Shaykh Foudah on Ibn Taymiyyah

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by faqir, Oct 18, 2015.

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    some selections from uthamiyn's first vol. (not posted to justify a wahabi - just showing)

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    uthaymeen's books are confused and he does a lot of circus to give a semblance of congruence.

    however, the shaykh is mistaken when he attributes "abuuna" to ibn taymiyyah. actually ibn taymiyyah is citing the bible to bolster his argument and according to him, the bible says: "abuuna".

    all fatawa of ibn al-uthaymeen can be found here:

    the book sharh hadith al-nuzul (same mentioned in the video):

    the book kitab al-asma wa's sifat of ibn taymiyyah:

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    these are some of the most gruesome and ugly quotes that I have heard so far - attributed to ibn taymiyyah and published from riyadh(najd) itself:

    has anyone seen this book?

    and also writings of uthyameen, it would be nice if we can get scans of his 'fatawa al-aqeedah'.

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