Spring lodge retreat

Discussion in 'Events' started by agent-x, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    We don't really need to be advertising their retreats for them, unless we want to promote their wishy washy ways to another generation who will suddenly deem Christmas parties ok to celebrate
  2. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    I don't know how they can justify such pricing reminds me of gateway a few years ago "come onto stage meet the awliyah for £10,000" instead of delivering a lecture on the advertised topic they converted it into a fund-raiser leaving many dishearten.

    To my limited understanding I am sure the Awliyah I heard about growing up gave to the world for the sake of Allah and didn't come with hefty price-tags attached.
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  3. Rumi786

    Rumi786 ghulam-i-Shams-Tabrizam

    If I go it will be to see the Sunni Shuyukh esp. Sayyid Habib Ali, Habib Kazem, Murabit ul Hajj's son, and Ibrahim Osi-Efa.
    I'll go for a walk or something when the Deobandi is on it. Thanks for the tip brother!
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  4. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    please don't ever give your money to these vultures

    give it as SADAQAH to Sunni poor, and Sunni organizations and earn AJR

    Donate in making a Sunni Madrasahs for Sunni Shuyukh in the UK
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  5. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    i would advise you brother to not attend this gathering because there is a deobandi on it

    Nader Khan is a deobandi from Canada, and very close old friend of Faraz Rabbani. He freely mixes with women and is a kellerite too.
  6. Rumi786

    Rumi786 ghulam-i-Shams-Tabrizam

    Sounds awesome...hope I can get a ticket insha Allah.
  7. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    Spring Lodge Retreat

    with al-Habib Ali al-Jifri (Yemen), al-Habib Kazim as-Saqqaf (Yemen), Shaykh Usama as-Sayyid (Egypt), Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Ould Murabit al-Hajj (Spain/Mauritania), Shaykh Salih al-Ghursi (Turkey)

    Dr. Kareem Lahham, Ibrahim Osi-Efa, Faiz Qureshy, Yasser Qureshi

    Amir Sulaiman, Nader Khan & Firqah Birr Wa Taqwa

    Friday, 3rd April - Monday, 6th April 2015The University of Nottingham


    Tickets will be available for purchase at Greensville Trust from Saturday, 21st February onwards.

    Tickets include admission to all classes, lectures and workshops as well as three nights' accommodation & meals.

    Individual Ticket - Adults (including fourteen and above): £275
    Family Ticket - Husband & Wife: £500
    Seven to Fourteen: £250 (per child)
    Six and Under: £75 (per child)

    There will be an additional childcare fee (to be disclosed) for children above the age of three.
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