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Discussion in 'Events' started by Ghulam, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Re titles: Yesterday in a speech it was stated that Gazali e Zaman Allama Sayyad Saeed Ahmed Kazmi (rehmatullahi alay) on reading 3 fatwas that Hazrat Madani Miya had sent him replied not only praising his fatwas but referred to him as 'Rais ul Muhaqiqqin'.
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    At least Muhammed Madani Miyan is an Aalim & also a Sayyed. And (differences apart), he is indeed striving a lot for Islam. Which in a way "entitles" his followers to claim him to be Shaykh ul Islam. (They are not calling him Shaykh ul Aalame Islaam)

    do we have a rule that at any given time, there can be just one Aalim conferred with this title?

    On the other hand, we have complete idiots, jaahils and (unfortunately) even Murtads being called Mujaddid, Shaykh ul Islaam, Ghaus, Qutub etc...

    In some cities in the sub-continent you will find a qutub in every street.......... indeed a very sorry state of affairs.
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    I managed to attend this function yesterday where many scholars were present and listened to some of the speeches. The thing that struck me was that from around various towns in the UK approximately 12 500 Tafsir books were sponsored by people to give to Ulemas and students etc

    As for titles etc no one needs to address any scholar by any title if it makes them uncomfortable - just look at the work that the scholar has done and appreciate that and if any Sunni Scholar writes a Tafsir then we should be grateful for that.
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    21st April 2013
    dewsbury town hall

    shaykh ul Islam has finished his 'tafsir e ashrafi' so this large gathering of Ulama is to celebrate the completion.

    scholars: shaykh ul Islam; sayyid Hasan askari; mufti ansar ul qadri and many others.

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