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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Unbeknown, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    How does this compare with: " I do'nt say that all wahabis and deobandis are terrorists but I do say that all terrorists are either wahabis or deobandis ." ?
  2. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

  3. Muhammadi

    Muhammadi Well-Known Member

    ridawi sahib, all the claims against Shaikh Sayyid Yahya Husaini have been exposed as lies and deceptions.

    Being accused of tafdil, rifd and tashayyu' is nothing new; even Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Barailawi - rahimahullah - isn't spared.

    Moreover, the "disgruntled" student [as opposed to: students] has launched filthy attacks on the Shaikh's personal dealings and character as well.

    Anybody who would like to examine the facts - including Ahmad Darwaish's role - then here is a kick-start.

    What is really odd is speculative analysis upon unverified information [lies] when such speculation has been adequately defaced.

    May Allah continue to protect and strength Shaikh Sayyid Yahya Husaini, amin.
  4. Abu al-Nasr

    Abu al-Nasr Guest

    I find this post of yours quite odd brother. Why would ex-students accuse him of being "TafDili"? That is quite an odd accusation to make by a disgruntled ex-student, do you not think so?

    For example attacking his personal dealings, his character...etc, that would probably be the works of an ex-student, not accusing him of being a TafDili. Sorry brother, I am sure you are right, but seems pretty odd to me.

    Is aHmad Darwiysh one of his ex-students too?
  5. kattarsunni2

    kattarsunni2 Guest

    I agree with Wadood.
  6. hayaa

    hayaa Guest

    I'm always told if you want something done, just join in.

    Someone has to pay for a venue and if no one does than charge the attendees. Can you pay for it so they don't have to charge.

    I don't know what tafdili/tafdhili is but I did email a student of Sheikh Ninowy because ppl said that about him. He was very happy I contacted him instead of listening to hear say. He said the sheikh was not tafdili and this was a slander by x students. Are you one of his x students? Hazrat is a pure Sunni otherwise our murshid, his son and grandson would never have spent more than 30 years with him.

    I am finding your posts interesting but this one is not.
  7. hayaa

    hayaa Guest

    Br. Wudood you have to be very careful when you speak about these ppl. I told you about the son of our murshid, that he was mard e mujahid. Hazrat Qadri and his workers are also mard e mujahid. Hazrat is hunted everywhere but Ghos Paks protects him. Look at this video about an attack on his mosque:

    Attack in masjid narowal minhaj ul quran meran shah hussain
  8. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Sidi Faqir, thats not true.

    If you meet in real life, you will inshaAllah find me very pleasant, honestly, no sarcasm intended. I am a very emotional and cannot even kill a fly, crush a spider, or cockroach. I show fikr, concern for Islam and Muslims, great great admiration for Sunni Muslims and their insitutions. Great admiration for Islamic Art, voice, and tasawwuf. You will find me very supportive of whatever you do on ma'rifa and sunnipubs.

    I have inshaAllah made plans. May Allah ta'ala begin them soon. But if its His riDa for something else to happen, I will submit. My parents are supportive. The first thing will be

    1) publish riDwi books and works from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, eastern Turkey, and the Caucasus on some ideas that I have

    The rest of the points I am sending you by pm.

    Sabri is right.
  9. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    as-salamu `alaikum

    Wadood is a chronic moaner - don't get your own bp up worrying about his rants on this forum.

    He has been complaining for years about everyone and everything. Hopefully he is not this bad in real life.

    How about this then? why don't YOU step up to the plate and do something yourself instead of moaning and moaning and moaning?

    may I suggest that you do not post anything on this forum until you have become a 'scholar of this deen' or 'established a community' or made a 'school, arabic school' or developed some academic institute for 'academia for the adults to produce sholarships'?

    thank you - your contribution will be appreciated by the Ummah and may Allah reward you for it..
  10. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    If you live in North America, you will know that we have had enough of this nonsense of "sufism", "motivation", "love", "mawlid", "da'wa", "mercy"

    Do Sunni Muslims care about "radicalization?"

    What we really, unconsciously, and consciously, care about is the establishment of seminaries. Enough of these motivational talks.

    I cannot listen to Hamza Yusuf no more. I have been listening to his "motivational talks" for the past ten years since early teenage age. What seminaries do we have in North America for the grown ups and for the youth at puberty? What has Shaykh Hamza done for the past 10 to 12 years here PRACTICALLY? Zaytuna College?

    The best choice to bring balance, spirituality, and kill radicalization from the youth is to establish proper arabic schools geared towards the masses, not charge ridiculous prices.

    Zaytuna College will be a failure. Muslims will never have a future. Shaykh Hamza us deluded.

    Tahirul Qadiri will come and go, but nothing will be established.

    Besides khalwa, what Sunni Muslims need is a community. We need schools, arabic schools. Academia for the adults to produce scholarships.

    This is the point of this thread. Ignorance, and jahaliyya only spreads where there are no scholars of this Deen.
  11. Sabri

    Sabri New Member

    Don't you ever get worried for the state of your heart..? Or even your blood pressure..

    You know, the mind, tongue and etc has a direct connection to your spiritual heart. Refrain from these kinds of thoughts - for your own sake. Or you'll find yourself sinking deeper and deeper. Which would be very sad, no?
  12. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    assalamu 'alaykum

    Shaykh Tahirul Qadiri says that it is his duty to save the youth from radicalization, then how come for this event, he is charging 25$ per person?

    Can the youth even afford a 25$ ticket to go and listen to him give a lecture on how to establish balance?

    Two other Sunnis are attending the podium next to him. I do not think they know that Shaykh Tahirul Qadiri also has tafdhili leanings and that he leads rafiDi mourning sessions and celebrates christmas with christians

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