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    If you are not a student of Hadith, then please refrain from reading and only read the narration itself(its content) dont delve into this highest matter of the Hadith science if you are not a student.

    #1 Narration
    Imam Abul Muwaid Mofil bin Ahmed al Makki(click on the name to read regarding imam Mofil) narrates that great imam, Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah said that:

    No one was superior/Afdal than him in his period and more pious than him and more knowledgeable/Faqih than him. Subhan ALLAH!!

    Just like every time, now we will research the chain and the narrators are authenticated below.

    1. Imam Abul Muwaid Mofiq bin Ahmad al Makki – SUDOOQ
    2. Hafidh Abul Khair Abdur Raheem Al Asbahani H568 – SUDOOQ
    Imam Dhahabi called him Imam, Hafidh, Aalim al Kabeer1
    3. Abul Faraj Sa’eed bin Abi Raja – THIQA Pious2
    4. Abul Hussain Ahmed Bin Muhammad alAskaafi – SUDOOQ 3
    5. Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ishaaq bin Munda H395 – Famous Thiqa Hafidh ul Hadith4
    6. Imam Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Muhammad alHaarthi H340 – THIQA MAQBOOL5
    7. Sulayman bin Dawood alHarwi – Teacher of Imam alHaarthi Read below for his status:
    His full name is Abu Sa’eed Sulayman bin Dawood alHarwi as stated in Musnad imam abu hanifa narrated via alHaarthi pg22 and Khateeb called him Al Mahri ref: Al Kifaya lil Khateeb. Two researchers of the Al Kifaya lil Khateeb namely, Shaykh Abu Abdullah alSoorqi & Shaykh Ibrahim alHamdi have stated:
    This is just like it is(in the original manuscript) and whats evident is the narrator Abu Sa’eed al Mustamli is actually Sulayman bin Dawood alMahri(like khateeb has mentioned) and there’s a also a narrator with this name in Tehzeeb. ref for all this is pg 276 so this proves in light of Jarh wa Tadeel that he is a THIQA narrator Ref: Taqreeb #2551
    8. Abu Yaqoob Ishaaq bin Abi Isra’eel alMarwazi
    9. Imam Sufyan ibn Uyaynah – THIQA THIQA THIQA THIQAAAAAAA

    Sufyan’s wording that no one was like him in his time, is highest grade Tawteeq because it’s from the arabic root word “Af’al – Afdal” 2ndly, its same as saying “La ‘Arufu lahu nazeeran(I dont know anyone like him)” Ref: Fath al Mugeeth vol2 pg114 this proves beyond any doubt that Sufyan considered him to be more than THIQA and THABT! Subhan ALLAH!!

    #2 Narration
    Hafidh Khateeb writes that Ishaaq heard Sufyan saying that “His eyes have not seen anyone like Abu Hanifa” Subhan ALLAH! Ref: Tarikh al Khateeb vol15 pg4597

    Authenticating Narrators
    1. Khateeb Baghdadi – THIQA8
    2. His teacher, Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Razaq H412 – THIQA 9
    3. Hafidh Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Umar H355 – THIQA near majority. Imam Abu Nuyaim has also narrated this narration from him Ref: Musnad Imam Abu Hanifa via Abu Nuyaim pg21
    4. Abu Bakr Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Dawood alQittaan – THIQA as mentioned by Bashaar awaad M’aroof Tarikh Baghdad vol15 pg45910
    5. Ishaaq bin Bahlol H252 – THIQA Sudooq 11
    Abu Yaqoob Ishaaq bin Abi Isra’eel alMarwazi – THIQA HAFIDH 12
    6. Imam Sufyan ibn Uyaynah – THIQA THIQA THIQA THIQAAAAAAA

    Even the muhaddith of Ghair Muqallideen Bashar Awaad Maroof has called this narration as SAHIH as it can be seen in Tarikh Baghdad vol15 pg459

    Imam Sufyan ibn Uyaynah has also narrated from Imam Abu Hanifa for references check Musnad Abi Hanifa narrated via Ibn Khusro vol1 pg209, 208, Jam’i al Masaneed vol1 pg471, Musnad Abi Hanifa narrated via Haarthi vol1 pg124, pg787

    You should take note that Hadrat Sufyan the great mujtahid, muhaddith faqih saw the likes of Imam Malik, Sufyan Thawri, Imam Ahmad, Layth bin Sa’ad, Imam Awzai and Imam Shafa’i radiallaho anhum yet look at his beautiful wording subhan allah, he is so clear in his statement.

    #3 Narration
    Hafidh Khateeb writes that Ali bin Salmah says that heard Sufyan saying that may Allah have mercy on Abu Hanifa, he used to pray Salah abundantly. Ref: Tarikh Baghdad vol15 pg482 Bashar awaad said chain is authentic.

    #4 Narration
    Hafidh Khateeb writes that Abdullah ibn Zubayr alHumaydi said that heard Sufyan ibn Uyaynah saying that “I used to believe that two things will not leave the bounds of Koofa but now they have spread all over the world, 1st, Qir’at of Hamza and Jurisprudence/Ijtihadat of Abu Hanifa.” Ref: Tarikh Baghdad vol15 pf 475 Bashar awaad said chain is authentic.

    Subhan Allah!! It’s true in totality. as far as i know, more than a billion Muslims follow Imam Abu Hanifa’s extracted rulings and methods including most of the Muslims of India and Pakistan.

    Now those Shi’a and some uneducated kharji salafis specially of India and Pakistan who say that Fiqh Hanafi is bad, do you have anything to say now? This whole research PROVES beyond any doubt, that Imam Al Adham was the greatest MUJTAHID MUTLAQ of all the four imams and those came after them! Research is completed! Alhumdulillah.

    taken from my website,
    1. Seer alam al nubala vol20 pg573
    2. Al Abraj vol2 pg442
    3. Motalaf wal Mukhtalaf of Ibn Qaesrani pg156
    4. Kitab at Thiqaat vol8 pg177 – Tarikh Islam vol8 pg755
    5. This narrator is indeed THIQA but indo-pak salafi kharjis like calling him a liar because as you can see, he is narrating commendation from Sufyan, so we will talk about him in length with 100% research in upcoming posts, but if someone still has any problems with him, then dont worry we have a Mutabe for him, so it really doesnt matter at all, stay tuned!
    6. Al Kashif #283
    7. Musnad imam Adham narrated via Ibn Khusro vol1 pg163
    8. Kitab at Thiqaat of ibn qutlubugha
    9. Kitab at Thiqaat of ibn qutlubugha vol8 pg156
    10. Taking a closer look at his Bio in Tarikh Baghdad vol7 pg99 it is evident that he used to narrate in accordance with Thiqa narrators
    11. Tarikh Baghdad vol7 pg390
    12. Al Kashif #283

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