attempting to label himself as a Syed. As he has already labeled his children as Syed or Syeda.

    Again I ask Faisal... What's your agenda? What's with all these anti Islamic actions and statements of yours. A real Sufi or Mawlana would have apologized and corrected himself by now. What's your next step are you going to create a Faisaliyah Sufi order or firqa? Your probably dying to create a Faisaliyah Sufi order aren't you? I can see it... Faisaliyah Sufi order and the first Khilafah will go to your son. Isn't that what you want? It's all about you and your interests. If it weren't you wouldn't commit the Kufr that you are doing or have done.

    Faisal you said my Nabi (SAW) doubted the first Wahi and that He (SAW) thought Jibreel (AS) was a Satan. This makes you worse than or just as bad as any Rafidhi or Khawarij.

    All Muslims should stay away from fake sufi Faisal until he apologizes for the wrong things he has said or done and he corrects his ways.
    In the meantime Mosques that invite him to the UK should not call him anymore.

    Faisal... repent and correct your ways. I know you are mad at me but all I did was highlight what your own mouth has said.
    May Allah bless us all with Guidance.
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  4. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    I noticed a typo I made in post #28 where I put "April Tuesday 14th 2021", should read April Tuesday 13th 2021.
  5. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    I just noticed the coward Faisal has blocked his video related to post #19 and 28 below. As I've said before if you have said nothing wrong why do you hide or edit your videos after I point out your errors.

    Here is the link of what the Fake Sufi Shaykh Faisal is trying to hide:!/v/magnify02/QmSGwzXnyEE95tWup6mXYAb1ejH6bTfhDai6Ba9BGkVVco

    He commits kufr by criticizing the Sunnah.
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  6. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Fake Sufi Shaykh Faisal mixing up kufr with Islam

    Here is a snap shot of Shaykh Faisal's youtube page. In video titles you can see that Shaykh Faisal is trying to mix Easter with Islam. Perhaps Shaykh Faisal has forgotten the verse of the Quran in which Allah (SWT) says:

    [Nisa 4:157] And because they said, "We have killed the Messiah, Eisa the son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah"; they did not slay him nor did they crucify him, but a look-alike was created for them; and those who disagree concerning it are in doubt about it; they know nothing of it, except the following of assumptions; and without doubt, they did not kill him.

    You can see that the titles of his youtube videos are Easter related. He is celebrating a 'Good Friday Mawlid', 'Special Good Friday Jumu'ah Khutbah', 'Easter Monday - Dhikr Majlis'.

    Does Shaykh Faisal hold the same beliefs as Christians and Qadianis that Syedina Easa (AS) was crucified? Is that why he is mixing Easter with Islam?

    Screenshot_2021-04-06 Shaykh Faisal - YouTube.jpg

    He already does a Mother's Day Mawlid, Canada Day Mawlid and a New Years Mawlid.
    Maybe Fake Sufi Shaykh Faisal can commemorate other holidays too.
    Faisal don't stop at trying to impress the Christians only, maybe you should do a Diwali Mawlid, Krishna Janmasthami Mawlid, Passover Mawlid, Bhudda Purnima Mawlid, and a Guru Nanak Jayanti Mawlid. This way you won't be neglecting Hindus, Sikh, Jews, and Buddhists.

    On his youtube channel he also has 'A Special Christmas Day Jumu'ah Khutbah' and a 'Special New Year Jumu'ah Khutbah 2021'. He doesn't have a special 'Special Mawlud un Nabi (SAW) Jumu'ah Khutbah' or a 'Special Ramadan Jumua'ah Khutbah'. The Christian Holidays are special for him.
  7. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal who tries to show that he follows "Wahdatul Matale' (unification of the horizon) for the sighting of the Hilal, is actually deceiving his community. He does not follow moon sightings, local or global, at all but actually follows calculations (as per Tahir ul Qadri -see post 19 below). The proof is from his Ramadan 2021 calendar which is available on his website. He does not have an option of two different start dates for Ramadan as most Masjids do. He is not waiting for any hilal sighting but has already planned his calendar as per calculations.

    He will fast his first day on April Tuesday 14th 2021, whether Ramadan has actually started or not.
    In the video linked in post #19 below, "Gearing up for Ramadan", Shaykh Faisal did mention that there is a problem with the Sunnah of Local Moon Sighting. It is Kufr to criticize a Sunnah.

    Link to his Ramadan 2021 Calendar:
  8. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

  9. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Mashallah! Very good Shaykh Faisal and team
    It's a step in the right direction.

    Today, Sept/03 during Shaykh Faisal's 7:00 PM broadcast they did not reuse the same prerecorded video for Maghrib Salah. They also did not put the caption during the prayers "LIVE MAGRIB SALAAH".

    This is very good. It will be even better if they stop the practice of virtual prayers.
    Regarding virtual prayers I hope the Shaykh and his mureeds follow the instructions of Hazrat Shaykh Ya'qoubi in regards to this matter and not practice it.

    May Allah correct us all. May Allah bless us all. Ameen.
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  10. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    As expected Shaykh Faisal and his team have hidden or deleted all the videos on his youtube channel titled, Dhikr Majlis - Qur'an, Dhikr & Qasidah -- Recite with us! (mentioned in the last post)

    They are trying to hide the use of his recycled prerecorded "LIVE ISHA SALAAH", but they again reuse the same video clip last night (Sept/02) as a live prayer.

    Shaykh Faisal and Multimedia team, your actions defy common sense.

    You guys also forgot that all your videos are posted on Shaykh's twitter account @shaykhfaisal.
    People can still view your recycled prayers in those videos.

    Also Shaykh Faisal we are still waiting for your retraction and apology for your statements made in the following video:!/v/magnify01/QmX1KfbQ81XPbXth4K9tzSrp7NyH3jL6Lsz3sGW1TniKTw
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  11. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Shaykh Faisal and The Art of Deception

    Shaykh Faisal and his Multimedia team have blocked all his 7:00PM lectures from being viewed from youtube.
    They are currently editing out his prerecorded "LIVE MAGHRIB SALAAH" from these videos.

    In this video after the Adhan which is at 1hr:12min:09sec, the Maghrib prayers has been removed from the video.

    The Shaykh and his team have also forgotten that Shaykh has a prercorded "LIVE ISHA SALAAH' in his all his daily videos titled, Dhikr Majlis - Qur'an, Dhikr & Qasidah -- Recite with us! You can find them on his youtube channel, the video thumbnails have a purple background.

    Shaykh and team don't forget to edit out the "LIVE Isha Salaah" from these videos too. They are the exact same recording of Shaykh Faisal performing Salah for over two months now. First video is from June 28th.

    Shaykh Faisal and team if you haven't done anything wrong why are you editing the videos?

    What's with this deception of live prayers?

    So far, whatever wrongs of yours I have pointed out, you are hiding. If you were the truthful one, there would be no need for you to delete, hide, or edit any of your videos.

    Shaykh Faisal, we all know who's job deception is.
    Why have you taken up the art?
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  12. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

  13. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Message for Shaykh Faisal's Mureeds and Students who might follow him in Virtual Maghrib Salah.

    Please be aware. Shaykh Faisal is reusing the same video everyday for his live Maghrib salah.

    In his daily live broadcasts, that are titled "Daily Lectures with Shaykh Faisal" or "Dhikr, Du`aa and Lecture 2020 Livestream" he leads a 'Live Maghrib Salaah'. A caption over the video actually says 'LIVE Maghrib Salaah' during the prayer.

    You might not know it, but it is a recording that you are praying behind. If you look at his Maghrib prayers from his previous programs that were live from Shawwal and onward, you will notice that it is the same video that is being replayed almost everyday. The broadcast portion of his Maghrib salah is not live, it is prerecorded.

    Surahs recited in the rakats are different, they are edited into the video. When the Surah is long
    you will notice the blending together of two video clips to increase the video length to match the length of the Surah.
    You can see the Shaykh's body transition during the video merge from one point to the next.

    Virtual prayers are not valid. It is very sad that you students and mureeds of the Shaykh think that you are following a live prayer, when in fact you are actually following an edited, prerecorded video of Shaykh Faisal leading prayers.

    He'll probably have all these videos deleted or blocked from public view on his youtube page. He has done this when I have previously pointed things out on Sunniport.

    You will notice that all the videos of his Maghrib prayers have a curtain in front of him with the same crinkle in it. The chair, table cloth, mouse on the desk, and microphone are always in the exact same position. He moves exactly the same way every time. The best way to see this is to open up two web browsers and start watching videos from two different dates of him praying Maghrib. Start the videos at the same time.

    Some examples of his edited videos are from the programs called "Daily Lectures with Shaykh Faisal" or "Du`aa and Lecture 2020 Livestream".
    The videos are dated with the Islamic dates. (Videos can be viewed @
    8th Muharram you will notice the blending of the two video clips being combined @ 1:27:53.
    6th Muharram - 1:22:23 / 4th Muharram - 1:27:29 / 2nd Muharram 1:23:17 /1st Muharram - 1:29:40

    The same video is being reused from the month of Shawwal.

    I watched his August 28th program while it was being broadcasted live (it started at 7:00 PM Toronto time or 12:00 AM UK time). I wanted see if during the actual live program he would use the same video again. The answer was yes.
    It was the exact same Maghrib salah video that has been repeated for many weeks.

    In an earlier post I pointed out that Shaykhs beard color goes from grey to black.

    In a video dated August 27th/8th Muhurram, his beard is black before Maghrib. During the prayer it is grey. You will notice the color when he does Salaam. When he's speaking after prayer, his beard is black. His scarf is different too. This is just more evidence that the video is reused.

    Some people might think that Shaykh is just performing Maghrib Salah and he's not telling anyone to pray virtually with him.
    If you look at his Ramadan Iftar programs you will find in the information section of the video a caption that says ** You can pray with us at home! **. The prayer performed in those videos is Maghrib.

    Why is this deception taking place? What does Shaykh Faisal have to gain from this?

    Are his Vitual Juma prayers prerecorded as well?
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  14. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Salaam brother Waqar786.

    You are correct about these being Fiqhi issues. I do have issues with Shaykh Faisal about the incorrect things he says and not about him as a person.

    He has attributed doubt and disbelief upon our Blessed Nabi (SAW). He is aware about his statements and has not yet retracted or apologized for them. If he believes those statements that he made, what does that say about his Iman? Rafidhis are kafir for attributing disbelief upon the Sahabas (RA). What about a person who attributes doubt and disbelief upon our Blessed Nabi (SAW)? Whether he says the doubting and disbelief happened for a second or for a few weeks.

    I'm not calling the Shaykh a Kafir. I consider him to be a Muslim.

    You are right Waqar786, this is an issue for the Ulema. In regards to Shaykh Faisal, I have emailed and am hoping for a reply from Hazrat Mufti Asjad Raza Khan Sahib of Bareilly Sharif.

    Shaykh Faisal and his team know that I am right. Otherwise why would they have blocked the first two videos that I have linked in my last post from public view? If they thought there was nothing wrong with what he said in the videos, they would not have blocked them.
    ***edited remark... Just noticed Shaykh Faisal and his Multimedia team has had all the videos linked in this topic from his youtube page blocked. What does he have to hide if he has said nothing wrong in those videos?
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  15. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    @Raza Khan. These are Fiqhi issues where there is scope for difference of opinion. You clearly have a lot of issues with Shaykh Faisal but these are better off brought to the attention of Shaykh Yaqoubi, if you believe the shaykh is going off track. Shaykh Yaqoubi is in a better position to clarify things.
  16. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

    Will Shaykh Faisal now claim to be a Syed?

    See this video from yesterday in which he wishes his daughter a happy birthday.
    He refers to his children and his wife as Syeds. He mentions each one by name as either Syeda or Syed. See video from 2hr:11min:33sec (note his body language when he is saying this).

    Wait for the time when he starts calling himself Shaykh "Syed" Faisal.

    In the same video see his beard "miraculously" change color from grey to black, in what is supposed to be a "LIVE" transmission (go to about 1hr:40min for grey beard. You would have already seen the black beard in the time provided before).
    Also listen to the Shaykh mention that there are two positions that are acceptable in the fiqh regarding moon sighting, local and global. Watch from 1hr:1min:30sec in the next video. He agrees that both positions are valid but then goes on to say there is a problem with a local moon sighting, watch video till 1hr:32min.

    Before technology and for over 1400 years our ancestors followed local moon sightings. Now Shaykh says there is a problem with it?

    Here you can see a third position of calculations. Shaykh Faisal seems to follow calculations. He usually starts his Islamic dates with the calculation of the new moon and not the hilal. His dates are predetermined even before a global or local moon sighting (his Ramadan prayer timetables are evidence of this).

    Where did he learn this from?

    Watch from the very beginning of the next video in which you can hear Shaykh Faisal seeking guidance from one of his Shaykhs, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, the leader and spiritual guide of Minhaj ul Quran. Dr. Qadri says calculations are fine for determining the Islamic dates.

    The link below you can see Shaykh Faisal's relationship to Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. You will find it under the heading, "Leading Islamic Scholars who have received ijazat (License to Transmit) from Shaykh-ul-Islam." (many people don't know that there is a student teacher relationship between Shaykh Faisal and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri)


    Lastly see how Shaykh Faisal asks his Shaykh, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri about Multifaith prayers. You can hear Shaykh Faisal ask the question from the beginning of the video:

    I wonder if Shaykh Faisal agrees with his teacher, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri on this matter? Will he also allow the Dhikr of Allah (SWT) to be mixed up with the praising of false deities just like Dr. Tahir ul Qadri allowed at Wembley Stadium?
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  17. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Sounds very wrong. Shaykh Faisal should be contacted to retract this.
  18. Raza Khan

    Raza Khan New Member

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  19. Abdullah Ahmed

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    *و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

    no problem
  20. Abdullah Ahmed

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