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    All thanks are due, first and foremost, to Allah who inspires in his slave the intent to do a good deed and then instills in him the will to commence it and then creates the means (asbaab) which enable the slave to perform the deed and then purely out of His Benevolence, rewards the slave for it.

    RasulAllaH (Peace and blessings be upon him and his family) conveyed to us one of the secrets and etiquette (aadaab) of being grateful to Allah, when he (Peace and blessings be upon him and his family) said, and he (Peace and blessings be upon him and his family) is the most truthful of those who speak truth, “He who does not show gratitude to people does not show gratitude to Allah".

    It is therefore a religious obligation, as much as it is my moral duty and my heart's desire, to thank the brothers without whose help I could not have compiled this book.

    Firstly, I would like to acknowledge Sayyidi, Mawlana abu hasan Ridawi, for answering my queries, correcting my mistakes and guiding me in religious matters in general. His wisdom and patience have been of invaluable help to me. For the present work, he provided me the software which has the verses of the Qur'an in MS Word format which proved very handy and saved me a lot of work and time.

    Secondly, I would like to acknowledge the late Mawlana aaqib Fareed al-Qadiri Sahib (raHimahullah) who provided me with his excellent translation of Ala hazrat's “Kanz-ul-Imaan”, “The Treasure of Faith”, a few years back.

    I used his translation for all the material added since but ended up with a potpourri of translations which lacked consistency in language and tone.

    For one, his translation is more lucid and closer to the meaning of the original Urdu text than the one I had been using previously. He communicates highly sophisticated facts and ideas in a simple yet elegant language and the care with which he chooses the English expressions to convey the meanings is truly amazing. Mawlana’s translation also has the approval of many respected Sunni scholars.

    Therefore, a few months back, I began replacing the translations throughout the book with those of Mawlana aaqib Sahib, and the task is now complete and I am pleased with the result.

    Mawlana has done a truly commendable job and deserves thanks and accolades for this accomplishment. Sadly, he passed away before I could get the opportunity to thank him in person. May AllaH ta’ala elevate his ranks and may his soul rest in peace.

    Lastly, it is incumbent upon me to acknowledge the debt I owe to all the scholars and orators (muballighs and muqarrirs) Specifically my Shaikh Syed Shah turabul haq qadri ridawi, whose speeches and writings form the bulk of this book and which were the primary motivation behind compiling it. Simply put, without all the material I obtained from them this book would never have been.

    May Allah accept my humble effort and reward abundantly all those who helped me bring it to a fruitful completion. May this work suffice for me and my loved ones, Specifically my parents as a means of salvation.

    And may the praise (Naat) of al-Mustafa (Peace and blessings be upon him and his family) remain forever on my lips and the propagation of the message and praise of the one whom his Lord addressed with Wa-Rafa'na-Laka-Zikrak in His Pre-Eternal speech, the owner of the Maqaam-al-MaHmud, be my lifelong preoccupation.

    wa's salaamu 'alaykum wa raHmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    (The below mentioned links are updated for downloading the respective books)
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    Assalamu alaykum

    Sunni tafheemul Qur'an:
    The references are taken from a list mentioned in Kanzul iman

    In the ongoing process, more references are being added by the compiler on listening to the speeches of various ulama-e-ahle sunnat.

    This book is designed on a computer to utilise the feature of links which takes the reader immediately to the topic by clicking on it or by touching it on a smart phone (using Adobe Acrobat Reader) . Clicking on the heading or the link with the title in the footer takes you back to the table of contents.

    I take pleasure to inform you all that
    1. the table of contents are incorporated in URDU
    2. the table of contents are incorporated in English
    3. the table of contents are transliterated from Urdu
    expecting feedback to improve further

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    Sabse Aula wo Aala Hamara Nabi, sabse baala wo Aala Hamara Nabi

    Khalq se Auliya, Auliya se Rusul, Aur Rasoolon se Aala Hamara Nabi

    Kya khabar kitne taare khile chupgaye, par na dube na duba Hamara Nabi

    Mulk-e-Kaunain me ambiya taajdaar, Taajdaaron ka aaqa Hamara Nabi

    Saare achon me acha samajhiye jise, Hai us ache se acha Hamara Nabi

    Saare oonchon me ooncha samajhiye jise, Hai us oonche se ooncha Hamara Nabi

    Sunni tafHeemul Qur'an (fehrist transliterated)

    Sunni tafHeemul Qur'an-E (Table of Contents translated to English)

    Updated on 4 November 2017

    wa's salaam
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    Assalamu Alaykum
    The readers of these two book are requested give their valuable suggestions, which will be incorporated, insha-AllaH
    Syed Faheem Jeelani
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    sunni-tafheem-2 (index translated to english)


    nahmaduHu wo nuSwalli Alaa RasooliHil kareem. bihamdiHi tAala wo ba tufail-e-
    habeebiHil Aala huzoor-e-anwar,

    is khaak daane geti par aise aise bande Hain jinse Rabbul Izzat deen ka kaam leta Hai. UnHin khush naseebon me se muhib-e-giraami Janaab Syed Faheem Jeelani saheb Hain, jinHon ne apni tamaam masroofiyaat ke baawajood ek aisi kitaab taaleef farmaaye Hain jisme Qur‟an-e-Paak ke un aayaat-e-kareema ko naqal kiya Hai jinse huzoor-e-anwar I ka be-misl-bashar Hona aur unka saari Khudaayi ke
    liye Nabi Hona aur unki aamad par khushi manaana saabit Hai. Inke alaawa un aayaat ko bHi pesh kiya Hai jinse saabit Hota Hai ke unki gustaakhi kufr Hai aur unko misl-e-bashar keHna iblees aur kuffaar ka tareeqa Hai.

    Mazeed-baraan Qur'an wo ahaadees ki raushni me bahut si aisi mufeed baaten Hain jinse Imaan ko pukhtagi aur ruh ko taazgi milti Hai. Qaareen-e-kiraam se dua ki guzaarish Hai ke muAllif ko Maulaa tAala apne habeeb ke sadqe donon jaHaan ki sAadaten naseeb farmaaye aur inki is sayee ko qubool farmaaye. aameen.

    dua-go: Muhammad Shafeeq Alam Misbaahi
    Khateeb wo Imaam, Masjid-e-Islaamia, Tilak Nagar, Bangalore

    Jamadi al Thaani 2, 1433 / April 24, 2012


    Collection of explanations of qur'anic verses by ulama-e-ahl-e-sunnat in roman urdu.

    Read and share.

    wa's salaam
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