sunni da'wate islami - annual UK ijtima

Discussion in 'Events' started by ghulam-e-raza, May 16, 2010.

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    Mufti Nizamuddin's name seems to have been removed from the posters
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  3. Aqdas

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    who is mufti nizamuddin? aH wrote:

    mawlana nizamuddin, the chief mufti of ashrafiyyah. among the contemporaries, i have not seen anybody whose fatwa looks so close in style and exhaustive subject matter and cross references to ala hazrat's as mufti nizamuddin.

    hence, everyone in england, especially the north, should make a special effort to attend this ijtima'.
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    guests include the great hanafi faqih, mufti nizam al-din rizwi, mubarakpur, india; sayyid irfan mash'hadi; mufakkir e islam mawlana qamar al-zaman a'zami; mawlana shakir ali rizwi; qari rizwan.

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