Sunnis uniting with minhajis.

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    Its sad to see Sullah kulliyat spread like wildfire in the UK.

    May Allah protect our sunnis from such fitna. Ameen
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    Assalaamu alaikum
    The “Sunni Masjid” of Islamic Society of Algester of Brisbane, Australia are hosting a Meelad event on behalf of the deviants from the non Sunni Minhajul Quran association.
    The resident Imam and the committee have been informed of their deviancies and yet the Imam is still attending to do a speech.
    These events must not go ahead in our Sunni Masaajid and we will use all the appropriate measures to make sure this is the case.
    Sign this petition so that the masjid committee get this message loud and clear.
    Minhajul Quran, it’s founders and followers are non Sunni and have been classed as misguided at the very least by hundreds of sunni scholars from around the globe. Some of the statements Made by its founder Are kufriya statements as mentioned by the scholars in their fataawa.

    Faqeer Muhammad Shakeel Qaadiri Ridawi (london, uk)

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