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    i think that is wrong. siparah is actually a contraction of the word sīpārah which means thirtieth part. that is what lexicons tell us. so also in urdu, a siparah is ONE PART of the thirty parts in the qur'an.

    the usage of siparah/sīpārah for a single juz'u/part is correct as far as my knowledge permits even though breaking down words to stand under may not work always.
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    Hey....this is cool. Very interesting! Things like this really make me want to learn another language........... the same word in the naat that goes 'Kaaliyaan zulfaan waala':

    'Parh Kay Tu Weykh Jeyra Marzi Sipaara, Qassam Khudaa Dii Maynoon etc etc'. Is this also technically incorrect then? hmmm...
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    i don't know much farsi at all so correct this if i'm wrong:

    the farsi word si means 30
    paara means part

    so the Qur'an is knows as sipaara. so it would actually be incorrect to say, as is the norm, that i have read 13 sipaare to mean i have read 13 parts. you would say 13 paare.

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