So called 'naqshbandi Haqqani' affirming belief in the false prophet known as 'Drew Ali'

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Inwardreflection, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    man, that's how rumors get started!

    i did not call nazim's cult as agents of kuffar AND qadianis.

    i said nazim's cult's shuyukh are agents of kuffar, LIKE qadianis!

    and let me repeat that, nazim was an agent of the kuffar, as are the top "shuyukh" of his cult, like hisham!

    you're a tadpole in a well, who thinks his little well is the universe.

    the Naqshbandi tariqa is a very superior tariqa, and has many many branches and followers worldwide. it's just that nazim's cult doesn't have anything to do with Ahlus Sunnah and consequently the Naqshbandi tariqah.
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    This guy is comical. Just another troll who's been following the forum for a long time and hates that people here call out the sins of his elders. Cultist defined.

    Like I said elsewhere recently, I am against piri muridi these days. People simply aren't intelligent or objective enough.
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  3. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    You don't believe people like abu Hasan are a rizvi because they disagree with you, and then you say people like abu Hasan are the only people who believe they are rizvis.
    You also tell people they're not haqqanis when they're not as extreme as you.
    I think it's self-evident that you believe you're the only rizvi.

    If the 4 deobandi akabireen didn't commit the kufriyaat they committed, and for arguments sake the 'haqqani' figureheads were the first people to mention such kufriyaat, I have a huge feeling you would've defended those kufriyaat too. You fail to measure everybody on the scale of aqeedah and shari'ah, you measure aqeedah and shari'ah on the scales of people. If a kufr or deviant belief is found one group of people, you'll defend it, and if it's found with another group, you will refute it.

    You should be refuting it in every case.

    You quoted what they said, but nowhere does that say nazim is a kafir.
    I'm convinced you can't read english, and by the day I'm becoming convinced that you are increasingly incapacitated in understanding an argument due to your blind bhai-bhai 'spirituality', 'higher-understanding', sullhe kulliyat.

    Let us not forget you couldn't provide us the name when we asked for the name of the person whom you said is your teacher, and a khalifah of Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan...
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  4. @FaqirHaider

    Not interested in what you have to say. These so called rizvis have called Molana Sheikh Nazim an innovator,Fasiq, Kaffir, deviant and called the whole Naqshbandi Tariqa a cult. Look at this convo thread from the first page onwards. Molana was called 'Agent of Kuffar and Qadiyanis by a Shaitan called AbdalQadir. Abu Hassan the Fasiq went another level. The accusation of Kuffar has bounced back to theae lot via Hadith shariff, so taking deen from these Takfiris is haraam. YOU claim to be a Mureed of the Haqqani silsila but you call these lot brothers who make Takfir on Molana due to their ego and shaitanic ways.

    We don't believe You are a Haqqani. Because in no way have you defended Molana, you have mixed with theese Takfiri Khwarij instead. Apart from this thread, go to forums from 2015 onwards. And look what they have been saying about Molana. If you still choose to be brothers with these people then your Baya (if you have one) to Our silsila is void
  5. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    I meant to type 'and then goes on to say that every prophet that asked was denied'. If an admin can edit that, and then delete this comment it would be much appreciated.
  6. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    Brother FaqirHaider,

    It's very clear I did not make that person from twitter, escadaman07 who's not even a muslim an entire representation of the tariqah. I pointed out that he needs to be refuted and hoped that the shuyukh of the tariqah can make some videos and series regarding khatame Nubuwwat, since that person, escadaman07 has regard for Shaykh Mehmet.

    I then went on to present further objections to the tariqah and figureheads of the tariqah, and some people kept going back to escadaman07 and objected saying why am I making escadaman07 who has disbelieved in Islam a representation of the tariqah, which I did not.

    The vast majority of my posts were about Shaykh Nazim, Shaykh Lokman, Shaykh Hisham and the eshaykh website and their blunders.
    The purpose of pointing out Shaykh Nazim's blunders wasn't for a bashing session, rather it was to point out that these are erroneous actions and statements that absolutely mustn't be defended.
    Also, the whole Shaykh al Akbar ibn Arabi thing which mureeds use is a very watered down analogy. The analogy given is as follows:
    Shaykh al Akbar ibn Arabi had problematic statements.
    So did Shaykh Nazim.
    Therefore if you believe ibn Arabi was upon the right path, you must believe nazim was upon the right path.

    There's no actual analysis of nazim's statements by these people on the scale of aqeedah and shari'ah, whereas Shaykh ul Akbar Ibn Arabi's statements have been analysed on those scales. And even then, Shaykh ul Akbar ibn Arabi is disputed upon.

    Defending the statements of shaykh Nazim are dangerous, and so are the statements of the rest of the haqqani figureheads I mentioned. The rest of the haqqani figureheads are alive, and they must retract their statements and publicly repent.

    Additionally, the only issue is more than the fact that these statements have been said. It is also the kufr and deviance that is feared for people who accept these statements.

    For instance, Gibril's statement on eshaykh indicates there is a valid difference of opinion on whether the hellfire will come to an end. This goes against mass transmitted evidences.
    If a follower completely ignorant of aqeedah reads this and adopts the belief that the fire will be extinguished and won't last eternally, he will become a disbeliever.
    Even if the person believes it is a valid difference of opinion it will result in disbelief.

    If somebody rejects a fundamental belief from daruriyaat e deen to be from daruriyaat e deen this is also disbelief.

    You've mentioned this ironically resembles shi'istic thinking of attacking Ameer Muawiyah (RadiAllahu anhu) for yazeed's actions.

    I pointed out issues with shaykh Nazim's statements, as well as other haqqani figureheads.
    This is completely different from shi'istic thinking of attacking Ameer Muawiyah for being the father of Yazeed.
    I pointed out mistakes in a number of problematic individuals of the haqqanis.

    Ameer Muawiyah is not problematic. He gets criticised unjustly by the shi'a. May Allah be pleased with him.

    Osmanlinaqshbandirizvi, you've shown your ignorance. You commented multiple times that "this is my last post", which made none of them your last post, you swore at individuals, and you failed to respond to any responses to your responses (I don't think you'll even be able to understand what that means). Now you're deleting your account because you know you've failed in spreading your sullhe kulliyyat.

    Another nail in the coffin, and I just remembered this video now, which is why I'm bringing it to our attention:
    In this video, Lokman, the absolute jaahil, says that there was a wali called 'Nasruddin Hoja'. I don't know if he was an actual wali, or whether he's just a figure from turkish folklore. However, Lokman says within the first 3 minutes that Nasruddin Hoja's soul was created as the soul of a prophet, and that he 'gave up his prophethood' and asked Allah if he can supposedly no longer be a prophet, then was sent within this ummah.
    So now he's saying that nubuwwah was lost in the realm of souls...
    Then he says that prophets asked Allah if they could give up their nubuwwah to be apart of this ummah... and then goes on to say Prophet everybody was denied except Prophet Isa (alayhis salaam), who was, according to him "later given the permission" implying that Prophet Isa lost his nubuwwah/will lose his nubuwwah when he returns!!!
    What's worrying is that a number of people are sitting in that gathering, or watched it via live broadcast, or on youtube, or on their other social media. Look at the views, it's a few above 14,000. Go to the comments and see the comments of those who were agreeing with such kufr. See how those who refuted such kufr are being attacked...

    Go read bahar e shariat, first volume. Go have a look at the beliefs under the chapter regarding Nubuwwat. Check what the hukm is on saying that nubuwwah can be lost. And you should already know the hukm of affirming a non-prophet as a prophet. Don't be so ignorant. Don't defend this kufr.
    Is music halal in Tariqat? - YouTube

    Solution to all of this? Allah knows best. A few things that must happen are:
    - Shaykh Lokman must be made to repent publicly, he must be stripped of his position and must study basic aqeedah, fiqh - this is the real first step in the path of tassawuf.
    - The other haqqani figureheads should be alerted about all these deviances, made to repent publicly and they should also be made to learn the correct aqeedah for all the blunders we've pointed out and more, and many of them also stripped from their positions of authority.
    People like Shaykh Mehmet must hold conferences where they themselves do bayaan of the correct aqeedah, and do radd of all of the deviant beliefs that these figureheads have, and all deviant beliefs that are prevalent within the tariqah. He must also command anybody with these beliefs to do tawbah.
    - I'm well acquainted with how many people attend the gatherings of Shaykh Mehmet, and come even from other countries to the UK in their large amounts to attend his gatherings. And his talks are always recorded and uploaded. Shaykh Mehmet tours the world, and has many people who are able to translate his talks into different languages. He must do the same in other countries also.
    Before somebody says that none of these people have anything to do with Shaykh Mehmet, they all come under the 'haqqani' tariqah, and Shaykh Mehmet is generally accepted throughout as the head. Every shaykh in a position of authority is responsible to refute deviant beliefs and kufr.
    - And people may say he talks about aqeedah, but I mean full on conferences with titles about aqeedah and with speeches solely devoted to teaching people the correct aqeedah and making people do tawbah from any kufriyaat and evil innovated beliefs they believe in. And for him to be very direct.
    - If somebody says people will run away, I don't think so. The people in the haqqani tariqah take every word of Shaykh Mehmet very seriously and take it above anything else many a times.
    - People mention that the haqqani shaykhs have brought many people into Islam. Alhamdulilah.
    However, they must ensure that anybody who has left the folds of Islam by believing in kufr and by doing kufr, re-enter the folds of Islam and they must ensure that those whose imaan is intact do not leave the folds of Islam.
    - They must invite learned and staunch sunni ulama' to do this - and haqqanis have many links with barelwis, I'm sure they can do this. All shaykh Mehmet needs to say is accept what the learned sunni scholar is saying - they will listen.

    Also, the shaykh must work to stop mureeds from having a complex whereby they feel like 'book knowledge' is not a high enough level of knowledge to seek. This is a dangerous mentality.

    I firmly believe that it is objective and in the best interest of people for Shaykh Mehmet to be contacted about these issues. For instance, if he places strong emphasis on the belief of khatme nubuwwat, perhaps people who class themselves as 'haqqanis', such as escadaman07, (who ofcourse isn't even a muslim, let alone a 'haqqani'), would repent from their blasphemous belief that there is another prophet after the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam), and perhaps such people would accept Islam.
    Likewise, perhaps anybody else with any other kufr beliefs will also do tawbah from their kufr and accept Islam.
    Anybody with deviant positions that haven't reached the level of kufr might rectify their beliefs.

    Also, these gatherings in the UK tend to have multiple, active stalls. The shaykh can demand that ahlus sunnah material of aqeedah and fiqh are placed in these stalls and shops, seeing as some people are usually selling books along with other things at these gatherings.

    There are instances when Shaykh Mehmet has been informed by murids of certain issues amongst the mureeds and Shaykh Mehmet has addressed them. I would like to believe he would also address these issues, if informed.

    I'd like to present an additional nail in the coffin:
    This is a post from the main facebook page of the 'osmanli dergahi', i.e lokman's centre. Look at how much abuse has taken place towards followers due to this main khalifah of lokman, who has now been stripped of his duty. He was the main khalifa of lokman. This is all due to being passive, and not removing somebody so ignorant and erroneous from a place of position:
    Osmanlı Dergahı - BismillahirRahmanirRahim This is an... | Facebook

    See for yourselves...
    I'm shocked it took so long to take action. Tassawuf isn't passively allowing oppression to take place. And if somebody says but they exposed the truth and put an end to the oppression.
    Clearly you haven't learnt any tassawuf. Since when do you allow so much oppression to take place, and then expose it later? Cut it off from its root so it cannot grow.
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  7. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    I mentioned this earlier in the thread too but just want to expand on it. I remember speaking to brothers I know about Shaykh Nazim probably a year or two before they died. I said to them either the Shaykh has gone off track or they speaking about things that are beyond the comprehension of us masses, so either way it's better to avoid listening to them. I stand by that.

    In this day and age, we would get more benefit from listening to the likes of Shaykh Asrar teaching us basic aqeeda. This is what the masses need as Imam Zaid Shakir said when talking about Malcolm X: 'We become so supersonic... in our understanding of the religon that basic fundamentals like akhirah become an intellectual construct and not something that drives or motivates us.'
    We need to get the basics right and then build from there.
    I have been around many mureeds from different tariqas and a lot of them are not able to be objective. They will pontificate adab and keeping a more open heart towards others but when objections are raised against the Shaykh, all that is thrown outside the window.
    There is one thing that I agree with syed Irfan Shah in what he said in the now infamous interview against Jalali Sahib and that is when you are addressing the masses, you present the 'mukhtar mazhab'. That is what they need, not obscure or minority opinions that cause contention or confusion.
  8. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    Not Surprising, a knee jerk reaction, I don’t know how long you’ve been in tarikat, but neither is this kind of grousing suggested nor warranted here. Those “alleged articles” are from deobandis or sullah kullis, what fanaticism is this, that when a sincere brother who by the way , believes and defendsall the KNOWN by Tawatur awliya of the established Tariqah , is being accused of Kharijiyyat?!

    It’s almost as bad as those shias accusing Sunnis of Nasibiyyat, in fact maybe worse, because the Sharia allows judgement based of the apparent not the Batin (Ghayb).

    The “Confirmation of wilayah” for someone alive or recent passed away is solely a matter of Ghayb.

    Don’t go bath mouthing the very individual who works day and night to defend and propagate true sunni “aqeedah” and belief. I don’t know if it’s a is a lack of intelligence or just you’re just pure “Jaazbati” that caused you to react with such irrational words.

    I am naqshbandi haqqani , and I have no issues with the concerns brought about Ustaz Abu Hasan, I do have issues with the rest who lack adab, but don’t I bother with them.

    Why have you attacked Ridawi a press and Ustaz Abu Hasan , when clearly your concern is with the lacking adab or the like come from the other brothers

    Learn to control your ego, Shaykh Nazim (قدس الله سره ) said The Command is above Etiquette, when commanded don’t let your delusional sense of etiquette over rule the shaykh’s direct order. The Shaykh ordered to build connection with sunnis and sunni ulama, and other sunni tariqah’s.

    People like you legitimize all criticizes , If I had a dollar for all the delusional (uneducated in science of kalam and sharia) none sense some mureeds spew
    I’d be a millionaire. But, if it’s anything i’ve learned from Mawlana is to have patience and mercy towards people like you, let alone the “sincere” criticizers.

    Shoddy mureeds are the real disservice to the tariqah. You’d realize this if you read or listen to Shaykh Muhammad’s sohbat’s .

    ~ note I use the words mureed here very lightly, it is rare to find true Mureeds these days in any tariqah amongst sunnis as well.
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  9. The only thing that got shut down was the Egotistical traits of you and your pals on this Sunni (Fitna)port website. You claim you all only stick to books and Shariat, and your all perfected in Fiqh, Aqeeda, tajwid, Tafsir etc. But Wallahu al azeem, you havnt even tasted the core essence of Islam. And that is to love those who Allah loves. As we stated, for you admins on this website, everyone who does not accept your teachings is a Kaffir or a Bidati. There are some articles on google exposing some of your admins including Abu Hassan the liar.

    I have wasted enough time on this website. I dont want to be affiliated with your Khwarij organisation any longer the bad smell has lingered long enough. Please delete my account . BUT. Leave this forum open so people out there in Tariqa can see the real side of your organisation and the people behind Ridawi Press. And what you actually think of the confirmed Sayed Awliya.

    May Allah bless Ala Hazrat رضي الله عنه and honour him through his true lovers and followers
  10. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    My respect for Shaykh Abu Hasan has grown over the years and it's because at the heart of all his discourses is that dard for Sunni Islam. In these times of immense fitna and misinformation, I almost always feel that Shaykh Abu Hasan's analysis gets to the crux of the issues at hand. Whatever the haters will say, Shaykh Abu Hasan is a gem whose value will only be truly known or felt when he is not amongst us. May Allah most High keep the Shaykh steadfast and may we continue to benefit from him. Ameen.
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  11. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    Brother's as a Haqqani myself, and having been in the circle for a while, I can say that the contentions brought up are most valid, when it comes to all fractions, deviating from and even through those authorized by Shaykh Muhammad Adil.

    Unfortunately, people get upset and belligerent when you delegitimize the authority of their teachers , "shaykhs" "claimants" of leadership , in most cases almost all of whom(belligerents) have never studied formally foundational knowledge of aqeedah nor sharia, ie. Darse Nizami or Azhar etc, and have , and I say this with confidence, only passively learnt it through growing up in a Sunni milieu. Be this Turkey or the Subcontinent (the only exception being Sh G.FHaddad, and Sh Hisham)

    But again it is not fare to blame the Tariqah or Shaykh Nazim q.s for it all, and I believe brother MaturidiNahw's concern of informing and having Shaykh Mehmet's voice and authority demote or relegate the preposterousness being spewed by clear individuals who supper from ego mania. I too share the same sentiment, and resorting to ad holmium to an obvious concern speaks mountains of a cultic syndrome that unfortunately most mureeds of my tariqah are affected by.

    This ironically resembles shi'istic argumentation, how they will Blame Sayyiduna Mu'awiyah for the atrocities of his son Yazid. Or how Ibran Hussain blames Ottomans, due to Some Ottoman heirs' problematic actions, despite evidence of attempts at rectification. "Bahauddin son of Shaykh Nazim, showed some distasteful acts early on , now rectified, People have hopes but in the end it is not in our hands how people turn out.

    We don't blame Irfan Shah's oddities towards his Sunni Teacher's. We don't go around saying Irfan Shah is a figurehead(representing Sunni islam), and you as a Rizvi can't see that ...Tahir Ul Qadri is a figure head (representing Sunni islam).

    "Shaytan was in the sublime suhbat of the Angles and Allah in the heavenly station, but the ego is most surely ones enemy." , Taswwuf is all about battling this very ego that led Shaytan towards the path of Destruction

    We acknowledge the issued brought out by sunni scholars, this is nothing new, as was done in every age and with every wali, the sober and the estatic alike. What should be noted is that SHaykh Muhammad is trying to fix up such issues, but since the "enterprise" of tariqah is rather large to get the done 100% is a long process, as he inherited a rather obstinate group of "mureeds." You'd be surprised of the amount of people in cyprus who are two faced and merely disregard Shaykh Muhammad as anything as they took bay'yah with Shaykh Nazim which under their delusion makes them special.

    Mureeds in the inner circles of the tariqa will tell you 90% of the mureed's actually have yet to even control their egos, and that mere obstensible observance of sunnah and nafl prayer and zikr are a hijab on their true ailments. But the 10% who are trying to rectify the batin are the one's that are hidden from the audience, (as Shaykh Muhammad Adil himself was).

    and the bigger issue here is , We don't blame "Sunniya" in an umbrellistic for all the jali peers and laymen "brelwi's" who commit quackery , especially when you have them going in direct contradiction to the "sources , especially if by Rizviyaah we mean "true rizvi", nor "chishtiyya" for all the misapplication of sama', or shia injected tafzilism, or Ba'alawoyyah for perenialism offered by "calimants of authority" , and to retort that "NO True .....sunni, haqqani, chishti, rizvi, wahabi, shia, etc....would" mid argument would just becomes a "No Scotsman Fallacy."

    But if you say that was taken for granted, then it goes both way, which clearly it seems by OP it wasn't. How in God's name , will someone take a no body random Twitter "mureed," that no one of the haqqani a)recognizes b)follows, as a spokes men for haqqaniah.

    So to avoid this and hype generalize to win the argument (from both sides) , I will say to start the argument with defining true haqqanis: which I hope will be will aligned with the sunni aqeedah in all aspects, will take position from the books of shaykh nazim and his son Shaykh Muhammad only, and any point of contention with be looked with ta'wil and or rejected if in conflict with all possible positions within Ahle Sunnah. Shaykh ul Akbar is given similar precaution, and since Shaykh Nazim is no longer with us physically, whatever clarity is needed can't be done directly but at the least one can ask shaykh Mehmet alone in this matter, and no one else, I repeat (no his brother, sisters, niece , nephews, representatives , one only needs to privately sit with Shaykh Mehmet to come to terms with what's really going on inside tariqat).

    Either the Sajjadah Nasheen thinks he is the Gaddi Nasheen, or people start to take the Sajjadah Nasheen as the Gaddi Nasheen when it suits them, something people stay quiet and consider the fitna a test and hope if fixes itself, in most cases to no avail.
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  12. Sunni Jaag

    Sunni Jaag Active Member

    Long live Mawlana Abu Hasan.
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  13. Noor11

    Noor11 New Member

    Lads seriously ..

    calling people khanzeers and hyenas , that’s not how people of tariqa behave ..

    also to the other brother , if someone tells you something in private about a certain illness they have you don’t go expose that to people and to make fun of them .

    Mans can critique anyone they want. That’s your opinion .
    Leave it as that . Please brothers don’t inbox me , I’m not into insulting people . We was having a good discussion .

    anyways my brother . As salamu Alaykum .

    no more messages in the inbox also I’ve said what I’ve needed to say on this thread . I have nothing else to say ..

    Allah bless you lads , Masalam
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  14. MaturidiNahwi

    MaturidiNahwi New Member

    Read through the forum and check how many 'this is the last time' posts you've posted.

    If this was real life we know you would've ran away from Mawlana Abu Hasan.

    I am a Muslim, alhamdulilah. I have Imaan. You, defending these deviances should be worrying about your sunniyyat.......

    We know you didn't contact Mufti Shams ul Huda and give accurate information. We also know you can't provide the name of this teacher of yours who is a khalifah of Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan
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  15. Jonaid202

    Jonaid202 New Member

    Really! You calling him a Jahil?! This is unbelievable. Why don’t you bring your cultists and have a discussion with him on tafsir and hadith etc. Let us all have access to that discussion too. We'll see who the jahil his. Lol

    And gustakh of Awliya? You have lost it. You're a liar. He loves true awliya. Why don’t’ you answer his points rather than tell such baseless lies...
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  16. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    I did have the feeling you're a troll pretending to be rizwi. You got shutdown good and proper so now throwing the toys out.
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  17. Meaning of the word delusional:

    Characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

    Above concludes you and your SP little group

    Seen as you are an online Sheikh with your Sheikh Abu Hassan (Fasiq). Please show how you have exposed the Haqqanis to the world. Apart from SP and your little therapy sessions within your small group.

    Where are your giant scholars supporting your vendetta against Sultan al Awliya Molana Sheikh Nazim al Hassan al Hussaini? Name them. And if you are so sincere about your claims then how come the sunni world has never heard of you or your accusations or your Fatwas against Molana Sheikh Nazim, how come you have not gone public?. Becuase it seems like you and Abu Hassan Fasiq have the authority from your teachers to give Fatwas on Awliya.

    If you are sincere, then how come nobody has ever heard of your little group or your claims about the Haqqanis? And you claim your upon Haq.

    SP is a teeni platform for insecure Khwarij using the sunni name to gossip and slander all those who they feel threatened by, becuase their brains are capped at the 15th century. Actually feel a little sorry for you.

    Well its definitely been a good lesson for many not to trust people who claim to be Sunni Rizvi through this ordeal, especially these kind of sites. Only nails you hit where the ones into your imaan and common sense, big loss for you losers. I leave this conversation, you all got a serious plastering from us and exposing for your weak attempts to slander Allahs walis who have achieved more than you ever will. Your going nowhere

    Destur Ya Sayedi Molana Sheikh Nazim Shah e Mardaan.

    We will see each other on the day of great investigation In Sha Allah. We won't post on here again
  18. ramiz.noorie

    ramiz.noorie Active Member

    Seems like some people are still in denial.
    let's call a spade spade, it doesn't really matter if sh. asrar rashid endorsed sh. nazim qubrusi or sh. Gibril F Haddad (gf haddad)

    same law applies to everyone.

    too many heretics and fraudsters using religion to make money out of it.
  19. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Well-Known Member

    A fine example of a person treading the path of tasawwuf without first understanding the basics of shariat! One can never be a sufi without being grounded in the shariat.

    The truth of the matter is that ignorants who lack any deeni knowledge choose their spiritual guides based on media appeal, who turn them into 'pseudo sufis'. Then these pseudo sufis come along preaching the rest of us 'tasawwuf'!
  20. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Digusting. Where is abu hasan and the admins?
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