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    Close to apostasy? That is frightening; I checked through all of them and could not see any which had such danger in them. Some of them are translations of sayings of Sunni scholars/Shaykhs I've heard on the minbar during jalsay; others are playing with words. although I feel i can explain every single one of them, to avoid the danger of which you spake I deleted the post.

    Some were sophistry--for example, 'Deoband mein sirf deo band hain'. The numerical ones were plays on the 11th (gyarvin sharif), the 5 refers to the panj tan paak, the 4 are the four righteous khalifahs and so on.

    I didn't think there was anything against Sunni aqidah in any of the Contentions; these were not meant to be aphorisms of the sort written by Hazrat Ibn Atta Illah :ra:, rather just observations/reflections by myself on the world of Islam and other things as i see them/understand them.
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    said RasulAllah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam: 'whosoever believes in Allah and the last day, he should say that which is righteous or else keep quiet.'

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