Sunni Dawate Islami 17th Annual Ijtema

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    Friday [Only for Women/Sisters] 01 June 2012
    Saturday & Sunday [For Men/Brothers] 02-03 June 2012

    Under the leadership of Ameer-e-Sunni Dawate Islami Hadrat Moulana Shakir Ali Noori Razwi

    Host: Bulbule Bage Madina Al-Haaj Qari Muhammad Rizwan [muballig-e-Sunni Dawate Islami]

    Fakhr-e-Gujrat Allama Moulana Muhammad Yunus Misbahi [Nigran Sunnidawateislami U.K.]

    Speeches in English and Urdu by the our blessed Scholars around U.K.
    Live Questions and Answers
    Informal group discussions/workshops
    PowerPoint presentations
    Dhikr and Dua

    Mark these dates in your event not to be missed.

    Food and accommodation included

    Noor Hall Noor Masjid
    Noor Street
    Deep dale
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