"single mothers"

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Wadood, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Wadood

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    Your point about the inappropriateness of the connotation " single mothers " is well taken Sir.

    Faraz is not entirely copying the West here, and its not entirely about desperation. The principle is to be North American, or Canadian, being raised as Americans and Canadians. As such, local social issues becomes one's own. Faraz has been raised in Canada and studied in Canadian Schools. This principle is one of the bases of Hamza Yusuf Da' wa and of the Modernist Ikhwanis/Nadwis/Maududites/Qutbites heres as ISNA and ICNA. It has been adopted by Habib Ali and Habib Umar, and Mr Keller. The opposite is the salafi da' wa considered detached from reality.

    The Core Principle of RIS is that the Muslims of North America are an integral part the society here and the social issues here are their concerns. " Minority Fiqh " has been developed for the Muslims in the West, and Hamza Yusuf as clearly stated that the West is the best place for Muslims to live, and that the revival of Islam is from the West. Programs promoting this have been made like the Little Mosque on the Prairie, show on local TV stations, even in HD, to the horror of the local white Christian populace who have no idea where the hell did these ninjas come from. The idea is that it is OK for the Muslim smiling Hijabi to sit in the American Congress or the Senate on national TV. But we know that this will freak out the White American, who wouldn't understand the alien invasion. This is much like the deobandi hobnobbing with Congress and the Indian Political and National System. It only creates animosity of Hindus against Muslims, as Hindus think the Muslims are trying to take over them. It is not the same as the tareeqa that the Sunni Ulama of India and Pakistan follow, that the Muslims have their own systems and culture.
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    are they really that desperate to copy the west that they need to use the phrase "single mothers" to refer to widows?

    "single mothers" in the west primarily has connotations of unwed mothers.

    is it just to sound more west-friendly?


    i dunno the hadith, but can or should "attempt" be said regarding the Prophet, 3alaihis salam, opening the gates of heaven or entering heaven.

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