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  1. 1.I think getting Shaykh GF Haddad to translate Ala Hazrat's Dawlat al Makkiyah would be magnificent were you to publish it.

    2. And also Bahar e Shariat, perhaps as a series of separate books the way ITS publishes the Ihya of Imam Ghazali.
    3. And the Sunni world is still crying out for a quality English translation of Ala Hazrat's Urdu translation of the Qu'ran alongside the tafsirs by Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan and Sayyid Naeemuddin Muradabadi in the margins. This could be published in (1) a multilingual version (Quranic text, Ala Hazrat's Urdu translation on the facing page parallel, and at the bottom of each page the tafsirs. (2) An English only version without Arabic text for casual reference use (no need to be in wudu) and for distribution in the UK etc. and for non-Muslims.
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  2. That's a very welcome development Bro Hamoudeh. We were just talking about the need for a quality Sunni publisher to publish English language editions of classical Sunni works (e.g. and especially of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan) from the Urdu. Insha Allah I shall soon be purchasing some books from your website.

    If you need help with translating Urdu (and classical Farsi poetry!) I may be of assistance...insha Allah. If so, PM me.
  3. hayaa

    hayaa Guest

    Yes plz. He was the leading Sunni scholar. There is nothing for us to read by him in English.
  4. Harisa

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    I would like to see translated the exegesis of Pir Karam Shah, may Allah bless him, as it is in Urdu/Hindi/Bengali or something (pardon my ignorance). I would like to see that rendered into English. It would really be quite something out-a-this-world!
  5. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    Various Arabic Books: Ibn `Alawi, Sha`rani, Bouti, `Isa, Zarrouq and others

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    assalamu `alaykum wa-rahmatullah

    We received some great Arabic books by great scholars such as Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti, Ibn `Alawi al-Makki, `Abdul Wahhab Sha`rani, `Abdal Qadir `Isa, Ahmad Zarrouq and others. By ordering them you are automatically contributing to our translation projects, as that is where the profit goes. You can also donate of course.

    Maktaba Sayyidina `Ali

    Jazzakumallah kullu khayran wa-barakallah feekum

  6. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    Brothers and sisters please make use of our forum for any questions, suggestions, ideas and so on. We have a suggestions thread: Suggestions for 2008. Everyone who was registered at AAF, is already registered here as I imported the member-database.

  7. faqir

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    Anyone have any suggestions for other books they would like to see translated?
  8. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    We need your support brothers and sisters, help us finance these translations by donating, ordering spreading the word and making du`a insha'allah. Mods, you could help us out greatly by pinning this topic.

  9. Hamoudeh

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    Dear brothers and sisters,

    assalamu `alaykum wa-rahmatullah

    Some of you may remember the topic Sunni Publications - A New Traditional Publishing House, and wonder how this project developed further. A lot has happened since then, wal hamdulillah. First of all, we have managed to finally launch, the official website of Sunni Publications which includes our online-shop and forum. Secondly, with your help we have raised enough money to finance our first translation, Al-La Madhhabiyya by Shaykh Bouti which we hope to release at the end of next month insha’allah, and more wal hamdulillah.

    However, still more is needed to continue our growth in this project, and not stagnate. Therefore, I would like to once more call upon our brothers and sisters to donate for this valuable and worthwhile project. No personal profit shall be made from any donations, they and the profit made off of them will remain in the publishing house for reinvestments for as long as Allah wills. You can donate through PayPal at our website, on the left side at the bottom there is a special module for this.

    Another way we have found to finance our translations with, is distributing books by other publishers. We are the official distributor of Dar al-Fikr in the Netherlands, and offer several of their English and Arabic releases as well as releases of other Arab publishers which can be purchased from our website website. Many of these books are rare or not available at all in the West; we ship them worldwide.

    Finally, we hope that you like the website and can benefit from it and from the products we are offering and will be offering in the near future insha’allah. Please register for ordering any of our products. While you're there, please vote in the poll. And while you’re at it, check out the affiliated which will publish exclusive excerpts of our books online before they hit the stores insha’allah. Moderators please pin this topic, or otherwise brothers show your support and keep it updated.

    Jazzakumallah kullu khayran wa-barakallah feekum.


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